Korean Beauty Tips: 10-step skincare Regimen

Korean beauty tips: 10-step skincare Regimen

Korean Beauty Tips: The now-famous Korean skincare regimen looked like a fad when it first showed up in America. Now that the goods have earned their particular nook in retailers such as Ulta, Sephora and even drugstores such as CVS, they are here to stay. And as a self-identifying K-beauty enthusiast, I’m all for it.

Regardless of the clamour over Korean goods, there is one aspect to this manner of skincare that turns off people or lights them up like a Christmas tree. It’s known as the 10-step regular, and it describes the way products are layered on the skin. It arouses fierce devotion in a few, and Reddit’s Korean Beauty sub is lit up with discussions of that goods rank”holy grail” status. In another camp, you have books like the Wall Street Journal calling the skincare regimen”exhausting.”

Korean Beauty Tips
Korean Beauty Tips

10 Step Pattern

Whatever camp you are in, the 10-step pattern is a hallmark of Korean beauty, but what many do not understand is that number of steps is quite flexible — and it will change not just based upon your skin type but also the seasons. I will walk you through each of the measures in this feature, describing what they do, why they are important, and if they are going to enhance your skin. It can mean that you spend 10 minutes in the bathroom in the morning or at night, but in case you can not spare 10 minutes on your own, we will need to back up to a lesson on self-care first.

What’s the Korean skincare regimen?

These are the 10 measures as commonly suggested by Korean beauty retailers and influencers.

Oil cleaner

Foam/cream cleanser





Sheet Mask

Eye Cream



Korean skincare step 1: Double cleansing

The first step of the Korean skincare regimen is to wash your face twice: once with oil, once with a foaming cleanser. Why? Because each kind of cleanser gets another sort of crud off your face. While fatty skin types may be balking at the concept of washing oil, it is actually extremely effective against naturally-occurring impurities such as SPF, sebum, and pollutants. It’s not quite as good against perspiration and grime, however, which is where the next cleanse comes in.

One more thing that Korean beauty swears by is facial massage (in actuality, it’s popular throughout many Asian countries). Taking a few minutes to massage your face will trigger the surface of the skin, preparing it for the products that you’re about to apply. Additionally, it drains lymphatic glands on your face and neck which can lead to puffiness. It’s ideal to splash off your cleansers with lukewarm water as opposed to dry it with a towel, as the surface of the skin is sensitive. Heal it with the utmost caution, and you will notice it makes a difference.

Korean Beauty Tips
Korean Beauty Tips
When you get to your next cleaner, another rule you might not have heard of before today applies:

have a look at low pH solutions. How do you tell if a cleaner is a very low pH? Well, if it is super foamy, it likely isn’t. When companies like good old Clearasil cite”pH balanced,” it is talking about that sweet spot on the pH scale where our skin naturally falls between 4.2 and 5.6. Head north of this, and skin develops more alkaline, or south, and it becomes too acidic. The results of this include skin irritation, acne, blotches and much more. If your face feels tight once you wash it, that is not a clean feeling — which means your cleaner’s pH is too high.

For our recommendations about the best cleansers for your job, go here.

Korean skincare step two: Toner

In us, we associate the term toner using an astringent meant to wash more gunk off our faces, stripping our skin. In the Korean skincare regimen, toners would be the reverse of that. They’re typically a thin layer of moisture intended to regulate your pH and soften your skin, preparing it for the measures which will follow.

Korean toners are available in many varieties, from thin to viscous. You can even have active ingredients such as AHA and BHA on your toners in the event you’d like more extreme results against aging, acne damage and fine lines. Normally, Korean toners are packed full of botanical ingredients which address similar concerns. You can use them with your hands and tap into the skin, or apply with a cotton ball or pad. But as your skin responds happily to the touch of hot hands, we like to go for the former whenever we can.

How can you know which one is suitable for you? We have got a treatise on this, and we would love if you gave it a read.

Korean skincare step 3: Essence

One of the keys to the glowy outcomes of a normal Korean skincare regimen is layering products. As opposed to relying on one thick lotion to do all of the work, Koreans believe that layering products permit the skin to breathe and avoids clogging the pores. So in case you think of your toner as the first layer of moisture, then consider a character as the second. These products are generally also thinner in texture, and some even feel watery. They penetrate the skin at a deeper level and help with the absorption of these products to come.

If you aren’t certain where to start with essences, we suggest that you check out our guide to essences right here. It divides them up by skin type so you understand exactly which one is ideal for you!

Korean Beauty Tips
Korean Beauty Tips

Korean skincare step 4: Emulsion

Another layer of moisture, you say? Yes. If you want”glass skin,” you must work for it. That means drinking a great deal of H2O, exercising and eating well, and spending more than 30 seconds in your skin care regimen. If you feel that’s too long, do not complain to us when you get another horrible breakout!

The emulsion layer is often only somewhat more viscous than the preceding layers, starting to construct the richness and sheen we’re trying for in the final outcome. Much like the layers that are earlier, these products are often packed with botanical extracts and other power-packed ingredients. But some skin types may require more moisture than others. If you’re an oily skin type, for example, doing an emulsion coating might make you feel greasy. For super dry types, we could not get enough layers! The best way to determine whether that step will do the job for you is to get acquainted with your own skin. Fortunately, the more hands-on time you’ve got with it throughout your routine, the easier that becomes.

Moistfull Collagen Emulsion

If you need assistance purchasing an emulsion, not worry — we’ve got a complete guide coming soon! Meanwhile, the Moistfull Collagen Emulsion from Etude House is a great one for a beginner. It will make your skin look super plump and plump, which is amazing in our publication.

Korean skincare step 5: Serum/ampoule

Here we’re on step five (or six, if you count the double cleansing as two). Feeling overwhelmed yet? If so, this is an ideal time to stress that although the Korean beauty regimen is famed for having 10 measures, there is nothing wrong with doing less. Typically serums and ampoules come next in the lineup, but if you feel your skin has had enough? Feel free to skip them. What I am telling you may be blasphemous to some converts of Korean beauty, but as I said before, only you know what works best for your face.

Having said that, both serums and ampoules are highly concentrated products. Ampoules are introduced as a souped-up variant of a serum by several businesses. However, as vlogger The Beauty Breakdown states in her video under, these goods are kind of… exactly the same. A large blast of extreme moisture, a thicker texture, and a chance to add more juicy goodness to your skin. Use it if you dig the effects. If you are looking for the glowy look Koreans call”chok chok,” do not skip this step. Read our whole guide on serums here.

Korean skincare step 6: Sheet mask

Easily the best-known product within this lineup, sheet masks are now so ubiquitous that they are easy to find just about everywhere. I have even seen them at the dollar store. If you can afford it, however, you will want to spend more than a dollar on a mask. These generally take 15-20 minutes and can be performed as often or infrequently as you like. My favourite times to use them are before and after aeroplane rides (as the pressurized air in the cabin dries the heck out of your skin), after a long day in sunlight, or before a particular occasion.

Sheet masks are generally saturated in serum, so yep… another coating. The juicer ones have so much that it will be pooled up at the base of the package. I love to use this in my decollete and arms. It’s packed with great ingredients, so no point in wasting it. 1 word to the wise: all sheet masks aren’t made alike! The best ones remain moist for the complete wear time or more (more on this below in our sheet masks manual ).

If you would like a guide to what sheet masks to purchase, we’ve got two! Our top 20 sheet masks are available here and also our best sheet masks for oily skin can be found here.

Korean skincare measure 7: Eye cream

Eye cream isn’t unique to the Korean skincare regimen, but it’s among the most difficult products to consistently use since it is a preventative product if you are under the age of 40. Eye lotion is designed to moisturize the ultra-thin skin around the eyes where crow’s feet and fine lines will definitely appear. But if you use eye cream regularly before they appear, you will notice a noticeable difference in how old you look (or in this case, how young!) .

It might be difficult to hear, but most people that use eye cream do it wrong. Using the ring finger is the best way since it uses the appropriate quantity of pressure as opposed to your pointer finger, which is likely to push harder since it is used more often. The skin around the eyes is that sensitive! Additionally, it dries out easily, so layering your eye cream in cold months isn’t a bad idea either. 1 trend among actors in South Korea would be to wear eye cream for a night moisturizer all over the face. But since they probably have larger bankrolls than we do, we might leave that for special occasions.

Our eye cream primer is still in the works, but for now, check out one of our favourite Korean eye creams: the Blossom Jeju line, which offers two unique kinds of eye creams packed with nourishing ingredients such as Camellia Oil, Coconut Oil & Camellia Flower Extract.

Korean skincare step 8: Moisturizer

After all these layers, a thick layer of cream must sound a little mad. More moisture, still? Maybe not for everybody (I know some friends who sheet mask as their final step). However, in the traditional Korean beauty 10-step regular, you use a lotion — also called an occlusive layer — to seal in all of the layers before it. Consider it as creating a fragrant stew and placing the lid on the pot. It permits the aromas and flavors inside to mingle and consume, which is much like what all of the luscious ingredients you layered do on your skin when you put in a moisturizer.

Much like American lotions, Korean lashes come in a huge array of textures and thicknesses. It can be difficult to locate one for oily skin types, as they frequently struggle with clogged pores. Nevertheless, it is possible! Because you’ve done so much work on the preceding steps of your regular, a thin layer is all you want to finish this up.

Korean skincare step 9: sunscreen (AM measure )

The majority of us were taught as children that we needed to wear sunscreen once we went to the shore. Unfortunately, we weren’t taught that we should also wear sunscreen pretty much daily (yes, UV rays can reach you indoors too). Asian sunscreens also have a significant advantage over most US-produced ones: the PA system. Originally developed in Japan, it is a rating system much like SPF. The difference is that products scored with it protect you from both UVA and UVB rays — something many products in the united states do not offer. And trust us, the sunscreen on your makeup is not enough. You want to reapply every two to three hours, too. But I don’t make the rules.

Korean Beauty Tips
Korean Beauty Tips

Additionally, there are two kinds of sunscreens: chemical and physical. It is worth learning how the different kinds work to be certain that you are using the best one for your needs. Physical sunscreens are mineral-based and are inclined to leave a white throw behind. Chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin and work to suck UV radiation so that it doesn’t harm your skin. They’re also excellent at protecting you from UVA rays. One is not better than another though, it is up to you what kind you would like! Sensitive skin types often opt for bodily as substances can cause them to break out, but that is only a guideline, not a rule.

Korean skincare 10: sleeping masks (PM measure )

So you have slathered your face with all these layers, and you are beginning to feel like a cake. I get it. However, since your body goes into mega fix mode at night, it is a fantastic time to assist with the process by utilizing a sleeping mask. Consider it like a night cream, or even a particular treatment. It’s simply an excess layer of moisture, but frequently sleeping masks are intended to operate while your body is at rest.

I find a good deal of sleeping masks at the Korean beauty marketplace prefer to concentrate on packaging or odor over actual outcomes. However, I’ve tested quite a few, and I will vouch for Sulwhasoo’s Overnight Revitalizing Therapy. It is not cheap at $40, but it’s extremely effective if you would like to wake up looking like you are 20 again. I am a large fan of that.

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