Information About Merbau Wood Flooring

Merbau is one of the rare wood flooring options compared to other types of options such as maple and oak. In general, Merbau hardwood floors are used and preferred by those who want their homes to stand out from the rest. It is considered an exotic wood and can be an excellent addition to any room and space. The best thing about Merbau hardwood floors is that they are durable, beautiful and affordable and add character to any room as soon as they are mounted in the room. The wood has a very rich and dark honey color which makes it a very popular choice for homeowners.

As soon as it has been installed, Merbau wood heats the space and the room. Some manufacturers also offer many other shades ranging from light to dark.

Appearance and properties of Merbau wood

Merbau wood grows in the Indo-Malay region and in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and in part in many Pacific islands. When the wood is cut fresh, its heart is orange brown to yellowish in color. However, when the wood darkens, it turns into a red brown or brown color. The grain of the wood varies from wavy or woven to straight. The unique feature of Merbau wood is that the surface of the wood has a yellow stain and when it is finished it appears as if it were stained with gold. Merbau is robust and tough like teak. It has a lower density than walnut and has great stability. Another advantage of Merbau is that it is resistant to termites.

Durability and hardness

Merbau is known to be one of the most durable and hard woods when it comes to flooring. It rises on the Janka scale and is 5% harder than wenge wood, 18% of hard maple and therefore it is considered one of the most durable woods. Merbau also has a good ability to hold back and even if it develops scratches or any type of damage with use over time, it can be easily finished with sanding. However, care should be taken with Merbau wood flooring as it can stain itself when it comes in contact with ferrous metals, iron or moisture.

Merbau is used not only in wooden floors, but can also be used in musical instruments, wardrobes, decorative wooden objects, panels, carpentry and all types of furniture. If you have furniture made with Merbau in your home, Merbau hardwood floors would do quite well. Merbau is suitable for houses with high traffic and children. Even if you have pets and children in the family, with a little care and maintenance it is possible to ensure that your Merbau hardwood floors remain as good as new for years. Over the years, floors acquire their character and continue to evolve over time, appearing more beautiful than ever.


by Liamk Gardner

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