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Mehandi designs weddings at a glance

Mehandi designs weddings: Henna or popularly known as Mehndi.  It’s a small shrub with fragrant flowers and is used to make perfumes. Also, dried leaves help to dye clothes and hair as well. It heals and rejuvenates the skin. Love for Mehndi is eternal, its divine fragrance adds to the beauty of Mehndi.

Mehandi designs for weddings
Mehandi designs for weddings

Importance of Mehndi

An age-old custom of Indian origin, it is regarded as very auspicious on occasions such as festivals and weddings.  As the wedding season approaches, it’s fun and galore all through. The Mehndi ceremony marks the beginning. It begins a day or two prior to the wedding.  Beautiful bride gets her hands and feet adorned by Mehndi. The groom also does start a bit done as it is thought to be a good omen and a sign of good luck. The darker the Mehndi deeper will be the relationship between the groom and the family. This is a popular belief.

Mehandi hand and palm designs for palm video

Mehandi designs weddings
Mehandi designs weddings

What are the basic elements of your Henna Paste

100g Artistic Organic Henna powder

10z  Cajeput essential oil

1.35 cups of lemon juice

How does Henna work

It dyes the upper layer of the skin. It should stay moist and in contact with the skin for a while. High temperature also helps in progressing to the mehndi darker and richer in colour.

Different styles of Mehndi

As we talk of Mehndi, there are different styles you can opt for. Pakistani Mehndi, Indo Arabic Mehndi, Mughlai Mehndi, Glitter Mehndi, Multicolored Mehndi etc. Every style is unique in its own way.

Indian style has flowers, Peacocks and different curls and curves which help to make beautiful breathtaking designs.

Arabic style designs are very popular these days. They are dense designs and generally depict flowers and leaves beautifully shaded and therefore are examples of supreme creativity.

Mehandi designs weddings
Mehandi designs weddings

Indo-Arabic,  a swell blend of styles that leave you happy with peacocks and leaves and vines. Nature is beautiful and so is this style of Mehndi.

Pakistani designs are intricate and give a fuller look. A Little leftover space is seen. They are time taking and so you have to keep your patience, and the result is stunning.

The glitter and color Mehndi is yet another funky style that adds a little more to the otherwise plain Mehndi. The younger generation prefers these as it appends to the glamour element.

Now comes the Bridal Mehndi

These are special designs for brides. A bride needs to stand out in the crowd. But imagine how plain and dull would a wedding ceremony look without our Mehndi tradition? It sets a very auspicious beginning to any marriage. Mehndi on a bride’s hand is done right up to the upper arms and the same goes for the legs. Mehndi scientifically proves to be a cooling sensation which supposedly aids in keeping nervousness of the bride at bay.

Mehandi designs weddings
Mehandi designs weddings

The art of applying Mehndi has really caught up with the times. It’s managed by professionals who are thoroughly educated in the different styles of Mehndi art.

The Paisley print, for instance, it highlights the symmetry between designs on both palms. The design concentrates on the wrist and central part of the back of your palm.

Floral designs are apt to match any bridal attire. They look fabulous and enhance the beauty of the bride’s hands and feet.

Royal architecture is yet another beautiful style which depicts the Mughal construction patterns, showing domes and pillars with a good combination of floral and vine designs

Bridal floral peacock Mehndi

Bridal floral peacock Mehndi, floral ticker style, joint hands Mehndi, shaded bridal Mehndi are few of the styles one can pick from. A combination of styles is also a good option. The specific theme related option also is there.It depends on the choice of the bride or anyone who is looking for beautiful Mehndi.

The minimalistic engagement strand is a typically floral and paisley style backhand strand which is worn during engagement ceremonies. It’s a neat and simple Mehndi design but beautifully done.

Mehandi designs weddings
Mehandi designs weddings

All glitters and stones are a new concept. The designs are made simpler and highlighted with the glitter of your choice.

Contemporary patterns are comfortable to create because the lines are thicker. They are simple and avoid cluttering. Thus design gets properly highlighted.

Professional help does it all. These days the Tikka Mehndi designs have become very eye-catching. In this style, the back of the hand looks fabulous due to its uniqueness.

Bridal black flower Mehndi design

Bridal black flower Mehndi design is yet another henna style that does not dry up like the usual Mehndi and sticks around longer as well

Flower and carries bridal henna is a creative and beautiful way. Brides are thrilled to have henna beautifully done on their hands as they wish to look the best on their special day. Feet also look gorgeous when done up with stunning designs. Some designs complement well with all kinds of footwear.

Mesmerizing Mehndi designs are seen these days. They are minimal as well as complex in nature, with traditional inspirations. They are easy to make and each one seems so unique and special. An exceptional blend of innovative and contemporary styles is doing wonders in the field of Mehndi art.

Children can have designed according to their little hands. A style called stars all long is apt for them.


Browse the portfolios well and book them early. Show the Mehndi artist what you are looking for. Compare the pricing works as you do have a budget in mind.

A true professional artist makes his own fresh paste and does not use ready prepared stuff, as the life of henna is short. The cone available in stores are not his choice. Also, confirm aftercare of Mehndi as it would help you get better results.

If you really want to stand apart from the crowd, try the beautiful white henna designs on your d day and be a trendsetter. They look awesome and can be done on any part of your body. Get them done on your shoulder if it’s an off-shoulder dress you are to put on. Surprise yourself and your people with your gorgeous looks.

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