How To Wear A Hoodie (2022 Men’s Style Guide)

When it comes to wardrobe essentials for men, the hoodie is a versatile and cool sweatshirt that guys can style with many outfits. Hoodies are trendy and easy to wear with the right pieces, giving you the ability to balance style and function for the right look. Whether you want to dress up or down, there are many ways to style a hoodie.

Some men will pair a black hoodie with jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look, while others may want to wear a shirt or jacket over this sweatshirt for a fashionable layered ensemble. With so many different styles and colors to consider, it can be a challenge knowing what to wear to create a stylish look.

To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled this guide on how to wear a hoodie. From shirts and jackets to jeans and joggers, explore these hoodie outfits to find cool styles for men.

How To Wear A Hoodie

What Is A Hoodie?

A hoodie is a type of sweatshirt or jacket with a hood. Hoodies are generally made of heavy cotton or blended materials to provide warmth and comfort, often feature a drawstring to adjust the opening, and usually come with a large connected pocket in the front. While most types are loose and should be worn casually, the designer hoodie is a fashionable version that can elevate your look. For a popular casual outfit, some guys like to wear a shirt over a hoodie with jeans and sneakers. As a cool streetwear look, you can style a hoodie under your jacket to add an athletic smart casual touch.


Hoodie Fashion

Casual Hoodie

The casual hoodie is a must-have wardrobe item for men who want a comfortable and fashionable outfit. These types of sweatshirts come in many different styles, colors and fits, offering guys the ability to dress up or down. For a modern athleisure look, wear a fitted hoodie, ankle-band joggers and low-profile leather sneakers. You can style a zip-up hoodie over a white t-shirt with slim-fit jeans and clean trainers for a cool and casual outfit.

Guys can put on a slub cotton t-shirt and wear your hoodie unzipped to show off the distinct textures. For an extra stylish touch, go half-zipped with a brightly patterned shirt underneath serving as a playful accent. Always charming and bold, modern men tend to have fun with different designs. To get the right look, shop around for multi-colored sweatshirts or camp hoodies with outdoor-themed patterns, and partner them with neutral-hued pants and shoes.

The best hoodies are made with quality materials and provide guys the ability to mix and match layers. The most popular fashion brands at every level offer uniquely designed hoodies. Look to Huckberry or L.L Bean for masculine and edgy options, while Gucci or Marc Jacobs can add an effortlessly chic piece to your closet.

Casual Hoodie Outfits

Smart Business Casual Hoodie

The smart business casual hoodie is a modern and fashionable style for men who want to create a relaxed, classy outfit. Designer hoodies must be constructed with high-quality materials such as Supima cotton, which is known for its tight-knit and durability. These luxury sweatshirts are generally fitted and come in dark solid shades, offering a versatile piece that will elevate your look.

If you want a smart casual look, you can style a zip-up hoodie with dark wash jeans, a crew-neck shirt and an overcoat for a sleek look. For a night out, pair a dark hoodie with a blazer, cuffed chinos and leather dress sneakers. If you want to show off your designer dress shirt, go for a zip-up sweatshirt and wear it open or half-done.

For a business casual look, experiment with fitted hoodies and smaller hoods. Thinner weaves and lighter aesthetics such as heathered material and bamboo cotton will fit easily underneath a suit jacket. To maintain an elegant tone, make sure that your hoodie matches your socks or the accents on your tie. Like a pocket square, it shouldn’t perfectly match your tie but bring out its secondary colors.

Smart Business Casual Hoodie Outfits

Formal Hoodie

The formal hoodie is an elegant piece that guys can wear to add a casual touch to a semi-formal outfit, creating a more approachable and effortlessly stylish look. As a traditionally comfortable sweatshirt, hoodies can be transformed into formal wear with the right material and fit. You can style a fashion hoodie in a dark color with your dress shirt for a layered business professional look.

When it comes to formal styles, your hoodie should be made with the highest-quality materials such as Mongolian goat cashmere and silk blends. While the best choices are solid dark colors, some designer brands may incorporate traditional patterns like houndstooth or faux tweed.

For exceptional and elegant formal sweatshirts, fashion-forward men turn to designers like Massimo Alba, Joseph, Vince and Ralph Lauren.

Formal Hoodie Outfits

Hoodie Outfits

Hoodie with Jeans

A hoodie with jeans is an easy combination that always looks cool and casual, giving guys the perfect warm and relaxed outfit. You can wear a black hoodie and slim blue jeans for a rugged and fresh finish or black denim with an oversized grey sweatshirt to get an urban look that pairs well with layers. Sneakers and trainers look great with a hoodie and jeans outfit, but you can also always experiment with boots and other fashionable footwear.

For a contemporary and versatile style, guys will want to create a monochrome outfit. Whether you choose a lighter or darker color, this ensemble offers an eye-catching and clean look that will add height. An all-black outfit can also be slimming, giving short to medium height men a sleek and timeless finish.

Hoodie with Jeans

If you’re already lean and tall, you can experiment with more dramatic silhouettes. Try a thinly-woven oversized sweatshirt with skinny jeans for that trendy and relaxed aesthetic. You can style your hoodie and jeans with high tops for an urban tone or leather slip-ons that match your sweatshirt for a fashionable look.

To add a charming touch of youthfulness, roll up your sleeves and hang a pair of sunglasses on the oversized low-hanging collar.

Hoodie with Jeans Outfits

Shirt Over Hoodie

A shirt over a hoodie has become one of the most popular outfits for men who want a cool and handsome look. You can wear a hoodie under a shirt for a timeless and casual ensemble, allowing you to add layers while creating visual interest for a bold fashion statement. To create a trendy layered outfit, there are many different shirts to put on over a hoodie, including oversized graphic tees and designer tops.

You can style a low-neck sweatshirt or a half-done zip-up in grey, black or white with a graphic t-shirt, jeans or chinos and sneakers. Some guys may want to experiment with a hip scoop neck, clean-cut henley and handsome mandarin collar shirts.

When wearing a hoodie under a t-shirt, make sure your sweatshirt is fitted and that your shirt is large and loose enough to go over comfortably without forming lumps. For a fashionable street style, pair a simple white hoodie with a black athletic designer shirt over it. You’ll want to choose from classic brands like Champion, Adidas and Wilson. Complete this urban look with distressed black jeans, white sneakers and a loose-fitting beanie.

To ensure chic and fashionable layers, your shirt should contrast with your hoodie. Have fun with eye-catching graphics, cool band tees and your favorite colors for a look with personality.

Shirt Over Hoodie

Dress Shirt with Hoodie

The dress shirt with a hoodie is a dapper look that has become popular with modern gentleman who want to dress up a sweatshirt. When styling a dressy shirt with a hoodie, the most important qualities to consider are the shirt’s collar and color or patterns. For a trendy and perfectly well-balanced look, pair brightly colored dress shirts with neutral hoodies and cuffed chinos.

For shirts with lively patterns, match your pants or your socks to the accents on the pattern as opposed to the dominant color. To create an elegant and chic approach, sport a heathered grey zip-up hoodie with a blue Oxford shirt, charcoal trousers and bit loafers.

Hoodies with higher necklines look great with proper-spread collars or wingtips to strike that classy and handsome balance. A button-down collar adds a clean-cut texture that partners beautifully with dress pants, chinos and slim-fit dark blue jeans.

Dress Shirt with Hoodie

Black Hoodie

The black hoodie is a versatile wardrobe essential for men who want to style sleek and stylish outfits. Easy to wear, black hoodies look great with jeans, joggers, chinos and shorts, allowing you to create several attractive casual and smart casual ensembles. Some guys will want a classic design that is oversized and comfortable, while others may to get a fitted style for an elevated look.

For a simple and relaxed vibe, you can wear a black hoodie over a white t-shirt with jeans or sweats and sneakers. A denim jacket over a hoodie with a long shirt, ripped black jeans and boots can help guys pull off a ruggedly handsome look.

Black Hoodie Outfits

Grey Hoodie

The grey hoodie is a popular choice that looks casually cool on guys for a relaxed outfit. You can wear a grey hoodie with blue ripped jeans, khaki chino pants, olive joggers, and slim fit denim pants. For a modern street style, combine your grey sweatshirt with black pants, black designer sneakers and no socks.

A hoodie over a white shirt with dark wash ripped jeans and suede chukka boots can be a fashionable look if you’re hanging out with friends at night. This grey sweatshirt can be paired with all footwear styles, but most guys will wear trainers, sneakers and boots in a complementary color.

Grey Hoodie Outfits

Tan Hoodie

The tan hoodie is a closet staple for guys who want to stand out with a unique look. From casual to smart casual, there are many stylish hoodie outfits for beige, tan, cream and other light brown colors. When creating an ensemble, most guys will want to pair a tan or beige hoodie with darker colored pants for contrast that allows your top and bottom to stand out. Your sweatshirt can look great with slim-fit jeans and grey trainers or olive joggers and white sneakers.

For a more color-coordinated outfit, you can style ripped light blue jeans with a tan hoodie over a white shirt and tan suede Chelsea boots. A light color may accommodate a denim jacket on top for a layered look that will work in the fall and winter.

Tan Hoodie Outfits

White Hoodie

The white hoodie is a classic look that you can wear for a fresh outfit. A white hoodie can look cool with blue or black jeans, chino pants and joggers, giving men fashionable options for an ensemble. To create a timeless outfit, you can wear a white hoodie with black jeans and white sneakers.

For a versatile casual look, style your hoodie with beige jeans or chinos and add a cream-colored jacket for extra layers in the fall or winter. To feature a unique style, pair grey skinny jeans with a grey denim jacket over a white hoodie and finish the aesthetic with clean trainers.

White Hoodie Outfits

Blue Hoodie

The blue hoodie can be a stylish addition to your closet, offering guys a fresh color for a cool outfit. You can wear a blue hoodie with blue jeans and sneakers for a casual look that will take you anywhere.

For a preppy touch, let an untucked white dress shirt stick out in the front and match the color accent with distressed jeans and white designer sneakers. A navy blue hoodie will style beautifully with black slim-fit jeans or dark-colored chinos.

Blue Hoodie Outfits

Jackets To Wear Over Hoodies

Bomber Jacket and Hoodie

The bomber jacket and a hoodie can be a great way to create a dynamic and popular street style. Hooded sweatshirts and bomber jackets are a versatile combination that will take your casual outfit to the next level. For a clean and easy outfit, guys can wear a black hoodie with a black bomber jacket, dark wash jeans and white sneakers. A dark-colored bomber jacket with a lighter hoodie that complements your jeans will always be a winning style.

If you want to pull off an earth tone color combination, contrast your outer layer with your sweatshirt. A stylish military green bomber jacket goes well with a tan or warm brown hoodie. Guys can finish this outfit off with dark jeans, chukka boots and a field watch.

To style a cool and effortlessly trendy look, use different shades of the same color for your outer and inner layers. You can wear a navy blue bomber jacket with a slate blue hoodie, slim jeans or khakis and low-profile leather sneakers. A jacket accented with varsity lines adds a charming and youthful vibe, while a quilted bomber perfectly balances elegance and ruggedness.

No matter what color bomber jacket you go for, you can’t go wrong with classic hoodies in grey, black, white and navy.

Bomber Jacket and Hoodie

Jean Jacket Over Hoodie

A jean jacket and hoodie is a popular casual outfit for guys who want a cool look. The denim jacket over a hoodie has become a fashionable way to layer these garments for extra comfort and a stylish finish. Your sweatshirt can be black, white or grey to create a clean look that will complement the rugged texture of your denim jacket. Guys can round out the ensemble with slim fit jeans or skinny chino pants and high-top sneakers for an easy trendy vibe.

For a maximalist and fashion-forward aesthetic, you’ll want to wear a graphic tee, a subtly heathered open zip-up hoodie and a dark-wash jean jacket. Guys can choose denim pants or fashion joggers and sneakers for a confident, sexy look.

While dark blue is the most versatile and iconic, modern men will want to try out different washes and denim colors for this jacket and hoodie outfit.

Jean Jacket Over Hoodie

Leather Jacket Over Hoodie

The leather jacket and hoodie is a bold style that works to offer an edgy and chic outfit that guys will love. Wearing a leather jacket over a hoodie can be a sleek and youthful look that will draw attention from women. For that bad boy look, you’ll want to wear a zip-up hoodie with a black biker jacket and slim-fit jeans. Complete the ensemble with leather boots to match your jacket or high-top sneakers for a vintage aesthetic that never goes out of style.

For a masculine and rebellious tone, you can go for a leather aviator jacket with a sherpa collar and a neutral-toned hoodie. This authoritative and handsome look works well with slim-fit blue jeans, suede Chelsea boots and a pilot watch.

Leather Jacket Over Hoodie

Hoodie Under Blazer

A hoodie under a blazer can be a smart casual look that will elevate your outfit, allowing you to dress up your sweatshirt for a sharp finish. Wearing a blazer over a hoodie should be reserved for business casual days at the office that offer a flexible dress code. As long as you choose a fitted solid-colored hoodie, you can finish this smart outfit with slim-fit trousers and leather penny loafers.

To achieve a hip and on-trend ensemble, style a clean-cut designer hoodie with a charcoal blazer, cuffed selvedge denim jeans and low-profile leather sneakers. For a semi-formal approach that won’t look stuffy, put on slim-fit chinos and swap out the sneakers for suede or leather driving shoes.

Hoodie Under Blazer Outfits

Cardigan Over Hoodie

A cardigan over a hoodie can be a unique smart casual outfit that will put a modern twist on your sweatshirt. You want to wear a thin hoodie and an oversized cardigan featuring a texture look. A light grey sweatshirt and an unbuttoned earth-tone knit cardigan can offer a fashionable look. Dapper guys can complete the style with black jeans and sneakers.

Cardigan Over Hoodie

How To Dress Up A Hoodie

You can dress up a hoodie by wearing fashionable pieces and focusing on balancing smart and casual styles to create a trendy look. When considering how to dress up a hoodie, you’ll want to choose a fitted piece made from thinner, high-quality materials and one that features a smaller hood.

While these sweatshirts are traditionally casual, styling your hoodie with slim-fit dark wash jeans, a dress shirt and a bomber jacket, blazer or overcoat can provide the fashionable finish needed to elevate the look.

To get a semi-formal look, you’ll want to wear a button-down shirt, tie and suit trousers with a half-zipped hoodie to ensure the proper amount of tie presence. Depending on the office dress code, you can go for proper dress shoes that are color-matched to your hoodie and socks or put on luxury dress sneakers.

You must always accessorize these looks with a designer sports watch or a leather-strapped dress watch for a classy touch.

How To Dress Up A Hoodie

How Should A Hoodie Fit

A hoodie should fit you in a way that is not too loose, tight or long. When wearing this sweatshirt, finding the right hoodie fit will be determined by your style and the outfit you want to create. Most men will wear an oversized hoodie with a loose fit for a casual look, while others may want a tight fit to create a smart casual look that outlines their silhouette.

For every fit and cut, a hoodie should be easy to move around in. If the arm’s inseams dig into your underarm, it means the apparel is too small, even for a slim-fit. If you’re wearing your sweatshirt with a smart casual outfit, the neckline shouldn’t be so high that it hides your dress shirt’s collar.

For oversized hoodies, the front pockets must drape flatly over your midsection. If they jut out, you’ll want to get a smaller size or the sweatshirt is just poorly constructed. Whether slim or baggy, wearing a hoodie is all about good balance and proportions.

Hoodie Fit

What To Wear A Hoodie

  • You can wear a hoodie with jeans, chino pants, joggers, dress shirts and under a jacket or over a t-shirt to create the right outfit.
  • While there are many different colors, most guys choose a black, grey, white or beige hoodie for a versatile look.
  • For a casual outfit, you can style a hoodie with jeans or joggers and trainers or sneakers.
  • To dress up a hoodie, you’ll want to wear slim-fit dark denim jeans, a button-down shirt under and designer sneakers or fashionable boots for a trendy vibe.
  • If your sweatshirt is made with thinner materials, simply layer a hoodie with a stylish coat or jacket.
  • Guys can put a bomber, leather or jean jacket over a hoodie for a layered look that offers comfort and style.

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