Marley Dance Floors VS Wooden Dance Floors

The type of wooden dance floor used for lessons and performances is an important feature that all teachers and students should be aware of. All types of dancers can take advantage of the wooden floors that pop up, because they have a certain degree of spring when a dancer jumps over them. There are two types of flooring today commonly used in dance studios and theaters and include the wooden dance floor and the Marley dance floor. They have distinct differences and each one may be more appropriate for some types of dance.

The Marley dance is made with durable and non-slip vinyl top layers. It can vary in thickness from about a quarter to two thirds of an inch. Marley floors can be rolled up and are therefore portable. The vinyl layer should be used over the top of a spring wooden dance. A Marley vinyl top can be a good choice for ballet dancers, jazz or modern styles.

A very high quality wooden dance should meet several criteria. The floor should consist of an upper layer preferably made of hard wood under which the floor is paved or which offers a slight bouncy quality when danced. Tap dance floors also need to be resonant, in order to get the best sounds from the floor and the touches on the shoes of the dancers. Each dance should be kept and kept in good shape, so that no cracks, nails, masking tape or adhesive are visible across the track surface. Dance floors can be polyurethane to protect the surface of the floor and normal street shoes should not be worn on a surface intended for dance, due to the amount of dirt found on the bottom of the street shoes, which can damage the floor surface.

The use of suitable flooring for the types of dance activities you carry out is very important for the physical health of the dancer. Repetitive stress injuries can occur when dancers repeatedly jump and pound their feet on a dance floor if that floor is not built to give some pressure, as it is designed to make a sprung floor. Over time, the spine and joints can be affected and these types of injuries can go unnoticed until they become important. It is wiser to use the appropriate dance floor for the type of dance you want to do, and the Marley dance floors used with the wooden dance floor are able to offer the perfect flexible combination.


by Wayne Hemrick

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