What makes Diwali so fascinating?

What makes Diwali so fascinating?

Arguably throughout the year, we celebrate various festivals. Every festival has a different story to tell. Apart from telling a tale festivals to mark a change in the season and the food we consume. Diwali has numerous reasons attached to it that makes it interesting and amazing. Plus, it’s not just Hindus who celebrate Diwali with pomp and show; there are other communities as well who rejoice Diwali with the same enthusiasm but with a different technique.

Lord Ganesh and Goddess Luxmi

Diwali is mark of fun and enjoyment. This includes sending wishes to friends and relatives. Exchanging sweets and gifts is another reason that makes Diwali more exciting and interesting. People love to gift sweets, chocolates, gold and silver statues of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Luxmi, silver coins and notes, gold coins and antique show pieces are just few to name.

Makes Diwali so fascinating

Discounts during Diwali Festival Time

Undoubtedly around 33 million Gods are worshipped in our country and we celebrate several festivals in honor of these deities. No wonder Diwali is the most fascinating and cheerful of all other festivals that are celebrated by Hindus. This is the most expensive festival as it involves crackers, gifts, sweets, new clothes and complete cleaning of the houses.

Diwali Festival Time

Needless to say, we prefer to buy new electronics and gadgets at Diwali because of sales and discounts pouring during the festival time. Diwali is the most eagerly awaited festival by all communities. It marks its importance with lots of merry making and family get together. Different celebrations that are attached to Diwali are

Reasons for celebrating Diwali

Reasons for celebrating Diwali

  1. Return of Lord Rama- According to famous epic, Diwali is celebrated on new moon day of Kartik. The day when Lord Ram, Lakhman and Ma Sita returnedto Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and conquering Lanka after killing Ravana. People of Ayodhya loved their king Ram very much so to show their happiness at his arrival, Diwali is celebrated. The whole arena is decorated with lighted diyas and candles. It is believed that no corner should remain in the dark on this special day.
  2. Goddess Lakshmi’s birthday-During Sagar- Manthan, goddess of wealth emerged from the Samudra, this way Diwali is marked with Goddess Lakshmi’s birthday as well.
  3. Narakaasur was killed – Narakaasur who has ruptured the people with his evil deeds was killed by the Lord Krishna just a day before Diwali. Celebration for this brave victory continues for two days.
  4. Kali Puja in Bengal- Diwali is celebrated as Kali Puja in West Bengal. According to one of the Bengali month: Kartik, Kali puja falls on the new moon night in Bengal. After Durga puja, Kali puja is the most sought after celebration in Bengal.
  5. Remarkable day for Sikh community- According to Sikhs, Diwali is marked with the auspicious return of the Guru Hargobind after staying as a hostage in one of the forts of Gwalior. Diwali has been marked as a red letter day amongst the Sikhs when they all assemble together to seek Guru’s favor.
  6. Return of the Pandavas- According to another great epic Mahabharata, on this day, Pandavas were seen after 12 years of expulsion by the Kauravas. People adoring Pandavas lighted their house to celebrate the occasion.
  7. Goddess Lakshmi was rescued- On Diwali, Lord Vishnu saved Lakshmi from the clutches of the King Bali and hence the most sought after reason to celebrate the day with Lakshmi puja and merry making.

Decoration with Ladiyas, Rangolis and earthen diyaas

Diwali Decoration

Celebration of Diwali starts a month prior to the day. People get their house painted followed by decoration with Ladiyas, Rangolis and earthen diyaas. Puja room is specially decorated with marigold and green leaves. People draw rangoli at the entrance and tie Bandhan-vaar or toran at the top of entrance door. It is to welcome the guests and Goddess Lakshmi. Sweets, chocolates and gifts are exchanged by personally visiting the near and dear ones. Wishing “Happy Diwali” is one of the common practice with which relatives are greeted with. Moreover, people wear new clothes and eat special sweets and other variety of eatables that is especially available during the festival.

Special Diwali sweets

Your festival remains incomplete if you have not tasted special Diwali sweets.

Special Diwali sweets

  1. Mithai- It includes sweets like Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Burfi; Pera etc. all the sweets that are made from milk tantalize you on this day.
  2. Pakoras- Some people make special pakoras on this day and perform their puja by including pakoras in their puja thali. These are special pakoras that are fried in mustard oil. It is believed that it’s good to burn mustard oil on this day.
  3. Fruits- Apple and Banana is the common fruit that decorate your Puja Thali before getting distributed.
  4. Chane ki daal ke ladoo- Chana dal ( yellow Gram ) is soaked and then fried. With this daal ladoos are made with Gur mixed in it.
  5. Parwal ladoo- Parval ( puffed rice) is bind with the help of melted Gur to make ladoo of it.
  6. Batasha- It is another sweet that is made of sugar. It is flat puffed white coin.
  7. Khilone- Children love to taste them. It is one of the unique sweet that is available during Diwali only. You won’t be able to taste it after Diwali. Different animals or figures are made from the sugar syrup. This special sweet is first placed in Puja Thaali and then distributed amongst the children.

Filling Puja Plates with Sweets, Pakoras, Khilonas

Special Diwali sweets

After filling the puja plate with an assortment of sweets, pakoras, khilonas, it’s time to do your special puja. This includes special prayer for Lord Ganesh and Lakshmi. After puja it’s time to lite candles and diyaas. Make sure that no corner is left in dark. Place either candle or diya in each and every corner. It is believed that Lakshmi visits the most beautiful house and shower it with abundance of wealth and prosperity.

Happy Diwali

After puja some people exchange gifts and burn crackers, but people these days are avoiding fire crackers because of safety and health reasons. Earlier sweets box is now replaced by chocolate boxes and attractive gift items. So pack your gifts and don’t forget to wish “ Happy Diwali” to your friends. All this traditional and exciting event makes Diwali a fascinating festival, to cherish year after year!

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