Best Methods To Tether Mobile Data To Computers

Best Methods To Tether Mobile Data To Computers

Tether Mobile Data It is a most important thing for the users of laptop to always carry a data card with them wherever they go to make sure that they are connecting to internet wherever they are. It is very easy for business people to invest money in the data card and pay for its services whenever they want.

It is not feasible for most of the common users to spend more amount of money in data card as they hardly find it difficult to use it in common times and to spend more money in buying the data plans.

Tether Mobile Data

S.No Types of Tethering Explanation
1 USB Tethering The most secured and fastest method of sharing data between two device with wired connection
2 Bluetooth Tethering Unlike, USB Bluetooth tethering is fairly secured and it consumes power from smart phones while transferring data
3 Wi-Fi Tethering Similar to Bluetooth tethering but it transfers must faster and to multiple device at the same time.

Connect your mobile with computer

In the recent days, one new option has been exploited a lot by most of the mobile users to connect computer and laptop. They are using the same mobile data that they are receiving at the end of their mobile with that of their personal computer or laptop. The option that is being exploited here is called as tethering. Even when tethering is more popular from the day android phones are available, they became most popular only in the recent days mainly because of the following important reasons.

  • The speed of mobile devices and network has gone to several folds higher in the recent days since 4G and LTE devices have capability to deliver high speeds that are comparable and sometimes even higher than the existing infrastructure in most of the places
  • As people are just carrying only their mobile phones and their computer to places wherever they are moving, it is not a hard thing for people to carry any additional device to connect internet with their laptop or personal computer
  • Most of the existing android phones now support the option of tethering, with which it is now very easy for people to share their mobile data through wired or wireless mode and make sure that they are getting enough speed that they want

The inbuilt option in the android based phones for tethering may seem to work fine for most of the people. But only some people can really find out that there will be some loss in the mobile data that is being shared. Besides this, it will also be inconvenient for people at some point of time to tether their phone to their computer and laptop and get high speed internet connectivity.

Aid of some third party software is essential to make sure that people can get best internet speed within their range. Some of the popular apps for tethering is listed below

  1. PdaNet:

It is one of the most popular software that came up in its range. It is one of the best options for people to tether without any necessity to root the phone. Since the phone’s security is not being compromised at any point of time while using PdaNet, many people begun to use this app and check how well they can tether their phone and get maximum speed from their existing mobile data plan when they are using it for browsing and downloading from their laptop.

  1. ClockworkMod:

It is an app that is developed and released by independent android developer in motive to deliver high speed tethering. The thing that people need to keep in mind while they plan to use ClockworkMod for tethering is that they have to root their android phone since it works only for the rooted phones. However, when people start to use this app for tethering, they will experience the real power of their mobile data. There are many ways ClockworkMod is being improved in the recent days.

  1. WiFi Tether:

It is one of the coolest apps that will convert the available mobile data into wifi. Android end device will be converted into a hotspot where the incoming mobile data will be shared in the form of wifi like the wifi router does every time. It is just a kind of repeater for the mobile data. It is very easy to manage security with the help of WiFi Tether and there are also options to allow or deny users with the help of this simple and powerful app.

  1. FoxFi:

To go a little bit further with the option of sharing mobile data through wifi, FoxFi will be much more helpful. Rather than just connecting for wifi to computer, this FoxFi will allow mobile users and other wifi terminals to make use of the data that is available from the android phones. Also, it is very easy to connect gaming terminals with the help of FoxFi. It is also possible to tether FoxFi through Bluetooth also in case when users are not able to share mobile data through wifi.

  1. EasyTether app:

To take the level of connectivity to the next stage, EasyTether app is the most useful and the reliable app. With the help of EasyTether app, it is now very easy to connect android phones to laptop or computer within a short span of time. As soon as user connects data cable to android phone and computer, it will automatically enables pop up which will install necessary packages and also automatically changes system settings to experience high speed internet from mobile data.

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