Marcus Berriman, you will be forever missed

We are utterly broken-hearted as we grieve with the family and friends of Marcus Berriman whose sudden passing has left a massive void in our lives.

Together with Miki Vialetto, Marcus was the mastermind behind the London Tattoo Convention. It is thanks to his passion, tenacity and incredible professionalism that a great dream became a reality. He was and always will be half of the soul of one of the most prestigious tattoo events in the world. A generous man, benevolent and wise, an irreplaceable friend, funny and sincere, a reliable and valuable partner, a far-sighted entrepreneur, a man of rare intelligence.

His love story with tattoo, which began thirty years ago, led to one success after another. Marcus discovered many talents, helped countless tattoo artists find the visibility they deserved, and celebrated this art through events, places and projects, always with boundless enthusiasm.

Anyone who ever met him has an indelible memory of his smile, his humour, his wise advice, the problems big and small that he was able to solve, and so many other things, which each of us carries in their heart. Marcus, you will be forever missed.

Marcus Berriman
Marcus Berriman

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