How to Sell Books on Amazon

How to Sell Books on Amazon

If you’re looking for a simple way to make extra money, consider selling your used books on Amazon. The site hosts a large number of third-party retailers, made up of individuals or companies who sell their products using the platform. According to a report published by Internal of the business community, third-party merchants accounted for 58% of Amazon’s sales in 2018, a leap forward from 1999 when they represented only 3% of its gross merchandise sales. For those who would like to get started but are new to selling on Amazon, here’s how to get started.

How to Sell Books on

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Choose a sales plan

Before you start selling on Amazon, you will need to decide which seller plan you will need. Vendors can choose one of two plan options: an individual plan costs $ 0.99 for each item you sell, which may be fine if you only have a few small stacks of reading material to discharge. A professional plan costs $ 39.99 per month, which may be best for you if you plan to sell more than 40 pounds per month. The pro plan also includes advertising, sales data and inventory management tools for those who want to run a business selling on the platform.

Amazon also charges a referral fee for each item sold, in addition to the cost of the plan. For books, the fee is 15%, plus a closing fee of $ 1.80. When pricing your items, you should keep these costs in mind.

Open an Amazon seller account

Once you’ve chosen a plan, you can sell from your existing Amazon customer account or open a separate Amazon seller account. A seller’s account allows you to direct revenue to a separate bank account and use a professional email to track sales so they don’t get lost in your personal inbox. This is a good option if you plan to sell a large volume of books or if you want to separate your personal and professional correspondence – and your finances -. Before opening the account, prepare:

  • A professional email address or an Amazon customer account
  • A credit card
  • Government id
  • Tax information
  • Phone number
  • A bank account for the proceeds of your sales


Download Amazon Seller

The Amazon Seller app is basically the sales equivalent of your Amazon shopping app (which, let’s be honest, we all have on our phones already). It allows you to track sales, respond to orders placed, correspond with your customers and create lists. You can also take and edit photos via the app, so you don’t need to sit at a computer to open your books and be ready to fly from your shelves.

Start listing your books

Since books are an unlimited item on Amazon, you can sell books, magazines, textbooks, new and used magazines, even sheet music that your kids stopped using two months after begging for lessons. . The Amazon seller app can explain how to list them.

A list of products includes the ISBN number of the book, a description that includes price, condition and shipping options, as well as additional identifying information. If someone else has already listed the same book, Amazon will help you fill in some details. Once you have filled out all the relevant information, your book will appear on a product detail page, which you have already seen if you shop on the site.

Make these sales

Once your books are listed, it’s time to sell. Your activity level depends on your goal. If you are interested in moving a large volume of books as a side fuss, you may want to use some of Amazon’s user reviews and advertising skills to draw more attention to your products. But if you’re just looking to get a handful of old books off your shelves and put them on someone else, you don’t have to worry about that much.

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