Latest Easy Mehndi Designs for Hands by Tips Clear

Latest Easy Mehndi Designs for Hands

Latest Easy Mehndi Designs: The Mehndi designs are coloring hands and legs with the mehndi or henna. Applying mehndi paste is the most famous practice in the Arabian countries, Pakistan and India. The ladies embellish themselves with the artistic and excellent collection of the Mehndi designs.  The used to get coloured all the special occasions such as weddings, festival occasions, parties, family function and more.

Latest Easy Mehndi Designs for Hands

Different types of mehndi designs

There are lots of different types of mehndi designs available to increase the beauty of women. Women use mehndi in the hands and the legs. They use glitter, stones, black henna, red henna and some of the other type of the designs. Plenty of colors are used to decorate and raise the beauty of the mehndi designs. Every hand of the women looks wonderful with the mehndi designs. The foreign countries like United Kingdom, United States and many more countries are get craze for the mehndi designs. The foreign country people are used to tattoos for the different places in the body.

Easy Mehndi Designs For Hands

Mehndi designs are natural

The natural die which is get make from the stems and leaves of the henna tree. The western countries are using this mehndi as the temporary tattoo. There are different levels of mehndi designs available like simple designs, medium designs and complicated designs. The beauticians are only using the complicated designs of the mehndi. The normal people can use only the simple mehndi designs.

Easy Mehndi Designs

  • Circular Arabic Pattern:

The Circular Arabic Pattern is the important part in the tattoo in the mehndi. Most of the Asian girls live this type of the designs which is also simple to draw in your hand.

Circular Arabic Pattern

  • Leaf And Flower Pattern:

This kind of the mehndi designs are older but till now most of the people love this design. This design is normally for the Arabic designs.

leaf and flower mehndi patternleaf and flower mehndi pattern

leaf and flower mehndi pattern

  • Arabic Floral Pattern:

The Arabic floral pattern has the excellent deigns and adds beauty of your hands. The first step you have to draw the inner flower and then go for the leaves.

Arabic floral pattern

Arabic floral pattern

  • Classic Indian Henna Pattern:

Normally, this type of the designs is coming for the easy designs. There are different types of the images and designs are included in this pattern.

Classic Indian Henna Pattern

Classic Indian Henna Pattern

  • Arabic Mehndi Bridal Designs:

In this design, the flowers designs are used for the hands and the fingers. Most of the women love the Arabic Mehndi bridal designs which are simple to draw in your hands.

Arabic Mehndi Bridal Designs

Arabic Mehndi Bridal Designs

  • Simple Mehndi Floral Nets:

This type of the designs are the simple designs, the most of the parts in the hand is filled with the net like designs. Only the experts are try this type of the mehndi designs.

  • Elegant Floral Wrist Band:

The Elegant floral wrist band is the perfect choice for the routine days. This is comfortable to draw for the beginners and the other persons to draw for their hands. This design is looks like the women wear the bangle or the bracelet.

  • Peacock Elegant In Henna:

Most of the India women are used this mehndi designs and also this the favourite design for most of the Indian girls.

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  1. Through this post I got the chance of peeping into Indian culture. Various designs and Mehndi patterns are very beautiful and simple. These designs are easy to make and different patterns has made the most hectic task easy and hassle free.

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