Interior Design: Using Pictures to Determine the Color Palette of a Room

Interior Design: Using Pictures to Determine the Color Palette of a Room

Let us get straight to the point: Using Pictures to Determine the Color Palette of a Room is a brilliant way of figuring out what color to paint a room. If you are burning to death trying to figure out what your color scheme is, this is the first step you should do.

All right, now that we understand the need to use pictures to determine the color palette, let us take a step at a less extreme and seek specific guidelines for doing so.

When it comes to figuring out what color to paint a room, many people use the one room to show their color preferences and the color of the wall as the primary piece of color hardware.

Interior Design
Interior Design

This is a mistake.

Exterior paint colors should blend with interior paint colors to soften the contrast between the two. Monochromatic schemes require a heavy hand to pull this off. That lightest tone would be the color of the window.

A room should tell a story.

If it tells me black and white and you were thinking of a nice cottage roach color, it would be wise to pick some complimentary neutral wall colors. neutral paint is a tricky concept to get right because it prevents you from adding more color but it also leaves the base color as the dominant color in the room. Painting a wall a different color than the base color is the way to go.

Good examples of this are a mostly white room with a few black touches in the furnishings. This helps the eye to smoothly meld the contrast while it is pulled into the black-white color that is already there. This technique helps to balance the boldness of the black and continues the style you are seeking to create

This is a really nice idea if you are decorating a room with very dramatic furnishings and are afraid to pick a wall color. First, look at the room as a whole. Examine the color on your bedspread, on your carpet, etc., and decide what color that room would be if everything was white. This lets you have room for your fabric choices as well as the wall color. Then, all you need to do is paint the walls for the room.

Keep in mind that you will want to use more than one coordinating accent color to add vigor to any room. Wall color is a perfect way to tie everything together.

The color you choose will make a huge impact on every room. When the walls are relatively muted off-white, this is a great time to add a bit of warmth with highlight walls. White is also a popular choice because it blends so well with bright colors.

For the parents-to-be who are still gaining style, check out these fun and easy decorating ideas to create a nursery that is perfect for the baby.

Alternative rock walls:

Hang the baby’s nursery pictures in attractive frames made of metal and add a sleek style to your baby’s room. The metal frames usually come with a black, white, or silver mat board on which you place the pictures.

Natural and pastel color palettes:

Uscolorsrs such as light blues, light green, or lavender creates a soothing and relaxing environment. Use pastel pictures with wall mirrors, and white walls with pastel pictures.


Using pastels for your walls is a popular decorating pattern today. Try using a team of natural colors for an eclectic mix. For example, try a light blue wall with shades of white, white cream, grays, tan, or maybe green and yellow (deep green, yellow walls create a classic flowery style).

Memorabilia collectibles:

Collectibles are a fun and flexible way for your child to express their love for art on their walls. Whether you want a classic movie poster or graded pictures of the first movie that they enjoyed, you can find them anywhere.

Chemical wall art:

This type of wall art can be used for age-appropriate rooms. For instance, if a child has a theme for their room like burglary!


Choose colorful palettes of flowers like hyacinths, poppies, snapdragons, roses, and more.

Bled batter wall art:

Perfect for a kid’s room that is decorated with a sports theme. How about using baseball and the owner yourself to decorate their walls?

All room decors can be bought at any local retail home furnishings store but if you really want to get a sense of what you are getting, consider finding an online retailer. They will give you more choices and better quality for a lower price.

Manufacturers of wall hangings and prints and images can have a difficult time taking their product that a market test.

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