How to Keep Blood Sugar Levels Stable Naturally

Points For Managing Blood Sugar Levels Right

Blood Sugar Levels: Your efforts in keeping your blood sugar levels under control must be reviewed well. You have to keep your plans for eating in check by watching what you eat and knowing how to control your blood sugar with the right habits. Such plans make it easier for your glycemic index needs to be managed well.

Blood Sugar Levels

It is critical for you to look at how well you can get your blood sugar levels to be fully stabilized. You must keep your blood sugar under control so you will stay healthy.

When your blood sugar levels are stabilized, you will feel more energetic. You will not experience all that many cravings for foods. Your memory may also improve.

Of course, keeping your blood sugar levels under control is critical for preventing diabetes and other serious health issues. You will be less likely to gain weight as well.

There are many things you can do to keep your levels regulated well. Much of this entails having specific foods but there are also points relating to how you prepare foods. Your eating habits should be looked into as well. Be certain that you look at how well these ideas are used so you will have more control over your body.

How to Keep Blood Sugar Levels Stable Naturally

Consume Foods Low on the Glycemic Index

The first tip to consider is to consume more foods that are low on the glycemic index. The GI refers to how carbohydrates in certain foods raise blood glucose levels. Anything with a lower GI keeps glucose levels from rising too quickly.

Carbohydrates are designed to release energy and to keep your blood sugar levels under control. An excess amount of carbs, particularly ones that have a high GI total, make it harder for your blood sugar levels to be managed well. As a result, you must be cautious when finding the right foods for your diet.

Here are a few of the best options to have. As you will notice here, you should stick with foods that have a GI of 55 or lower:

Type of Food Serving Size in Grams (unless specified) Glycemic Index Number
Whole grain bread 30 51
Wheat tortilla 50 30
Tomato juice 250 mL 38
Whole grain oatmeal 250 55
Apple 120 36
Peach 120 42
Prunes 60 29
Kidney beans 150 34
Carrots 80 35
Whole-grain spaghetti 180 50
Green peas 80 52
Soy beans 150 20
Peanuts 50 15
Baked beans 150 40


You must also prepare your foods properly to keep your GI levels down. Several points can work:

  • Consume fruits or vegetables before they get to be too ripe. The GI level of a fully ripened fruit or vegetable is higher than what it is like when the food isn’t ripe.
  • Avoid anything that uses extensive amounts of processing. Procedures that entail foods being processed at a greater rate are often more dangerous to consume.
  • Watch for how well a food can be prepared. Items that have to be soft-cooked might contain a greater GI level. This comes from how many additives may come from the foods you are trying to consume.

Be ready to watch for how well your diet works when consuming carbohydrates. The GI total you have should be analyzed well so it is not hard for you to have a good diet.

Considerations For Specific Foods

You must choose foods that are not going to keep your blood sugar levels out of whack. There are many points relating to specific types of foods that must be used:

  • Stick with whole wheat or whole grain products instead of white grain items. White grains are often heavily processed and may contain more sugars. Whole grains contain more fiber to keep your appetite under control.
  • Vegetables that contain starch may be harmful. These include just about every kind of potato product you might find. Beans and lentils are better as they do not contain all the starch some others have. Broccoli and carrots are especially great for having low GI totals and more fiber.
  • Fruits are always useful but look at their sugar contents first. Avoid anything that has too much sugar or else it will defeat the purpose of keeping your blood sugar steady.

Regardless of what you consume, the best thing to do is to consume more organic foods that are not heavily processed. The foods should be arranged well without being too hard to use.

Specific Foods for blood sugar

Add Protein

Look at how you are adding protein into your diet on a regular basis. Protein works by releasing energy slowly. Protein especially informs your brain that you are full and that you do not wish to consume more food than needed.

Be certain that any protein you consume is low in fat. Lean beef and chicken are good options although fish can work as it contains healthy fats that restore HDL cholesterol levels when used as a part of a healthy diet.

Avoid Anything Stimulating

It becomes harder for you to manage your blood sugar levels when you consume stimulants. These include items like soft drinks or nicotine from smoking. Such stimulants cause your blood pressure level to go up. This makes it easier for your blood sugar levels to increase as you are using more sugar for energy than necessary.

On a related note, avoid alcohol consumption as well. While alcohol is a depressant, this could also impact your blood sugar levels. It might weaken your body’s ability to process sugars well enough.

Planning Your Eating Habits

Look at what you can do when getting a proper eating routine under control. Several things must be considered so you can get more out of your body:

  • Always eat breakfast each morning. This should help with restoring your body’s natural ability to manage its blood sugar after a period of time asleep. Look for a breakfast with proteins and healthy fats as well so it becomes easier for you to keep your blood sugar active.
  • Add a snack in between each meal so you keep your metabolic rate active. A great snack adds a comfortable feeling in your body and keeps you from overeating. Again, try and find proteins although fiber may work too.
  • Never drink anything if you have an empty stomach. As you drink while hungry, it becomes easier for your body to wear out quickly. This comes as you are hurting your body and hearkening yourself.

Prepare a good food diary to help you review how well you are consuming foods in a typical day. Look at how well the diary is organized and see that it is not too hard to use.

Eating Habits

Add Cinnamon

Add Cinnamon to your routine for managing your blood sugar level. Cinnamon is a good spice that makes foods a little easier to tolerate. It adds a natural sweetness to your food.

But what makes cinnamon very important is that it causes your pancreas to start stimulating insulin. This restores how well a natural form of blood sugar regulation works. If used right, it does not become hard for you to stay healthy. As your blood sugar levels are relaxed and kept in check.

Be Careful With Dairy Products

Dairy foods are always worthwhile in that they provide your body with the calcium needed to help you stay strong and healthy. But it is even more important that you watch for the particular types of dairy products that you consume.

Dairy items are known to contain high amounts of fat. It is best to consume 1-percent dairy products if possible as they contain a small amount of fat without being excessive or difficult.

You should also consume Greek yogurt as it has more protein and fewer carbs than what you would get out of regular yogurt. It is also available in non-fat formats.

Always consume plain yogurt which is already fruits mixed into it. That is, you would have to add your own fruits into the yogurt. The problem with yogurt products that they already contain fruit. They might contain preservatives designed to keep the fruits from wearing out.

Best food for Blood Sugar

Watch Your Portion Sizes

Look at the portion sizes you consume when trying to manage your blood sugar levels. It is often hard for you to keep your body active when you have more food than necessary. The problem with eating too much is that your blood sugar levels will increase due to the added sugars involved.

As you consume more food, you will have an excess amount of fat or carbohydrates. This, in turn, makes it harder for your blood sugar levels to manage well.

A good idea is to use smaller plates or to pace your work while eating. You could always eat slower to give your brain more time to process what you are eating. This Is to produce signals stating that you are full and cannot eat anything else.

Watch for what you are getting out of your body when aiming to keep your blood sugar levels under control. Look at the particular foods you are consuming and make sure you only stick with ones that are safe for your body. Look at the habits you get into as well and make sure you only follow habits and routines for food that are safe for you to work with. Your body will feel a little easier to manage when you have consumed the right foods without going overboard on some items.

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