Meow! Let it Snow with a Snowmobile this Holiday Season

Meow! Let it Snow with a Snowmobile this Holiday Season


Sledding and snowmobiling is a beloved winter activity on winter vacations for many—but not if you have the wrong equipment. You’ll find snowmobile trails around the US and Canada, with each state/province requiring different licenses, rules and regulations (so make sure to check that out first). If it’s your first time snowmobiling, research a nearby trail head, tow your snowmobile there and start exploring the wonders of winter from a brand new perspective.

Prefer some guidance for your first trip, especially if you’re new to the area? Connect with one of the 3,000+ snowmobile clubs in the US. New members are always welcome and you’ll find them in any area where snow trails and winter riding reins supreme. Join a club, check out one of their functions and make friends, which is tough to do as an adult according to The Huffington Post, while you hone your snowmobile prowess. These pros can also help you ensure you have the right equipment (like windshields and fog lights) to optimize your ride.

Getting Started

Regardless of where you live or ride, you’ll need a license or permit as well as a registered snowmobile. Get licensing information from your state snowmobile association or natural re office. While not always required, it’s highly recommended that all riders take a safety class. Taking a safety class before shopping for a snowmobile can help you shop with confidence. Just like any other piece of hardware, having the right protection in place is crucial; after all, you wouldn’t  go without data protection for your business website.

There are numerous types of snowmobiles offered by manufacturers: Entry-level, performance,

touring, mountain, utility and crossover. Of course, for a newbie an entry-level ride is perfect. If you’re gearing up to compete and have some experience riding, you might want to upgrade to performance. Longer rides are best enjoyed with a touring snowmobile, while of course mountain climbers need something with more grip and ruggedness.

Work or Play?

It can’t all be fun and games in the winter, and many business owners equip their workers with
utility or crossover snowmobiles to keep tackling the winter terrain. From landscapers to construction crews, maneuvering in the winter takes special tools if you’re going to maintain cat-like prowess. Plus, if you plan to stay tuned in to your tech gadgets while on a snowy prowl as Fox News thinks most Americans will, you need to kit yourself out with the tools to optimize your time.

No matter which snowmobile you choose, do your research, stick with a reputable manufacturer and don’t forget to kit it out properly. Now that’s how you make the most of the winter months, and enjoy keeping a healthier lifestyle to boot. Snowmobiling is actually a fantastic workout, with recent studies comparing is to an intense elliptical or spin class session. However, when it doesn’t feel like a workout, you’ll be more inclined to pick up the hobby.

Rules for Getting Started

Many of these tips will be reinforced during a safety class, but they bear repeating before you pack up for a weekend of trail riding. Imbibing and riding often go hand in hand, but remember that riding inebriated is just as dangerous as drunk driving (so save the celebrations for after the ride). Never ride alone, and make sure you have an emergency kit packed on each snowmobile just in case. Finally, have a professional check your ride and all equipment each season.

It’s safety first, of course, especially if you’re new to the sport or teaching a newbie. Stick with the best practices, and you’ll enjoy many years of a winter wonderland from a “fresh as powder” perspective.

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