Mehndi Designs 2020 – Latest new henna designs collection

Mehndi Designs 2020- Arabic Mehendi Design: A modern mehndi uses a lighter colour to form a subtle pattern. The fabric is heavy enough to provide a heavy appearance that the designer called a mehndi belt. The design can be as simple as a simple pattern or as elaborate as a beautiful floral design that could tie all the pieces together.

In this form of mehndi, a traditional fabric is often used that is wider and lusher. The most dramatic design is the mehndi top, which, when worn with an Islamic robe, transforms the entire outfit into a traditional dress. The light fabric on the front usually changes color with the background of the top.

Mehndi Designs 2020 – Latest new henna designs collection


Arabic Mehendi Design

The mehndi pattern consists of alternating black and white. At the centre, the pattern forms a square shape, a technique that is often used in Kashmiri style leatherwear. The frills around the waist are quite wide, making it look like the pattern is more complete than it really is. This form of asymmetry has been copied and replicated many times throughout the Middle East. Most designs of this type have three or four variations, some having patterns that can be adjusted to appear as though they are asymmetrical.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs comes in a range of different shapes and colors, which means that the right combination can make for a truly original look. There are very few places where Mehndi designs of this nature are considered to be exotic, or even beautiful.

While some designs that are of this type may not seem very much on the surface, they have an undeniable beauty about them that makes them worth taking time to look at them and realize what they really are. The intricate designs of Mehndi’s work are perfect for those who want to add some color to their closet. Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs can really be made to look grand by carefully matching the colors and shapes of the designs.

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The unmissable trail

Even though it is dominated by paisleys, this stunning and unique design has beautiful circular patterns. The unique trail will emerge from the pinky finger.

Multiple chakras

Create up of two things as major elements. One is multiple chakras of uniform size and the other one is the striped patterns. The combination of both gives this design an unusual look.

Space design

This design is unique because of the concept used in constructing this design.

The leaves design

Comprising of leaf patterns along with some bold lines or patterns, this design has the dainty leaf trails drawn differently.

Flower power

Dominated by the flower patterns, especially a rose motif drawn. As if it was connected at the intersection of a dotted grid along with dual floral trails. Emerging from pinky fingers makes up this design.

Adjoined paisley patterns

This design is simple, comprising of paisley patterns along with spaces which makes it easier to draw. Hence for small occasions, this is the best choice of design to get etched on your hands.

All decked-up design

This covers the entire hand and extends till forearm. This design is loaded with several elements that add beauty to it such as lotus motifs, diagonal flow, mosques inspired window frames and grids.

Ring style design

The fingers are left simple and on the other hand, this design consists of fairy light patterns consisting of a bunch of flowers making it look creative and attractive.

Heavy simple design

This is the latest of the simple design which is a mixture of Arabic and Mughlai style designs.

Perfectionist’s easy design

The design speaks for itself with an amazing design that steals your heart for sure. The pattern is spread like a curve on the backhand.

The crowning moment

With its exceptional detailing and the perfect design that resembles a crown, the crowning moment design gives a royal look to the women having it.

Floral bootis

When adjoined together elegantly, the floral bootis look wonderful on your hand. T

Two motifs easy design

The design is making with a peacock motif along with round flowers. It starts from the index finger and extends till the wrist. This design can be applied on the palm and also on the feet.

Turkish inspired design

Turkish inspired checks are seen pattering along with Arabic motifs. This design has its significance as it consists of all types of patterns and motifs that are an essential part of seven cultures. A rose at the end of the design gives fine finishing touch to this brilliant looking design.

Traditional easy flower design

It is a very simple yet traditional look design that has a big flower on the back of the palm which is the major attraction of this design.

Bespoke intricacy design

It is a breathtakingly beautiful design with a unique design consisting of multiple patterns and motifs.

Multi stranded design

A multi-stranded trail emerging from thumb and index finger with the combination of dotted patterns on all fingers that is finally connected to wrist band with broad henna makes it look beautiful and stunning.

Jaal of spring design

Its extraordinary design covers the feet and the ankles and this design resembles a transparent net of flowers connected with thin lines on the feet. As we go upward that’s when u are mesmerized with the beauty of this design that is a combination of various patterns connected or placed appealingly and gorgeously.

Graceful Payal design

Without much effort, the henna design looks so beautiful and exquisite with the Arabian roots reaching over the legs of the beautiful bride. The scattered design and the pages make it look more stunning.

Checkered beauty

Sometimes even the spaces can also make the design look beautiful when left in a right way in the right proportions with the perfect pattern. This design is just an example of such type of design which is easy to draw as well as the best one to choose. The rhombus-shaped patters holding thin and parallel stripes are the main highlight of this design.

Geometric Euphoria

As the name itself defines the design, it is a combination of various geometric shapes that are with of course fillers as suitable motifs. A semicircle at the top of the design with smaller semi-circles around along with patterns as fillings gives this design a royal look.

Fluttering Peacocks

This design is an absolute masterpiece and anyone who witnesses this design would never disagree with that point.

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