Is Three Dimensional [3-D] Printed Furniture Really a Game Changer?

Technology is a tool that can turn the tide. It can change notions and increase the benchmarks. The industrial revolution at the beginning of the 18th century triggered many revolutions which led to numerous inventions. The last two decades of the 20th century have seen many technological changes and innovations. The computer is such an invention that has transformed the nature of the world. Thanks to electronics Computers have been widely used in all fields without exception.

3D printing is one of the computer-assisted processes that started in the early 1980s. It is called the flag bearer of the third industrial revolution. Due to globalization, it is also reaching remote areas. It has shaken the whole system with its pace of development. It also had an impact in the production of materials. Its imprint is evident in the furniture sector. The advantages of 3D furniture are as follows.

Design and time

Traditional furniture designs can take years to be available on the market. They must be tested and certified. But 3D printing can reduce the time and allow the manufacturer to check the design as soon as possible. This technology simplifies the design process. Using this technology, you can create your own furniture designs in a short space of time. It’s as simple as printing a card. Manufacturers can have more creative space in this design process.


Computer programming determines the effectiveness of this process. 3D printing is showing the expected results. If a person wants to create casual furniture, then he can easily create them.

Impact on the market

3D printing requires less space unlike the normal production process. Many manufacturers are collaborating with technology-related startups to join the movement. This saves capital, time and other res which in turn reduce the costs of the production process. It is a good opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to venture into this field.

Impact on the environment

The metal scraps of the industries are melted and transformed into beautiful and useful pieces of furniture. Scrap wood is also used in 3D printed furniture, so it doesn’t mean waste of material. We can say it as an ecological technology, where garbage is transformed into treasure.

Advantages for customers

1) In the near future, buyers can go directly to the factory and obtain the desired furniture model.

2) Easy to replace and modify existing furniture models

3) It can be customized according to the user’s profile

4) Convenient

5) It can easily make a difference to the existing furniture by choosing the desired style and color.

To conclude, it can be said that this process is beneficial for producers and customers. So, we can say that it is a turning point.


by John Smith

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