How to live youthful life at the dawn of old age?

How to live youthful life at the dawn of old age?

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Health is that important matter which can not be ignored rather; one should not ignore it and everyone should take good care of them self. We all are aware of the fact that if wealth is lost nothing is lost, but if health is lost everything is lost. You can earn ample wealth if you are healthy, but you can’t earn health from wealth. This very well tells us about the importance of health. In our young age we hardly follow any diet or exercise program which are two essential features of happy and fit life. To grab health you need to get serious about it.

At one hand we are lazy to follow any fitness program and at the other hand we can not control our food intake as well. Not-to-mention diet and workouts are the two strong pillars of the health. All those wishful people who want to live healthy and fit life need to focus on these two points.

Remember those days when you were a child and you hardly suffered any pain, it is all because of your body which recovered fast and energizes fast. You live stress free life and enjoy doing lot of physical activities along with laughter therapy.  But as you grow young your physical activities and laughter are banned due to working hours that keep you too busy. Despite of your successive attempts you are not able to take out some fixed time to perform workouts.

Fitness TipsRegularity is another main point which one should keep in mind while attempting health fitness. Maximum people get inspired by famous personality’s health regime and start following them, which is not good for them. These personalities have trained instructors to look after their health requirements.

In an attempt to meet the heath fitness one should start from very beginning. From beginning I mean look at your body type and weight. What kind of body you have. The common body types are apple, pear and peach shape. These body types are classified according to the excess fat deposition at various parts of the body. To explain better, apple shape will have most of its fats deposited at the middle of the body structure and the person who posses most of body fats at the lower abdomen falls into the category of pear shape where as peach shape will convey that the whole body is equally enriched with fats.

With this observation you will come to know that what kind of body you posses and where you need to work upon. Undoubtedly focus at the body parts which are bulging out and look awkward. It can be your thighs, abdomen, waist, legs or even your shoulders. While targeting fat removal from the fat prone area make sure that your body weight remains under BMI.

FitnessNow if you are wondering what is this BMI then let me tell you it’s your Body Mass Index which is calculated after dividing your body weight with your height in cms. A range of 23 BMI is fine, but more than these needs to handle carefully till the range 35 and above that it should be handled seriously. As you will be at obesity stage if your BMI is more than this benchmark.

After realizing your excessive weight and the kilos which you need to shed, starts with your fitness program seriously and regularly. No results are fruitful, if not followed for longer periods. Have faith in yourself and processed with positive thinking. Your handwork will definitely reward you with better results, but you have to follow your fitness program seriously, don’t forget that.

Complete health calls for combination of correct exercises which follows as-

  • Yoga – The importance of yoga is world famous now. With the start of yoga-day more and more people are getting aware of its wonderful benefits. Needless to say yoga has been helping famous bollywood personalities to maintain their body posture and combat with the tensions and stress related to their work. Yoga is helping them in keeping their youth and beauty intact.

Yoga Fitness

  • Workouts – Gym you all known a place where you go for your workouts and they help you achieve fitness level. You may not be able to squeeze time from your daily routine to be a part of these places which are mushrooming these days at every corner. You are working 10-6 job but another 4 hours are spend in traveling to your work place. This leaves you with no time for regular workouts. To help these wishful souls, an innovative concept has developed which is helping people with not-to-miss gym workouts and that is there are many gyms which are open at night time as well. You can avail their services at night and keep yourself fit.


  • Walk – Walk is another good option which you can follow while targeting to crack those extra fat deposits from your body. No wonder walk will take good care of your heart and apart from keeping you fit; it will help you in reducing your weight. Mind it leisure walk will not benefit you with weight loss program. You have to do brisk walk if you want to shed off extra fats. Running could be good option if you can opt for it.


  • Squats – To tone your body muscles, squats are better options start with them and target the areas, which you want to tone and remove excess fats. The squats are started with small weights whereby increasing them at regular intervals will definitely help you in deriving its better results. Never forget that always consult your doctor before starting any workout or exercise. He will help you to get the best of your efforts.

8492533458_a7a589f7a3_zMoreover it is also advisable to consult a dietician before stating your fitness schedule. He will make a chart for you by focusing on your weight and height benchmark and will help you add-on all the nutrients in your meal which your body needs. Combine 2-3 different weight loss methods to get best results. Last, but by no means least, never give up hopes. Sooner the better. Start right now with your health issues if you wish to live a healthy and youthful life at the dawn of your old age.

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