Let us Join together to make Earth clean and green

Let us Join together to make Earth clean and green

Today we are living in a world which is full of pollution and we, as a habitat of the Earth have further deteriorated the situation. We keep on polluting our surroundings in different ways. This has ultimately led an uprise in the global warming. We should realize this fact and do all whatever is possible to save our Earth from further deterioration.

make Earth clean and green

Small change makes a big difference and we, by joining hands together, can create a massive change in the surroundings. The saving of the Earth depends on 3 R’s i.e. reuse, recycle and recreate. The air we breathe in is becoming more polluted due to the polluted smoke exerted by the vehicles and factories. To procure our surroundings, we should plant more trees and look after them.

Kitchen Garden

We can even grow some vegetables and herbs in our kitchen garden or around our house so that the air surrounding our place remains full of oxygen. There are many short and beneficial steps which we can adopt in our life to enjoy a healthy surrounding. 

Peels of many vegetables are full of vitamins like guard, pumpkin and peas. Tasty vegetables can be cooked with these peels combined with small pieces of potatoes when cut and chopped. This will undoubtedly help in reducing the wastage. Peels of onion and other kitchen waste material can be dumped in the composed pit which can be further used in putting it on the plants or in our kitchen garden.

Use water with caution

We often use water lavishly and forget that this habit of ours will make our children suffer a scarcity of it in future. Water is a precious thing and it should not be wasted. We can utilize water in many ways. We can make an attach kitchen waste water pipe with the surrounding plants. This way the used water is utilized in irrigating plants and trees. Moreover, the water which is used for washing vegetables can be further put in the plants or in the kitchen garden.

Save Earth Ideas

Used tea leaves are very beneficial for small plants. After making tea wash tea leaves with plain water and then put it into your plants. It will help them grow.

In addition, we should make a proper planning for saving rainwater. This rainwater, thus saved can be used for trees and small plants and even for washing our vehicles.

We should opt for eco-friendly cosmetics. They are less harmful to nature.

Green Earth

Reusing many things can further help in saving the earth from getting dirtier and over polluted. We should abandon poly bags altogether. Instead of them, we should carry our own jute or paper bag with us while going out for shopping.

All these are minor but effective steps. If everybody’s pledge to follow these steps no doubt we can contribute towards our motherland and can make it a place worth living. Thus, providing our children much safer and greener surroundings which is full of oxygen and not full of CO2.

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