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How to Relieve Back Neck Pain

How to Relieve Back Neck Pain: From working overtime to sleeping the wrong way, there are many reasons why you might be suffering from that pain in your neck. “The discs between each vertebra act as cushions that absorb shock during movement or trauma,” says Back Pain Centers of America. “Neck pain can result from issues with any one of these things and may be accompanied by stiffness, which is another common neck pain symptom.”

How to Relieve Neck Pain

Thankfully, for many cases of neck pain, home remedies and time will help the pain subside. Here are 15 tips that could aid your hurting neck.

  1. Stretch a little.

Lower your head to your chest and then let it fall back in an exaggerated nodding motion. Next, roll your head from chest to shoulder and around. Do each movement slowly. Stretches can help relieve neck pain caused by stiffness.

  1. Sleep on your side.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach as this sleep position does not give your lower back much support, which in turn can put a strain on your neck. Sleep on your side or on your back instead.

  1. Apply an ice compress.

For the 48 to 72 hours after your neck begins to hurt, apply ice to help bring down inflammation and numb the pain.

  1. Try heat therapy.

Heat therapy can also help alleviate pain. If ice does not help the pain subside, try a hot shower. Or wrap a hot water bottle in a towel and place it on your neck.

  1. Get a gentle massage.

Ask your partner to massage the sore or stiff areas of your neck. Or visit a professional therapist, which has been shown to be effective in treating neck pain.

  1. Change out your pillow.

It could be your pillow that is causing you to wake up with a stiff neck. Shop around a little until you find the perfect match.

  1. Ditto for your mattress.

Your mattress, too, should be scrutinized. If it is an old mattress, it might not be giving your back and neck the support it needs. It has recently been said that a memory foam mattress can help prevent and relieve back pain so it might be worth checking them out!

  1. Take an OTC painkiller.

Ibuprofen is often prescribed by physicians for neck pain. In the short term, taking a pill can help you deal with neck pain until you discover the cause of the pain.

  1. Stow your smartphone away.

Give yourself a smartphone timeout. It could be you have a bad case of text neck. When using a phone, the downward tilt of your head places stress on your neck. Give your neck a break by taking a break from looking down at your phone or another electronic device.

  1. Drink more water.

Our spinal discs were at the level of 80 percent water at the time of our birth. Today? Not so much. Our spines lose this water content as we age and depending on our hydration levels. Drink water to keep the pieces and parts of your neck cushioned and operating as they should.

  1. Juice some ginger.

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties. Juicing ginger and adding it to your daily health shake can help reduce pain in your neck related to inflammation.

  1. Visit an acupuncturist.

Some neck pain sufferers have been greatly helped by acupuncture.

  1. Choose the right office chair.

Get rid of your old office chair and find one that includes neck support.

  1. Change your office set up.

Consider whether your office set up needs some adjustment. The screen of your laptop should be at eye level to prevent neck strain. If you need to look down at all to look at your screen, you are not doing your neck any favors.

  1. Get more magnesium in your diet.

Magnesium helps your muscles relax. Unfortunately, sodas that contain phosphates render the magnesium useless to your body. Thus, many Americans are magnesium deprived. Look for magnesium in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans.

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