Jefferies is telling clients to ‘get cyclical’ with these small caps it sees outperforming in 2021

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Adam Jeffery | Cnbc

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Small Caps is a strong month as positive news and expected better-than-expected economic data in Kovid-19 cases in the US.

“We feel that our ‘cyclical’ theme is going strong,” said Steven DeSunctis, Jefferies’ small and mid-cap strategist.

The small-cap benchmark, the Russell 2000, is up more than 16% this month following good news bouts around Kovid-19 vaccines and strong economic data. The index is outperforming the S&P 500, which has returned 8% at the same time. Investors dig out of growth stocks and digest the most beaten news by the epidemic.

“Even before vaccine news, the macro background for this topic was getting better,” DeSunctis said. “The earnings revision ratio hit an all-time high, valuations are still very affordable, the dollar continues to weaken, and the stator curve benefits these stocks.”

Wall Street small-cap market guru DeSantis said Cyclical’s group is ready for 2021. A rise in GDP, a jump in earnings without a share price reward and pick-up in M&A all point to a year of outperformance for short and mid. -Sized companies However, Desactis emphasized that it is still a stock picker’s area.

Jefferies lists short and midcap stocks purchased to see better sales growth in 2021. All listed companies have upward market manifold earnings, sales revisions and trading.

Here is a list of the firm’s favorite small-cap ideas for 2021.

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