Mobile business trends in India

Mobile business trends in India what is the scope for future business? Including service provider and their auction conducted by government

Mobile Business

Technology and new innovations has made our life easier and comfortable. Soon the world would be globalised with more people adding to already existing users of smart phones and gadgets. Mobility has become part and parcel of our life. Most of our activities are done while we are in motion such as listening songs, drive through, pack and move, chatting and watts app messages. We all perform numerous functions while we are walking.

This mobility is virtue of today’s high defined technology. More and more facilities are being attached to this small device which has become integral part of our life commonly known as mobile phones. After marking success in various fields, now this mobile is targeting business trends which are going to be hot in coming years. With its entry in business the entire concept will transform into E- commerce where businesses will run with the help of these mobiles.

Mobile BusinessBy this time you must be aware of E-wallet which allows you to keep money in your account and this can be used in making various payments for shopping, buying travelling tickets and other monetary transections. With globe aiming at digitalization will definitely make way for business trends in India. No wonder this field holds promising future for the business man and for consumers as well.  Following are the top 10 business trends which will undoubtedly rock the world and let the people enjoy it’s roller coaster rides.

  • Well defined pathway for M-commerce- M-commerce holds bright future in coming years and apps will soon rock the world. Apps which are regarded as the life-line of the business will very soon remove desktop and mobile browsers. This is going to rise by 65%. Though there is a necessity of redesigning shopping apps while keeping those users in mind who have never come acquainted with the bigger screen. Moreover, there are many apps which are not able to use the actual power of mobility which includes, messaging, camera, behavior, locations and context. In the coming business trends, we may see these facilities towards improvement of mobiles which are specially designed with mobility shopping experience.
  • Associative program for mobile commerce will come to light- there are many associative programs which played vital role in extracting about 30 % orders for E- commerce players. Maximum apps are failed to provide associative track with the use of different links. All the giant business traders will make sure that associative links are successfully loaded in the app for faster and better results in business trends. This holds hopeful business trends in upcoming years.
  • Remarketing in mobile apps will soon grab importance- there is a limitation of the app installation, there is no place for successive repeated orders, attracting buyers, engagements this will be targeted. Plot is laid down for these offers and ad-networks will become user-friendly making mobile remarketing equally vital in the same way as we see our desktop.
  • Indian apps will cross the benchmark of 50-100mn users- Presently there is no Indian app which has crossed this level of users. In the coming years there would be at least 5 Indian apps which will go across this line of users by the end of this year.
  • Installation of app will be an expensive affair-.It is expected that app installation will become expensive transversely all networks. Though there is lots of competition amongst the traders, basically it’s targeting quality users which can easily accept these costs. With mobile games grabbing popularity massive players will love to play installed games which have upraise the number of smartphone users which is increasing every day.
  • Delivery service charges will soon be a reality in play store-It’s not applicable now but it’s expected to be started in this yea. This will make way for new chapter transactions.
  • Messaging and chat apps will soon enter into business field.-Massaging and chat apps are widely used across the globe and more and more people are getting addicted to this stay-in-touch concept. Soon these apps may open pathways for subscriptions, recharges, shopping and payments through their gateways.
  • Apps will unlock their hidden features- Some of the apps have already started offering their features to the users, like pay time wallet app and Gaana app has already grabbed millions download. Following this business track there is quite possibility that Indian Apps may soon release few useful features for user’s display.
  • The facility of offering back 2 back solutions will soon make way to globe- There are many Indian Starts up who are successfully solving problems pertaining to marketing automation, testing and engagements etc. some out of them have already started helping global commuters and it is expected that soon it will rise and get funded globally.
  • Search facility in mobile will develop more apps- It is predicted that soon mobile search will soon be dominated by the indexed apps. Google will soon add foothold in mobile hunts. Various startups have already started working on it and this may offer interesting models of smartphones.

In short, we are heading into new revolution era where we will meet with some extraordinary opportunities and challenges and massive rewards for inspiring Indian enterprises. In this mobile-driven world where more users are adding daily to already millions users has created a vast promising future for mobile business in the subsequent years.

Mobile BusinessWe are connected to this gadget starting from homes to our workplace. More smartphones are making way to the market and needless to say, they are offering more and enhanced features to facilitate the users. The only requirement of the smart user is of faster and secured network connection and various companies have clubbed together to help with this matter. The day is not far which will provide excellent connectivity to the users in urban states as well.

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