How to Make a Map in Minecraft

For a digital realm, Minecraft it can be a great place. Use the “infinite” world type and the virtual terrain stretches forever in all directions. Location maps help you stay oriented and are even more important for younger players who tend to stray away from the Minecraft pack. We show you how to make a map in Minecraft So everyone can find their way home

If you created a kingdom using the “flat” type, you don’t need a map. They’re just 256 x 256 blocks, which means you’ll likely never wander too far from your house or fall over the edge. Maps are best suited for infinite terrain, with five specific sizes you can create to track short to incredibly long distances.

Determine your map

Minecraft offers two types of maps. For this guide, we assume you want the Locator Map since it tracks the position of every player in the realm, not just you.

The Basic map (or alone Map) is also a real map of your kingdom, but does not include location tracking. This version is probably more suitable for hanging on a wall as a decoration.

In both cases, the map you create does not instantly show all mountains, rivers, and deserts. Instead, it works in a similar way to how RPGs hide uncharted territory, slowly lifting the cloudy veil as you venture. Eventually, their travels will reveal the entire kingdom.

A map will begin to discover your kingdom the moment it opens: ground zero. This point will remain in the center of your map, be it your spawn point, bed, or artboard.

Tools and ingredients for your map

Both of them Basic map and the Locator Map require specific tools and ingredients. We list them below, along with screenshots, in case you’re new to Minecraft.

Step 1: Create or make a crafting table (bottom left) and oven (right) – you just can’t create anything without one of these two items.

minecraft crafting table and furnace

Step 2: Acquire four blocks of iron ore and a pile of red stone dust.

To get the Redstone Dust, you need a Redstone Ore Block (bottom right), found deep within the lower 16 layers of the realm. Once you acquire the redstone ore, throw it into a furnace with some fuel and it will create redstone powder. The iron ore blocks (left) reside just above sea level.

minecraft iron ore and restone ore

Step 3: Gather nine stalks of sugar cane. These are used to create the paper. As shown below, they grow near water.

minecraft sugar canes cropped

Stage 4: Find fuel to burn in the furnace.

You can use one block of charcoal, one block of charcoal, or four blocks of wood, whatever burns. Coal is derived from coal ore, which can be found almost anywhere underground (or in caves) and can be broken with a pickaxe. Combine wood and charcoal in an oven to create charcoal. However, using wood for fuel is probably the least labor-intensive option for this guide.

With everything gathered, you can now proceed with creating your map.

minecraft stripped oak wood

Create your map

The following instructions will create a void Locator Map, which finally shows your current location. If you simply need a map without geolocation, you can skip the instructions to create a compass and start at Step 6.

Step 1: Open the oven and add the iron ore (top square) and fuel (bottom square). In our example below, we use charcoal as fuel.

Step 2: The furnace automatically creates iron rods until the iron ore or fuel is depleted or you exit the furnace. To complete, drag the iron bars down into your inventory.

minecraft create iron bars

Step 3: Open the crafting table and add four iron bars Y a lot of redstone dust. The crafting table automatically creates a compass.

minecraft create compass

Stage 4: To complete, drag the compass down into your inventory.

Step 5: With the crafting table still open, drag three stacks of three sugar cane in the lower squares, as shown below. Each stack of sugarcane creates three sheets of paper, which means you will drag stacks of paper into your inventory three times.

minecraft create paper sheets 2

Step 6: With the crafting table still open, select the compass from your inventory and drag it to the center square. Fill all other squares with one sheet of paper each, as shown below (eight in total).

If you’re no making a Locator Map, change the compass for a ninth sheet of paper, filling in all nine squares. These locatorless maps are useful when cloning full maps later.

minecraft create empty locator map

Step 7: To finish, drag the new void. Locator Map in your inventory or Hotbar.

Fill your map

Now that you have a map, your next step is to fill it out! Again, this works in a similar way to the way RPGs hide undiscovered territory, slowly pulling back the curtains that you venture through.

minecraft fill your map

Step 1: Open your inventory and drag the void. Locator Map you just created in the quick access bar.

Step 2: Select the map and do the following to view it:

  • Console: Press the left trigger
  • personal computer: Press the right mouse button on your mouse
  • Mobile: Touch and hold on the screen

Step 3: Travel through your Minecraft kingdom to fill the map.

As the map represents the area, you will notice that you have a boundary – your player indicator will stop along the edge as you move outside the boundaries of the map. In its current state, it captures an area of ​​128 x 128 blocks based on the area where it was first opened, half that of the “flat” world type.

In our example shown above, the basemap only captured a few city blocks in our “infinite” Minecraft Realm. For more coverage, we need to zoom out, which requires a trip back to the crafting table.

Enlarge your map

You can zoom the map four times. Here are the actual sizes:

  • Zoom 1 – 256 x 256 (1/4 level)
  • Zoom 2 – 512 x 512 (level 2/4)
  • Zoom 3 – 1024 x 1024 (level 3/4)
  • Zoom 4 – 2048 x 2048 (Level 4/4)

That said, you can’t create a single map of an infinity Minecraft world. In any case, you can create additional 4/4 level maps if you want to keep track of large areas outside of your original 4/4 level map. However, level 4/4 maps are extremely large. You may find Level 1/4 maps to be easier to read and a better option for mapping local terrain.

Since the flat world types are 256 x 256 blocks, you can easily create and expand a map that covers the entire realm.

Step 1: Open the crafting table and insert your current map into the center square while filling the remaining eight squares with paper. If you need to make more paper, go back to the previous instructions on how to use sugar cane.

Step 2: Drag your new expanded map (256 x 256 or Level 1/4) into your inventory.

minecraft expand map

Step 3: For an even larger map, drag your newly enlarged map back onto the crafting table and fill the remaining squares with paper. This creates a 512 x 512 map (level 2/4).

Stage 4: Drag the new expanded map into your directory.

Step 5: Repeat the process for the 1024 x 1024 map (level 3/4), or twice for the 2048 x 2048 version (level 4/4).

With your map enlarged, it essentially reboots and begins re-recording the environment from where it was first opened. While that’s great for you, what about all the other players accessing your realm, especially the younger players?

Clone it!

Copy your map

Players with children already know the fear of having to send a virtual search party. They stray too far, to the point where you move from screen to screen trying to pinpoint their exact location. With a Locator Map, you can see the location of all the players in the kingdom, not just you.

The idea of ​​map cloning is to provide all players with a copy of their map so that they can safely return to the point where they first opened the original, also known as ground zero. Copied maps are a nice must-have for younger players who love to roam, especially in infinite realms.

To copy a map, you will need a Mapping table, shown below, and a empty map.

Before you begin, make sure your current map is complete before making a copy. If you have the level 4/4 version, this may take a while.

minecraft level 4 of 4 map

Step 1: Open the mapping table and add your full map to the top box along with an empty map to the bottom box.

minecraft cartography table

Step 2: Name your copied map (optional). Note that this process renames both maps.

minecraft copy map

Step 3: Drag the two maps into your inventory.

Stage 4: Repeat the previous three steps for additional copies.

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