Maybe The Weirdest, Most FLATTERING Halloween Tip EVER?

Let’s Face It: Halloween costumes may be on the Year, more revealing side.

I mean have you seen the costumes lately? They show some serious skin.

On that note, I’m going to acquaint you with one of my best-kept Halloween mysteries:

Hooter Tights |  By Skinny Confidential
Hooter Tights | By Skinny Confidential


First of all, this post is not sponsored by Hooters. The truth is, I have been shaking hooter tights since 9th grade. As the story goes, I was eating spicy chicken wings on Hooters with my ex-boyfriend, literally drooling over all the attractive Hooters girls. To be real though, I was also acting on their legs and ass … because their bodies looked so good. And people, it’s pre-Instagram filters, spanx, and juice cleaning. So after a thorough examination of their outfits, I realized that they were all wearing nude tights.


Let’s pretend for a moment that we are the CEO of Hooters, mkkkay? What is one of the most important things in our business? I would say what girls look like. And as business owners, we are obviously going to find the most flattering organizations on the market. An outfit that will make everyone feel as hot as possible. Tights are also included in that course. And these tights need to hold the girls as they wear a bathing suit everyday to work practically. They must be correct.

So as the CEO of Hooters we are going to supply The Best of the Best, the most flattering tights. Finally, people arrive at the hooter to drop the girls (and all the men, in defense of the chicken wings) are doing Bomb too).


Back to eating my wings many years ago. I had serious Light Bulb Moment: What are these tights that these girls find SO amazing. And I think I was ready to get my hands on this exciting tease.

I like it.

I wanted to make my legs and ass look like Hooters Girl.

9th grade goles, you know?

Hooter Tights | By Skinny Confidential

{ Playing with tights on my head, ha! }

For the record, I didn’t really like wearing bathing suits for high school … but for Halloween, I certainly did.

To be real, when I was in 9th grade, the subject was better like Sluttier (thanks God the times have changed. Paris Hilton needs to pass the ‘One Night in Paris’ moment).

Coincidentally, that year I was going to be one slutty Sexy angel.

So as you can see, it was really necessary to get my hands on these magical hooter tights.

My first plan of action was to ask the grand waitress where to buy the tights …, which in all honesty, acted strangely. It was almost as if he did not answer my question about tights. He used to play dumb. So I asked another Hooters girl and I had the same reaction – a strange blank stare. Originally these girls did not want to tell me where they found their snug, flattering tights.

Now if you know me, What i think you guys do, You know I like to share tips, tricks with other women. And in 9th grade, I was the same way. I was not one of those girls who pretended that they forgot where their jeans are from. Like, we all know You know Where you bought your amazing shirt. just let us know. If it’s forever, please share.

However, in reality, there are enough hooter tights for everyone, ladies!

Once I realized that both of these waitresses are not really going to tell me that to find these magical nude tights, I made a plan. Because anyone who knows me well knows that once I have an idea in my mind, I will not stop until it ends.

Hence DUH, the next day I fired myself from another hooter for 35 minutes to get some tights for my sexy angel dress. I really just couldn’t get those hooter tights out of my head. Does anyone blame me after coming to this revelation?

Thankfully the girl in front sold me a pair that she had. YESSSSSS. He was really good as shit. To this day, I still remember his chill vibe.

Okay, so I got the tights, wore them to a San Diego State (OMG, frat boy city) party for Halloween, got lots of compliments on my legs and ass (thanks Hooters!), And felt tight / bent / etc. . Imagine me flailing around as a slut angel in my fabulous naked tights, proud of my Hooters mission … memories, ha!

Hooter Tights 4 | By Skinny Confidential

Unfortunately, I can’t make it. All of the above actually happened and to this day, I like Hooter Tights if I’m revealing a Halloween costume. The legs pictured are without legs, but I really love them with legs too (it just depends on what you’re wearing). Try to swim your boat whatever.

It is included in these trunks too much. Similar to SPANX X 237239482 and they cost $ 2.95.

And yes, I did research on how to find genuine hooter tights for you guys.

Here’s the online description for these tights: “The Original” Tamara Calendar Girl with Pantyhose Feet (before Tamara Hosiery innovated the first Footless Hooters Girl Pantyhose) Designed to have perfect looking legs. No panty line, close to the waist. Silky smooth and soft. Very comfortable to wear. Designed with additional support. New run resistant stitching technology adds strength and durability, greatly reducing wear and tear. 40 denier, 14% spandex. Highest quality pantyhose. “

Hooter’s CEO must have been a genuinely talented person, right?

I think this tip is so random but so perfect for Halloween. Overall, this is a very skinny secretive-esque tip that will give your body big time!

Also love these SpanX tights, if you can’t find the Hooters version.

Do you guys have any such random, surprising, weird suggestions? Share the wealth, don’t be like hooter hoarders who won’t share tights. laugh loudly.

Chat soon, Lauryn

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