What Happens At a Tour Around a Manson Family Vacation

What Happens At a Tour Around a Manson Family Vacation

Manson family vacation will bring people around many places where the Manson family lived and where their murders took place. You might not get easy access to all spots, though.

The stories surrounding notorious murderer Charles Manson and his followers are still intriguing to people more than forty years after that took place. In recent time the Duplass brothers made a film called Manson Family Vacation that was heralded for being an interesting look into the Manson family.

Manson family vacation

The film is a simple story about two brothers who travel out to the murder sites of the Manson family in Los Angeles. The movie is especially intriguing for how it delves into some of the modern-day dealings of the Manson family and the followers who still worship him.

Charles Manson is a very intriguing figure for his unusual behaviours and motivations. It is no surprise that many people who come to Los Angeles do like what Jay and Mark Duplass did recently when they went out to the area to shoot for their film at some of these locations.

But what are these locations all about? If you were to go on a tour around the Manson family sites then you would see some intriguing things. In fact, it might be more appealing to see what’s at these spots for yourself than to just leave it to a simple movie to see what is around.

An Intriguing Start

The start of a Manson vacation would entail a visit to the house of Dennis Wilson, one of the members of the Beach Boys. This is a place where Manson and a few of his family members lived for a few months after Wilson picked up a few of them as they were hitchhiking.

Important Murder Houses

Some tours will also include visits of 28 Clubhouse Avenue in Venice. This is where the family spent much of its time and where a potential witness in their case was once found dead.

A tour can head to Topanga State Park outside Los Angeles where the Hinman House is located. This is where music teacher Gary Hinman was murdered.

The Tate House

The most prominent part of a vacation tour would be a visit to the site of the Tate House. This is where actress Sharon Tate and her husband Roman Polanski lived. It was here on August 9, 1969, when she and four others, including an heiress to the Folgers coffee empire, were murdered. The house has since been demolished but a visit to the place where it once was will certainly be intriguing. This is especially placed where the Manson Family Vacation movie spent much of its shooting at.

One House Stands

The LaBianca House on Waverly Drive in Los Angeles still stands and is one site that the movie was shot around. This is where a couple of successful businesspeople were murdered a day after the Tate House murders.

What About Tours Outside the Area?

Some tours of the Manson family sites can take you well outside the Los Angeles area. You could head up to Death Valley National Park where the Barker Ranch was at. This is where many Manson family members were arrested at during a raid in October 1969.

You could also head to the town of Independence where the Inyo County Courthouse is. This is where Manson and his followers were indicted.

Don’t expect a tour of the Corcoran State Prison, though. Located in between Bakersfield and Fresno, this prison is where Manson is housed as well as many other high-profile inmates. Manson is actually off in a separate part of the prison that is far from many of the other inmates, a clear sign of how even to this day he is still unstable. This is a big part of why his murders and his followers create such an intrigue that moviemakers and the general public are still fascinated by.

A Quick Note

As appealing as a vacation around the Manson family sites might be, you must be advised that such a tour is not recommended for children. The experience may be far too disturbing and upsetting for them.

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