Top Benefits of Massage Therapy: Prompt and correct info

Top Benefits of Massage Therapy: Prompt and correct info

Massage Therapy: You know that post-massage feeling. Your mind is clear as well as your body is relaxed. Regular massage can do so much more, although an occasional massage leaves you feeling great. Builds on itself, helping your body maintain your muscles as well as its relaxed state to remain loose during times of mental and physical stress.

Massage Therapy
Let’s Talk About Stress Relief

Who does not want to reduce the stress in their life? Even one massage session was shown to lower heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels.

How often and how long are you able to disconnect from life? Massage has have been proven to help the body enter a relaxing rest and recovery mode – an effect that lingers long following the massage is over.

Massage helps reinforce natural and healthy movements, which can get back your posture on track.

One of the telltale signs of stress and anxiety is constricted breathing. Massage can play an important role in training the body the best way to relax and relieving respiratory issues.

Making Muscles Learn the Best Way To Melt

Got back, neck or muscle pain? Odds are, sitting all day in the office is the culprit.

The pressure helps move blood through congested areas. This causes old blood and new blood to flow in to flow out, resulting in improved body function.

Joints tend to tighten, making a range of motion restricted as we age. Massage helps keep joints fluid, making you less susceptible to injury and more flexible.

Get Cleared of the Headache ofHeadaches

45 million Americans suffer from migraines and chronic headaches. Massage can help ease pain and the pressure, which might reduce the frequency and the chance of headaches.

There are misconceptions about high blood pressure than any other medical condition. But massage therapy is one of the few ways that are effective that’s been discovered to stave off high blood pressure

Massage therapy is a popular tool for relaxation and sports therapy. Twenty years ago, only celebrities and rich people booked massages in luxury spas and hotels. Today, the benefits of massage therapy are widely recognized. It is easy to book a massage at your local gym, health spa, or vacation hotel. In fact, there are so many benefits, it would be crazy not to!

Here are the top benefits of massage therapy, so if you are suffering from aches, pains, and stress, book your massage now.

Massage Therapy

Sports Massage

Sportsmen and women have frequent massages to boost their performance and minimize the effects of an injury. A sports massage can be painful, but it is essential for loosening up tight muscles and ligaments. Massage therapy can also help to ease muscle pain after an intensive workout, so book a massage after a long run or extreme sports event. Your body will thank you!

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Anxiety and Depression

Skin to skin contact is very important for our health and emotional wellbeing. If you are not in a close, loving relationship, there are very few opportunities for close human contact, which can lead to depression and anxiety issues. A soothing massage from a trained, professional therapist isn’t the same as a loving touch from a partner, but it will aid relaxation and reduce your stress levels.

Stress Relief

Speaking of stress, massage therapy is an important treatment for stress. There are different types of massage therapy, but if you are suffering from the effects of stress, book an aromatherapy massage. DoTERRA products include a range of essential oils, which are ideal for aromatherapy massage treatments. With a bit of practice and a few YouTube videos to guide you, it should be easy to persuade your partner to partake in a mutual massage session.

Massage Therapy


Do you suffer from debilitating headaches? If so, massage therapy could be just what you need. Research carried out by experts in Spain found that even just one massage session was enough to sooth the pain of a tension headache. Many people take pain relief pills to cure their headaches, but long-term use of analgesics is not recommended and can even contribute to cluster headaches and migraines. Natural massage therapy once a week could be the breakthrough you are looking for.

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Help You Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Or do you fall to sleep fairly easily, only to wake up after a few hours, unable fall back to sleep again?

Massage therapy is a well-recognized cure for insomnia. Many patients who have struggled for years with insomnia find massage therapy helps them to sleep better. Massage promotes relaxation and soothes stress, so it is only natural that patients sleep better after a session on the massage table.

If you have a baby who struggles to sleep, try giving them a gentle massage using warm oil. Massage therapy is well-known to help babies suffering from colic. They cry less and sleep better after a gentle massage.

Massage therapy can also boost your immune system and improve your posture.

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