Meditation for beginners

Meditation for beginners:  You will often encounter two types of people. Those who praise meditation for its holistic effects on the practitioner’s mind and body and those who say that it’s nothing but propaganda. Those who reject meditation are amateurs who failed at understanding the very basics of meditation and hence saw no positive outcomes by practicing it.

Meditation for beginners
Meditation for beginners

There are lots of advantages to knowing how to meditate for beginners, such as learning how to keep focused attention on one object. In this article, we will help you to get started by preparing you for your first session.

  • Prepare your mind and body for meditation:

Meditation in the simplest of the terms is the realisation of mind. You need to have an alert mind to do meditation effectively. A lot of things can affect the level of alertness. For example, alcohol has a very negative impact on the brain cells, and thus it directly reduces the sharpness. You indeed can’t meditate in a hangover.

Another bad habit that hurts the alertness of mind is smoking. Smoking has a mild but continuous impact on the brain. It also affects your breathing pattern. Please understand that you can’t meditate appropriately if your breathing pattern is not healthy.

  • Commit:

Don’t expect outcomes overnight. It takes time to train your mind. You must commit yourself to do this every day. The best time to do meditation is in the morning.

Some experts on the subject of meditation believe that one should meditate on an empty stomach. Because you won’t have any food in your belly in the morning, digestion will not distract you while meditating.

  • Behave as an open system:

Some people tend to close their minds as they meditate. Remember, meditation is the technique of controlling one’s mind by letting it free. Don’t restrict yourself, let your thoughts fly and don’t try to control the pattern. Think of yourself as an open system that can give as well as receive energy. This way your mind will absorb the positivity from the surroundings while releasing any negativity in your mind.

  • Meditate in a group:

Beginners often find it difficult to meditate alone. Try to meditate in a group. You will notice that it’s much easier to follow the instructions when you are in a group. If you are finding it too difficult to do it yourself, then feel free to get some guidance from a professional. You can also subscribe to some online meditation course that provides step by step instructions.

Meditation beginners
Meditation beginners
  • Don’t be restrictive:

Meditation is not just a part of life; it is also a way of life. Many great people have said it time and again that whenever they feel distracted, they meditate to clear up their minds. Similarly, you can meditate at any time of the day. Whether its day or night, morning or evening, if you think you have time to meditate then do it without giving it a second thought. As you do it on a regular basis, you will find that it has become a way of life without much of an effort on your conscious mind.

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