5 Top Best Options for Restaurant Table Tops

Main Options for Restaurant Table Tops

Restaurant Table Tops: The food is not the only thing that lures customers to eat at a restaurant. They take into consideration other things that will improve their gastronomic experience, and these are the ambiance, quality service, affordable price and the interior.

Restaurant Table Tops
Restaurant Table Tops ( Pixabay.com)

Restaurant furniture constitutes part of the interior, and it gives off a certain ambiance that you want to achieve that will suit your restaurant’s theme and overall look.  Restaurant table tops  are one of the main considerations restaurant owners must decide on to make their customers feel right at home. They can be made from different materials and each of them has their own appeal and beauty that adds to the customer’s overall dining experience.

Metal Restaurant Table Tops

Metal table tops give off a modern and contemporary look. Stainless steel and aluminum tables are two of the most popular types of metal table tops. They are easy to clean; just a swipe with a damp cloth and dirt can easily be removed. They are also lightweight, thus moving them around is a lot easier. They can be painted with different colors to complement the whole look of the restaurant.


Wood table tops are among the top favorites by restaurateurs for several reasons. They are durable, and can last for decades when taken care of properly, thus saving the business money form procuring new furniture after several years. They have a classic look that is perfect for rustic and old-style restaurants. But they can also be designed to look modern and updated when paired with other contemporary materials.


Another top choice, resin table tops are economical. They come in different sizes and colors and are very easy to clean. A simple detergent liquid can be used to clean them. And because they do not absorb heat, they are perfect for outdoor seating.


Durable and easy to maintain, laminate table tops are preferred by restaurant owners who are looking for classy, colorful and stylish table tops. Those who are running on a tight budget but still want to give their customers the perfect dining interior choose this type of table top.


Granite table tops lean more towards the high-end restaurant setting. Made in different colors and patterns, granite table tops give off a feeling of luxury to diners. They are also more expensive than other options. Granite is durable and can last a long time with proper maintenance. They can also be placed al fresco, without having to worry about the surface fading from changing the weather.

Before deciding on which type of tabletop to incorporate into your restaurant, you must first consider the theme or look of your restaurant so that you don’t have to change the table tops when you realize that they do not complement other elements in the interior. Your budget is also an important factor. There is no reason to settle for substandard furniture, as there are more economical choices.

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