Ideas and Inspiration: Whimsical Fall Wedding Inspiration

Today is the first day of October, it may not be ‘officially’ on the first day of autumn, but in my small world it will start from today. The leaves are falling from the tresses, the nights are definitely drawing and I have already had to put on a scarf more than once. Hence the change of seasons brings a new color palette. Warm tones of brown, orange, dark red, greens and lovely golden color. So what does this mean for weddings? A world of new inspiration for me. The options for an autumn or fall wedding are endless, so today I invited wedding expert Carla on the blog to tell us what freaky fall weddings mean as some great ideas for her.

Thoughts and Inspiration: Whimsical Fall Wedding Motivation

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We all know that eccentric means finesse and fun, but not everyone is sure what the term means in the context of marriage. Unlike themes such as ‘Beech’ or ‘Vintage’, where the concept is clear, the eccentric is more fluid. But it usually has at least one of two common motifs. The first is the bold use of color, and the second means delving into the story for inspiration. Because we don’t like playing favorites, we’ll cover both. Read on to find creative ways to incorporate eccentrics into your fall wedding.


A crown is practically a necessity for the Queen of the Day and there is no better way to show your craze than a pheasant. But don’t be sad if you can’t raise your hand on the prized heritage like Meghan Markle. A floral crown is ideal for the eccentric bride. Take inspiration from the weather and use jewel-toned chrysanthemum, rose, berries or leaves. If your freak leans more towards the mermaid, weave a strand of pearls through your hair. Pearls are known as queens for good reason, and they make the ideal accessory whether you’re feeling eccentric or classic. Pearl has pearl bracelets, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and every other type of pearl you need on your wedding day. Also, pearls are symbols for 30Th The milestone is there, so find a 30th anniversary gift for your happy-married parents or friends in this great collection.

Thoughts and inspiration: eccentric fall wedding inspiration

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The dress

For him

Flaws, frills and free-flowing fabrics are the name of the game when it comes to whimsical wedding gowns. Color is also often a component of whimsical wardrobe and while gir may inspire you, feel free to tap the entire rainbow in your dress. Layers upon layers of flowers, lace and tulle will make you truly feel like a queen. Disney Lovers, take note: You can order Disney Princess Wedding Gowns now.

Thoughts and inspiration: eccentric fall wedding inspiration

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For him

Whimsical grooms are not limited to a plain black suit. They can also give any color of their choice to their fans. Take inspiration from fall colors and try russet, pine or cinnamon. However, they do not have to feel pressured to go wild. The groom’s whims may take a more subtle form, such as a unique boutonier made from a pumpkin-dotted bow or fall-themed items, such as feathers, acorns, or pinacons.

Thoughts and inspiration: eccentric fall wedding inspiration

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Color palette

A whimsical wedding frees you from the convention of pastels, and autumn is the perfect time to be bold with color. In this fragrance season, all shades of orange, including persimmon, apricot, copper and gold are a pleasurable choice. Pair it with purple hues such as plums, magenta, amethyst and burgundy for a bold, classic complementary look. Greens like jungle, jade, emerald and cedar are equally gorgeous, and if you exclude your reception, it will likely be buzzed by the surrounding vegetation.

If you are following the path of the story, then let the story be your inspiration. Pumpkins are ideal for a Cinderella theme, not to mention exceptionally versatile. They serve as everything from centerpieces to escort cards to flower holders. The mismatched place settings and teacups are quirky and fun, and are perfect for fans of Beauty and the Beast and Alice in Wonderland.

Thoughts and inspiration: eccentric fall wedding inspiration

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Like real estate, location is everything. Sharad provides a stunning backdrop for a magical fairytale wedding. Depending on where you live, a local forest may be necessary for you as a dramatic and romantic setting. Other options include a barn or vineyard. A small, eccentric chapel can also provide the expected atmosphere. And of course if you have a friend with a plush house or palace, definitely inquire about borrowing it.

Thoughts and inspiration: eccentric fall wedding inspiration



An unusual wedding arch is a key feature of an eccentric ceremony. Consider a rainbow arch of balloons, romantic curly willows with flower chains or a Norwegian wardrobe reminiscent of an actual doorway. Or go all in on the narrative and create a backdrop the size of a lucky book, complete with the beginning of a story about a lucky couple.

Fairy Lights are more or less a must for a fairytale wedding, but broadly colored paper lanterns are another great option for whimsical lighting that takes you and your guests to a magical land, up and away.

Centerpieces actually offer a lot of scope to play. Antique vents dripping with vines and flowers placed on a leather bound book present a delightful Harry Potter-esque theme. Glass chains hanging from the folded branches serve for the twisted wooden theme. Aladdin’s lamps with votes inside encourage imaginations … and express the surprise of what three things can happen to your guests.

Thoughts and inspiration: eccentric fall wedding inspiration

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When you talk about food and drink, you can actually chug you, and having the most seasonal weather increases your choices. For example, with the Alice in Wonderland theme, you can label your signature cocktail with the whimsical ‘drink me’ tag. (And of course a tray of ‘Eat Me’ nibbles would be easily positioned next to them.)

For whimsical cakes and toppers, the sky’s the limit. There is no better place to be fickle than a dessert table so that your imagination goes wild. From impossibly intricate laser-cut shapes to pink flamingos, if you can dream it, you can have it on your cake.

Thoughts and Inspiration: Whimsical Fall Wedding Motivation

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So what do you think Are you tempted to have an autumn wedding after seeing these cute ideas? Are you having an autumn wedding? If so, I would love to know your themes and ideas and any cute decoration ideas you take.

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