How to Make Glitter Nail Designs

How to Make Glitter Nail Designs

Glitter Nail Designs: Today’s favorite nail art tools include glitter nail polish, glossy acrylics, and glass or metal nail bars. But you can make your glitter nail designs with just a little bit of nail art glue. Also, you can spend a little bit of time. Don’t get your glittery nails confused with the ones you see on the catwalk. Nail bars are not recommended for people with damaged nails. They could be deadly!

Gluing glitter nail stickers to your nails is a little trickier than gluing glitter to a strip of fabric. Glitter can stick to your hands. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on another glitter nail design. Start with a strip of paper, and cut out the plan. Then tape it to your nails with a bit of tape, using a clean white paper for a template.

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Glitter Nail Designs
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Glitter Nail Designs

If your glitter is sticky enough, a paper adhesive can work as a kind of mold, so that you can apply the glitter to your nail without using too much glue. When you’ve finished, trim away the excess glitter and smooth down any lines where the glue has torn through the adhesive.

Ideas to apply

Let the glue dry for a few minutes before you start working on your nails. To ensure that the glue is set correctly, you should touch your pin with a bit of the paste before gluing it. This will help the glue adhere to your nail perfectly.

Start working on the base of your nail. A large white or bright nail bar works well for this purpose. Using a contrasting color like pink, black, or grey will change the look of your nail. Then, move your glitter nail stickers up the pin. If your designs are big enough, you can tape them over to form a full plan.

Glitter Nail Designs

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To make glitter nail designs work effectively, you need to cut them in a way that the glue does not hit the sides of your nail. The easiest way to do this is to cut a long piece of ugly colored tape. Cut this short, about four to six inches, and fold it in half, to form a shape similar to a heart.

Use a marker to draw your glitter design. You can use black or white pencils but using glitter can make the design more effective, if you put a thin coat of glue over the glitter, rather than using a thick glossy topcoat.

Use more glitter if you want a more dramatic effect. You can see an excellent example of how to use glitter nail stickers here. To complete your glittery nail art, apply a little glitter to your cuticle. This gives a more realistic, more genuine-looking effect.

Glitter nails

It’s effortless to create glitter nails without any kind of professional quality equipment. Glitter nail stickers are readily available from craft stores and the internet. But if you want something better, you can create your glitter nail designs with some practice and a little bit of elbow grease.

Once you’ve got your glue and glitter and the papers cut to size, you can cover a small box with a newspaper. Tape the boxes down securely so that you can protect the actual table from dust. Glitter can get everywhere, so you want to cover the box to prevent it from being ruined.

Now that you have the box covered, carefully remove the tapes and place the pieces together to form your glitter nail design. Tape down the glitter strips to the base of your nail. Making sure that you leave a little bit of room around the edges so that the glitter will be flexible.

Then gently glide a piece of tape along the top of the glitter nail design. So that the stripes are applied directly to the nails. The strips should just touch each other for the best results. After that, it’s as simple as just adding some nail polish to the designs.

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