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A curtain of swing swinging with a continuous backdrop of mountains, sublime and serene atmosphere, cultural get-togethers and a mix of bumpy paths, the Himalayan nation, Nepal, has every adrenaline-filled offering for relaxing souls there is too much. One of the few countries in the world established for independent travel, Nepal is a unique goal for every nature and adventure geek.

If the best time to travel is being scrutinized, think about April instead which is the right time and month to travel in the region due to several notable reasons. Clear skies, comfortable sunny days, flowering blossoms, lush green forests that you can expect on the trip Nepal in April For unlimited exploration.

Weather in Nepal in April


Nepal in April Provides the most suitable climatic conditions for travelers visiting there. You will find clear skies and meadows filled with flower basins that present the most pleasant atmosphere for every visitor. This country sees a drastic change in the weather conditions from the Terai plains and the hills of Kathmandu to Pokhara and further to the high Himalayas. With the exception of high settlements in the mountains, some areas are also extremely hot.

Temperatures in Kathmandu and Pokhara reach 90F during summer. Rainfall is less in April but during this month dusty winds move. Therefore, optimize your itinerary for specific locations for maximum search.

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Due to come to Nepal in April

Given below are some of the best reasons that are sufficiently valid for planning a trip to Nepal in the month of April.

1. Witness swarm of international tourists


In April, hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers visit Nepal, as it is the best month for adventure activities and to embrace nature with all its enthusiasm. You can find a steady stream of hikers on the Everest and also in the Annapurna region.

2. Enjoy festivals and events


Nepal is a colorful country with its diverse cultures and customs. Whether people are believers of Hindu or Buddhist regions, every Nepali festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and thus a lunar calendar is followed. During your visit you can enjoy the glimpse of the following festivals Nepal in April Month.

  • Rato Machendranath: The famous Patan festival in Nepal is celebrated with high zeal and enthusiasm, during which a Dev statue is drawn through the streets in an attractive chariot for several days. It remains one of the notable attractions during the month of April so that you can see Rato Machendra as you go there.
  • Biscuit Jatra: It is a Nepali New Year festival which is celebrated in a very fun and adorable way. It is an extremely lively experience in many popular venues, but remains a center of attraction in Bhaktapur, where the Biscuit Jatra Rath ceremony is held. Jatra begins four days before the start of the Nepalese New Year. It is actually a feast of the eyes.
  • Buddha Jayanti: It is celebrated by the Buddhist community in the Bodhanath Stupa of Kathmandu. This spiritual event welcomes the huge gathering so it is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

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3. Budget friendly trip

You must have the necessary amount of capital to support your journey

As April is a peak season for travel in Nepal, tour companies receive more benefits from tourists during the month. A good portion of tour operators also provide the most appropriate package if well booked in advance. You can find them to get the best package provided you had a complete plan for it.

4. Ideal climate for trekking


At higher elevations in Nepal, the mercury hovers around 20oC and thus provides an ideal position for trekking activities. This season is considered as the peak of the trekking season in Nepal. The stunning trails in this month amaze all trekkers. The days are usually hot and sunny and open at night and there is not much cold in the height.

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5 Famous Places to Visit in April

Below are some of the best places to visit in the country of Nepal during April. check them out!

1. Mustang

Moong in Nepal

If you are still running for a short time during the Nepal tour, looking for an attractive place to visit, then the sterling beauty of the Mustang is the best you should not miss. To create a pleasant atmosphere, coolness remains in April. The most amazing tranquil picture is the trade route to Tibet which offers the best routes with a cozy atmosphere and cozy tea.

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2. Dolpo



Adventure aficionados among you may grab the best opportunity to trek the boldest expeditions in the Upper Dolco region. Trekking in this area requires you to maintain the right fitness, stamina and excellent preparation for the same. Due to the presence of the oldest monasteries, the magnificent Lake Foxsundo, rare species of wildlife can give the atmosphere here to get a totally unique experience in the salty environment.

3. Island Peak

Island peak


Adventure enthusiasts who are willing to try a challenging hill climbing activity can experience the ascent of Island Peak (20,305 ft). Even less experienced climbers may try to enjoy its hideous serenity.

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4. Nagarkot



Nagarkot, located in the Bhaktapur region, is one of the magnificent beauties of Nepal, which is also famous for its splendor of Himalayas and originality. If you are planning to travel to Nagarkot in April, then the best time to actually explore the region is as the colder temperatures begin to subside, making the climate more pleasant and enjoyable for explorers. Tourists love to explore its colorful valleys and spectacular views of the hills.

5. Kathmandu

Kathmandu Math Scene

Kathmandu is much more the capital of the country and a place of political power as the cultural capital of Nepal. The city gives its best to travelers in April. A chaotic mix of tourist sites, trekking trails, various monasteries of hotels and restaurants and workshops of artisans virtually arrest the spirits of all visitors. Swayambhunath cannot be missed as a place nestled among the jungle hills from where you can have spectacular views of the Kathmandu Valley.

5 things to do in Nepal in April

Listed below are some of the best activities to indulge yourself while vacationing in Nepal in the month of April.

1. Trekking

Best place for trekking

Trekking is the most famous job Nepal in April. Trekking at Everest Base Camp is the most enjoyable activity in April as the temperature is usually warm except in high altitude areas. Also, there is hardly any risk of monsoon rains during this month. Being the busiest month of the year, you will see number veteran adventure geeks at EBC this month. April is an amazing time to tackle the most challenging peaks in Nepal. Annapurna Trek in April also offers spectacular trails in this month.

Average price: EBC costs INR 46,500 / – approx.

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2. White River Rafting

A person rafting in a boat at high speed

White water rafting is most famous in Kathmandu and Pokhara regions of Nepal. In April, you can experience this thrilling activity in the white foamed rivers of this Himalayan nation. The long clean Trisuli River, the Bhot Kosi River and the Seti River give the mind the experience of river rafting surrounded by enchanting mountains.

Average price: INR 4967 / – per day including transport and lunch.

3. Bungee Jumping

Bungee-jumping-in-rishikesh_22 October

April is considered to be the most suitable month to enjoy recreational and adrenaline filled activities in Nepal. You can experience bungee jumping in Kathmandu on the 160 deep Bhot Kosi River which provides the best moments in the pleasant weather of the month of April.

Average price: INR 5600 / -.

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4. Everest Mountains Flight

Everest Mountains

As the spring season provides clear clear skies, April is the best month to experience Everest mountain flights. You can have a clear view of the enchanting mountains from very close to the mountains which allows you to go above the clouds.

Average price: INR 14,697 / -.

5. Rock climbing

rock climbing

If you are planning a trip to Nepal in April, do not forget to add the popular rock climbing activity to your list as it is the best month for adventure sports. It inspires you to come to the world of the most challenging rock faces within the valley. This 30-minute activity becomes easier during the pleasant and soothing spring season of April.

Average price: INR 700 / -.

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Nepal sees an even more majestic place in April when nature welcomes every traveler with its peace and positive vibrations. Remember to book your trip well in advance as Nepal in April is thrilled by the large number of tourists who visit each year.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in Nepal in April: Visiting the Himalayan Nation for a unique travel experience

Q) April is the season in Nepal?

a) The spring season in Nepal continues from March to May. It provides the best time to visit the enchanting country of Nepal. April is considered to be the best month for trekking as well as exploring nature.

Q) What can I bring back from Nepal?

a) Thangka painting, Singing bowls, Pashmina, Khukuri and handicrafts are famous objects of Nepal.

Q) Which festivals are celebrated in Nepal in the month of April?

a) Rato Machendranath, Biscuit Jatra and Buddha Jayanti are celebrated with great enthusiasm in Nepal in April.

Q) Can trekking be done in Nepal in the month of April?

a) The month of April is the best for trekking in Nepal. In this season, the trails are filled with natural vegetation and are free from any kind of risk of rainy season.

Q) Which rivers provide the best white water rafting in Nepal in April?

a) The Trisuli River, Bhot Kosi River and Seti River are the best for river rafting in April.

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