How to Make a Guy the Happiest Man on Earth!

How to Make a Guy the Happiest Man on Earth! 7 Keys Will Guide You in Your Efforts to Be Happiness

What kind of woman chases men? This is the type of woman who is driven to do anything to attract the right man of her dreams. Women who are successful in love are not to be trifled with. These type of people know how to bum rush their way into any man’s heart and when it comes to the very successful, they do not nitpick nor compromise! Here is how to bowl over your man so that he never feels anything but happiness in your company.

Let him spend his precious time with youThe more he spends time with you, the happier he is going to be. It is not enough that he is spending this time with you, he should be amazed at the discovery of many new features that he never employing before. Compliment the things he does, be it a special presentation at work, or a welliestruck joke he had produced at work!

How to Make a Guy the Happiest Man on Earth
How to Make a Guy the Happiest Man on Earth

Not be his shadowing agreeable and accommodating is very important. However, the fact that he is with you does not make you his shadow or parasite. You have to show him that you are a woman, with a mind of your own, and an individualistic streak and say what you have to say! Be an opinionated one too!


Be his cheerleader one of the main things to make a guy happy with you is if you’re his cheerleader as well. There have to be qualities or aspects of his personality that you admire and admire sharing with him. It could be a sense of humor, etiquette, a gift for his mother, little talents in your personality that you mustlling out to appreciate his service, dress sense, etc.


Allow him spaceMen are wary of any woman who is over possessive about their time. If you keep calling him to show him you care, then be rest assured that he will not want anytime to spend time with you. Well, if you’re going to cherish and love a man, then at some stage you must also allow him to cherish and love you.


At the same time be businesslike and sternYou can soften his hard shell by acting in a businesslike and stern manner. If you’re to come across as businesslike and stern then he will view you to be stern as well and if you’re not neutral then he would not want another such confrontational and protests attitude with you.


Be a keen listenerThe only way you are going to be able to determine whether he cares or not is to listen to the little things he says. Like how job is progressing, his family, problems at home, the neighborhood, etc. He might be phrasing his questions in a way to require an instant answer, which will require a deliberate and probability minded answer.

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A proof of love and trustIt is the moment he shares his joys and troubles, his fears and aspirations, and appreciates your presence and support in every way, that he will need you around for support and to share his joys and troubles. It is only then that you would have substance and marring quality to your relationship.


Take it as an adventureYou need to be sure that he is not feeling bored in your company. This can happen if you tend to succeed where he’s failed or if he tends to fail! So, the art of seduction is in learning to be a confident woman who can win in many challenges. He would be attracted towards you if you prove that you are good at many things and he never fails.


Try to make him a proud man who is competentMany men, without realizing it, pay their woman an excessive amount of compliments, pamper her, and admire her totally obscene and useless vanity! What these men do not realize is that these acts of excessive admiration and pampering and care are absolutely meaningless and in fact show her that he is highly uninterested with her! Have her realize that she will have to give him more of her love and attention.


Never put him down in public. There is nothing so irritating and irritating than knowing that your man is cheating on you and another man! He should be made to feel like a whole new human being who has a brain and is self assured and confident. The last thing a real man would want is to have his man look at another woman, especially when there are people around. Be his mirror and shine in his face so that he notices the change in you.

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