In a Nutshell: Victor Portugal

An atmosphere steeped in gothic, horror and a dark aesthetic can already be felt in the studio’s name: Darktimes Tattoo. And the same is true for the tattoo style on offer from Victor Portugal (and his team).

«I’ve been tattooing black and grey for over 22 years, I was born in Uruguay but now I live in Poland. I feel most creative when working on large designs of a dark aesthetic, and I believe my most impactful works are those that adapt to the person’s anatomy.

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Victor Portugal, Darktimes Tattoo, Kraków Poland

Tattooing for me is a ritual of bringing out the contrast and depth of a design and building up a detailed texture, which is what gives a realistic feel to the oneiric character of my art. It’s a lifelong passion that makes me strive for perfection.»

Follow Victor on Instagram: @victorportugal

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