Massage to Solve Your Lower Back Pain

Why You May Be Getting the Wrong Kind of Massage to Solve Your Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain

Do you find tightness and tension in your lower back to be a constant problem, or one that pops up intermittently when you walk a long way or spend a lot of time on your feet? If so, you may well think that massage is the answer, and book yourself in for a professional massage or set up a massage table at home and get a kind friend or partner to work on your problem areas. However, usually when people are experiencing lower back pain, they request for the massage to concentrate on that area, and this is not in fact the best way to treat the problem. Here we take a look at how lower back pain can commonly be caused by problem tension points in the calf muscles, and why you should consider a leg massage as an approach to resolving your pain.

Why Does Tension in the Calf Muscles Cause Lower Back Pain?

The back is a complicated area, and the muscles can be affected in unexpected ways by things like posture and poor core strength. When tension is experienced in two key pressure points in a muscle called the soleus in the calf, it can cause tension in a small lower back muscle called the piriformis. This in turn irritates the sciatic nerve, causing moderate or even acute lower back pain, which can be quite persistent and resistant to getting better through direct massage to the area, or other things like heat treatment.

Why Does Calf Tension Occur?

The calf muscles usually begin to experience these problems when people spend a lot of time sitting down. This does not mean it only affects those with a sedentary lifestyle, however – if you are an active person but spend several hours a day sitting at a desk at work, you may still experience this, even if you take good care of your fitness and have a healthy diet and no other postural or weight issues.

How to Treat Lower Back Pain Caused By Tension in the Lower Leg

These problems are actually fairly easy to treat using just stretches and massage. Stretching the soleus can help, and this can be done simply by pulling your toes up towards your body, as you might do to remedy a leg cramp while you are playing a sport. When it comes to massage, you can either get a home massage table such as the ones from and have either a professional masseuse or a friend focus on the calf area, or you can attempt to massage it yourself. This is much easier to do on the calf than on the lower back, and so you don’t need to be a contortionist to work on the area without anyone’s help!

You may find as you start to get massages in the calf area that the massage itself can be very painful, if there is a lot of tension. Start gently and this will soon break down, and you will be able to massage the calf sufficiently to alleviate the back pain.

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