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Make Accurate Inside Measurements: When taking interior measurements, always use a steel tape measure instead of a cloth or fabric tape. Steel is more accurate than other types of tapes, and it will prevent you from accidentally adding extra inches or feet to your measurements.

In addition, be sure to measure the length and width of each door and window, as well as the height of each ceiling. And don’t forget to account for any molding or trim that may be present. By taking accurate measurements, you can avoid costly mistakes when ordering materials for your home improvement project.

Make Accurate Inside Measurements

Make Accurate Inside Measurements

When measuring for projects, every woodworker knows it is more accurate to use steel rules rather than a tape measure. This is because tape measures can give biased results from the curvature of the measuring tape. To get an accurate inside measurement, two steel rules are placed at each end with the graduations overlapping.

The first rule is read from the 10-in mark on the other ruler and 10 inches is added to that number. Using this method, the inside measurement would be 15-1/2 inches. This technique may seem like common sense to some, but for those just starting out in woodworking, Serge Duclos assures us this is the best way to get an accurate measurement.

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