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Leg Mehndi design

Leg Mehndi Design: Is your second love Mehndi? Are you among those people who can’t resist the charm of attractive designs? You may be a student or a professional, Mehndi is an art but to polish your skills in this art watch out for this article.

To make you an expert Mehndi designer……… these 10 designs are enough!

Simple and easy Leg Mehndi design to start with

Before you start with your voyage of becoming an expert, you should keep some points in mind such as clean the body part properly where you wish to apply the design. Then rub Mehndi oil over that place. This oil is easily available in the market. This is a simple design to start with. Flowers, lines dots, and leaves make a wonderful design. Placement of different flowers makes it stand out of many other designs. You may draw these simple and easy leg mehndi designs to attract.

leg mehndi design easy

Simple and easy Mehndi design

Simple and easy Leg Mehndi design

Define the shape

For a perfect design ensures that you define the place. While starting the design at legs, the ankle provides you with the opportunity to divide your design into 2 parts. Start making a flower from the ankle and cover the length of the foot. With paisleys and half flower, you can extend your design and cover the length of your desired place. As you have flowered at the ankle start repeating the design towards your knee. This will give a complete look to the design. By repeating flowers, dots and outlining you can take your design to your knee length.

shape bridal feet mehndi

leg henna design

BridaBridal Mehndi designs for leg

Show your expertise by adding modesty to the designs

Creating designs with variation will help you maintain your interest in designing. In this design, you will see that half flowers are made with the tint to shade work. It’s simple the way you made flower during your school days. The small consecutive lines give it a lavish style. Make flower covering the length of the arm and neatly place the colorful stones at the middle of the flower. Use a dab of mehndi to fix stones at a place.

feet bridal mehndi designs for feet

Enchanting henna for leg

leg mehandi design

A mesmerizing view created through repetition

To become an expert repeat design lavishly. To make this design you need to make peacock and a check pattern. In between the checks don’t forget to make a flower with dots. For mehndi design for feet to stand out, repeat the outline of designs with a bit thicker line. Keep a consistent grip on the cone and let the design comes out astoundingly. For giving a complete look to the design on the leg, fill the place by adding dots. This will make the design more attractive and gives long lasting color to your mehndi design for feet.

Foot Mehndi Design

A perfect pairing

Making same designs on the similar parts of the body is a common practice. This gives an attractive and compliments the legs uniquely. Firstly makes paisleys on the length of the legs keeping some space between the two paisleys. Fill each paisley with checks lines and dots. Then join two paisleys with the help of half flower or connect them with an attractive bridge made by lines and curves. Decorate this with hills like structure. Use more of dots to give a fulfilling effect to your design.

mehndi designs

Combination of mehndi design

Perfect and easy designs for highlighting the heels

At first look, the design may appear to be complicated but believe me, it’s not. The technique used in making this pattern is just the filling of Mehndi inside the leaves and flowers. First of all, make flowers with circles in a bunch of three. Now make small leaves with the help of drop design. Proceed to longer leaves with long defined leaves. For a perfect design make leaves closer to each other. The increasing size of dots complete the design…….. amazing isn’t it?

heel mehndi design

heel mehndi design

heel mehandi design

A perfect pairing

Once you attained perfection in making flowers, paisleys, leaves, and motifs, it’s time to move ahead and try your skill on some complex pattern. With regular practice, even the complicated figure pattern becomes easier for you. This is a perfect match for the legs and arms pattern. Draw Radha Krishan on the arms and cover the arms with your earlier learned designs i.e. paisleys, flowers, and dots. Make petals in broader size and fill it with lines. This will give it a complete look of a leaf. Repetition of the lines and dots makes this pattern stand out in the crowd.

Pairing Leg Mehndi Design

Pairing Leg Mehndi Design


Try your hands on

Once you are done with above design, no design will be difficult for you. Make this design by drawing a bigger flower and leaves. Completely fill these flowers with checks, curves and repeated lines. Don’t leave any place unattended. For your design to stand out fill the alternate checks of the lines. Complete the design by adding drop shapes with a slight tick trick to complete the pattern.

Pairing Leg Mehndi Design

Extensive leg mehndi design

Traditional design to suit every occasion

Traditional design is always the first choice of the person. This design consists of checks, peacocks, flowers and pot pattern. To make it complete add curves, lines, and semicircles to the patterns. Enjoy mesmerizing pattern and show your style!

Unique leg mehndi design

Unique leg mehndi design


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