I customised a serum for my skin and, wow, it’s life-changing

I’m a bona fide, card-carrying, wear-on-my-sleeve beauty junkie who loves, no, hoards, her skincare products. Serums are my special pencant. My bathroom counter is lined with different people for all types of skin problems, perceived or otherwise.

But does this mean that my skin is in better shape than everyone else’s? Sadly, no, because I still don’t have any real means that work for my current skin condition. Right now, it is long, stressful day, late night and the skin is oily and sensitive.

I customised a serum for my skin and, wow, it’s
I customised a serum for my skin and, wow, it’s

When friends and I came to talk recently at the domestic brand Beauty Skin Inc., they urged me to try my Daily Dose® custom blended serum. No two skins are alike, they told me, so instead of guessing which skincare products work for me, this is a customized serum that addresses my unique skin needs.

A customized serum saves me time. And I will have radiant, glowing, dry and moist skin. Since Skin Ink is the authority in customization – and the world’s number one best-selling custom high-tech skincare – I had every reason to agree to this beauty reboot.

Essentially, what Skin Ink offers is a seamless beauty regime with custom-blended serums that allow you to design your own skincare regime. The key is minimal efficiency with minimal nuisance, and their mission is to offer state-of-the-art “skinovation” that celebrates everyone’s uniqueness.

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