Makeup and beauty Tips to attractive and stunning looks!

Makeup and Beauty Tips to attractive and stunning looks!

Makeup is that magic wand which helps in transforming the entire look of the person. It may take you with surprise as what these Bollywood actresses do or eat that they look so gorgeous. Nevertheless, apart from their diet and supplements, it’s the makeup that creates the difference in their looks. Everybody is blessed with a unique quality and what an individual has to do is to analyse it and then act upon it. This golden mantra will help you achieve a lot in life and not only in your makeup and beauty.

Beauty Tips
Beauty Tips

While targeting beauty an individual need to be extra conscious with their looks and the looks are not, just matter of face, but of entire body. Simply note down the body’s imperfection along with skin and face defects. Then start working on them with dedication. Try to enhance your strong points and suppress the weak points. Work towards polishing your beauty with the help of makeup, when makeup can do wonders for celebrities then why not for you. Follow these simple steps and steal that diva look which originally is created by God and yes exclusively for you –

  1. Dash of facial oil – You must be wondering what makes the skin of actress looks so glowing? Secret is hidden in a pinch of facial oil. For a quickest fake glow use a dash of facial oil. This will give an instant shinny look to your face and you can mix it with your moisturizer and create the difference in your daily looks.
  2. Heap of wash clothes – celebrities have to be always ready with cameras, parties and red carpet events. Like them you are also advised to clean your face before going to bed. this will help in cleaning the dirt and if you became lazy to clean it then I am afraid your skin will start looking dull and unattractive. It’s better to massage skin with oil based cleanser. A pinch of it will take out even your eye makeup. Then clean your face with wet face towel soaked in Luke warm water. Don’t forget these two steps if you want to enjoy beauty sleep.
  3. Keep hydrating mask at bedside – With prolonged camera facing, celebrity’s skin tend to look dehydrated and tired. Wise advice is that apply a hydrating mask over your moisturizer and this can be applied around your eyes. As it is mask it won’t dry up like a clay mask. Overnight it will hydrate your skin and boost it. In case you forget at night you can apply during morning time while you are performing your daily morning routines like brushing your teeth, managing your wardrobe or simply while selecting your attire. It will undoubtedly give you plumping effect.
  4. Lay a perfect background – You very well know that even a perfect artist cannot paint a dry and flaky canvas. For a perfect makeup focus on making the facial skin looks like a canvas so that makeup can enhance the beauty. Golden rule for this smoothness starts with exfoliation. Exfoliate the skin 3 times a week and apply heavier moisturizer this will protect your skin from getting drier. If your skin is sensitive then always try for gel based exfoliator. To further protect your skin from harmful effects of sunrays don’t forget wondrous sunscreen.
  5. Blemish solver -In case you get a blemish just before your party then try this out. Firstly clean your face properly and then apply home peel which will help in healing it and then apply blemish buster and then hide it with concealer. For your help here is a homemade blemish buster. You need 1 packet yeast, 1 fresh lemon juice and water. Add water to the yeast by adding water till it forms a paste. Add lemon juice to it and apply on your breakouts.
makeup of your eyes
makeup of your eyes

In any face its eyes which makes or spoils the entire look that is the reason why more focus is paid on these gateway to heart, a specially attention. Once a canvas is ready for painting you should start doing makeup of your eyes. Follow these tricks to create drastic changes in your eyes-

  • Don’t get carried away with bright makeups – You must have seen celebrities with bright eye makeup and for your eye makeup you should start with neutrals. Apply light base over your lids then apply black or brown eye liner with your color pencil.
  • Color of your eye -people with green or hazel eyes always go for purple eye shadows and liners. For green eye choose neutral shadows. Brown eyes can be easily made prominent by using any hue and brown and red undertones could be an excellent choice for darker eyes.
  • Puffy eyes – in sufficient sleep are what results in puffy eyes. Too effectively handle them put a moisturizer first and then apply concealer followed by the primer. Make sure you do not over do with this. If you are having a problem of dark circles then try Smokey eyes this will help make your eyes look more attractive and dark circles will become less noticeable.
  • Highlight outer parts – While targeting eye makeup you need to high light the outer area of eyes by putting lighter shades at the corner and dark shadow at the inner corner.
  • Importance of shimmer – shimmer brightens up your eyes and before applying it onto the lid don’t forget to put moisturizer.
  • Long lasting makeup – If you want your makeup to stay for longer time then you need to use primer all over your eye lid. Then apply powder, then eye shadow blend it and for lasting makeup applypowder again.
  • Curved lashes- With age, eye lashes become straight. You need an eye lash curler to help your eyes look attractive
Beauty makeup
Beauty makeup

Health plays a vital role in making anyone look beautiful. It’s the radiance of health and inner happiness which reflects at the face. A happy and healthy person is likely to look more beautiful as compared to other people. Healthy people can bring more happiness to their life along with happiness to their family. Make sure you avoid these blunders before your facials-

  • Avoid waxing 24 hours prior to facial – waxing lead to aggressive exfoliation and then facial on this skin is simply inviting troubles and pain.
  • Avoid spending time in the sun -Facials are good for overcoming sun damage. Let your skin rest for a day before going for a facial.
  • Avoid Botox – If you are undergoing Botox then you should avoid at least 48 hours prior to it as the freshly injected skin will definitely lead the injectable to go wrong area.
  • Big no to home repairs – Do not squeeze your pimples and blackheads before going for it will make your skin hyper active. Let the professional take care of it.
  • No exfoliation –As the outer layer of the skin is exfoliated it’s better to avoid facial and try to use gentle products prior to facial.
  • No eye lash extensions – Glue that is used for fixing eye lashes cannot be removed before 48 hours. So it’s better to avoid it.

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