Your look for Valentines Day

Your look for Valentines Day

valentines dayValentine’s  Day is round the corner and couples from all over the world are already making plans on how to spend their Valentines’ Day. This is the time for Roses, cakes, chocolates, teddy bears, long drives and recreational tourism. Lovebirds start celebrating the Valentine’s week one, week before. But one thing that is of the utmost importance of the Valentine’s Day, is the way you dress. Come on ! You can’t wear, casual stuff on this day at least.

Many people will argue that it’s a very  difficult task for a girl to choose what to wear on that day. But the reality is it’s equally difficult and confusing for a guy. That is because a guy has only a few things to experiment from where as a girl can experiment from hordes of dresses. Another important thing is that guys don’t pay much attention to what a girl wears (on Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter! ) But girls are very much conscious about what their partners are wearing – and when it’s Valentine’s Day, the guys better get their attire right!

So now the question is Have you decided your look for Valentine’s Day ?
If not, then start going through these tips.  It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl : the main thing is you should be confident and look stunning on the Valentine’s Day.

  1. For the dress, girls need not do anything which is completely over the top or extravagant. You might wear something that shows a bit of your leg and cleavage. If you like feminine colors than pink and red are the safest bets. You can also try a simple jumpsuit if you want to play it cool and casual.
  2. Guys have to be a bit more sensible and less flamboyant. They have to keep the occasion in mind and also plan about the day beforehand. If you are planning to go for a fun long drive, then a casual jeans and a tee will be the best choices. Make it extra special for her by wearing a customized shirt. Show her that you love her and are not ashamed to tell it to the whole world.
  3. However, if you are going for a candle lit dinner, then you ought to wear something more sophisticated. A blazer and a formal trouser will absolutely suit the needs. You could also look forward to Ed Young and wear something dramatic as well as appealing. He is known to have a lot of talent in adding sweet splashes of color to formal suits.  Want to add in a bit of love? Wear a dark pink blazer! Be clean-shaved, crop your hair short and you should be the perfect Valentine’s Day date for a candle lit dinner!
  4. As far as shoes are concerned, again it depends on how you are going to spend the Valentine’s day. Black heels with Swarovski crystals should work wonders. Guys can go and get a fresh pair of shoes for themselves. There are lots of Valentine’s Day Special shoes available online and you can also get hold of one of those pairs!

These are some tips which you should keep in mind while dressing up for your Valentine’s Day. Be confident, cool and enjoy the day to the fullest!


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