Japan Travel Tips for Thrilling Time to be spend on your tour

Japan Travel Tips for a More Thrilling

Japan Travel Tips: Japan is a fascinating country but you should be careful when you visit. You have to use a few sensible travel pointers with regards to handling money and traveling all around. This is to help you get around and have more fun in your travels around the country.

Japan Travel Tips
Japan Travel Tips

Japan is one of the most exciting places that you could ever visit. It is a country with its own distinct history and culture. It is also an exceptionally beautiful place home to many great mountains, lush forests, fascinating shores and vibrant cities. There are a few good Japan travel tips that you should use if you want to make the most out of your trip.

Look For Quality Rail Travel Services

As you get into Japan, you should look for rail travel services. Japan is noteworthy for having many prominent rail services. These include the Shinkansen bullet trains that move quickly from one part of the country to the next. One of these trains can go up to 200 miles per hour along the Japanese countryside.

Be certain that you order a Japan Rail Pass before getting into the country. This is available online and provides you with access to the many rail services that the country has to offer.

It is especially important that you use the rail service in Japan when possible. Taxi services are known to be very expensive in Japan. The cost to hail a cab is even higher after 10 pm when the rates go up to a very high premium.

Be certain you form a proper queue when you get onto a train in Japan. People at rail stations are expected to form a proper line to get on and off of a train.

Largest Cities in Japan For Tourists

City  Prefecture Population
Tokyo Tokyo 8.7 million
Yokohama Kanagawa 3.7 million
Osaka Osaka 2.7 million
Nagoya Aichi 2.2 million
Sapporo Hokkaido 1.9 million
Kobe Hyogo 1.5 million
Kyoto Kyoto 1.4 million
Fukuoka Fukuoka 1.4 million


Be Careful With ATMs

Not all ATMs around Japan can accept cards that come from outside countries. Citibank ATMs are among the very few in the country that can take these cards.

Cash Is Preferred

Make sure you bring straight cash as credit cards are not accepted in many spots around Japan. Also, bring a proper purse with you as you will get many coins throughout your travel. The yen pieces used in Japan are primarily coin-based.

Bring Hand Sanitizer

Bring plenty of hand sanitizer with you as you travel. Not all public washrooms in Japan have soap dispensers. This is a distinct point about public spaces in Japan in that people are typically expected to simply dampen their hands after using the bathroom.

Get a Proper Wi-Fi Hotspot

Look for a Wi-Fi hotspot feature on your mobile devices. It is difficult for foreign mobile devices to get access to online signals in Japan unless a Wi-Fi signal is used. Such a signal is needed for making it easier for anyone to get online and to use something with ease.

Find Things At a Konbini

Look for a good konbini near your hotel when in Japan. A konbini is a convenience store that offers a massive variety of products. You can find m things at one of these spots:

  • Foods can be found for cheap at many of these konbinis. These include bento boxes that offer small bites for lunch, instant ramen meals and even fried chicken in some spots. You might not spend more than five American dollars on a meal in some cases.
  • All the necessity care products you need for your stay can be found here. You could even get underwear if necessary from such a spot.
  • An extensive array of drinks can be found in such a spot. Some konbinis offer alcoholic drinks like sake or chuhai although the selection varies by each place.

Follow Proper Etiquette

Like in many other countries, Japan has its own specific etiquette standards. These include the following rules:

  • A traditional bow is useful as a greeting or thanks to anyone. It is fine to shake hands but you should wait until the person you want to do it with offers one’s hand to you.
  • You might have to remove your shoes in some places out of respect for what is there. You may be provided with slippers for walking in some spots. Any place with a sunken-foyer entrance is probably one where you have to take your shoes off.
  • Don’t be afraid to slurp your noodles when eating them in Japan. This is a standard practice in noodle restaurants.
  • Do not assume all people in Japan understand English. People around the country like to practice English skills at times but do not force anyone into speaking your language.

Japan is a thrilling place that is exciting to visit. These Japan travel tips should make it easier for you to get more out of a trip and to have some real fun in the country. More information related with Tour Travel Hotels you may read here.

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