Modsy Interior Design Review – The Pros, Cons, and Cost of Modsy

Modsy Interior Design Review – The Pros, Cons, and Cost of Modsy

Chances are you are at a loss to find out how to do it Decorate one of your rooms or imagine your entire home from scratch. If you are unable to hire a professional to do the job personally, you can use an online interior design service such as: Modsycould be the right way.

Modsy Interior Design Review
Modsy Interior Design Review

How Modsy Works:

The main selling point of Modsy is that it offers realistic 3D renderings that let you imagine a redesigned look with shopable furniture and home accessories. To get started, upload photos and measurements of your room. You will then complete Modsy’s Style Quiz to share details about your aesthetics, existing furniture and budget. Based on your answers, the Modsy designers provide you with two 3D design concepts for your room.

In addition to the proposed layouts, the 3D renderings contain recommendations for furniture and accessories from top retailers. Once you have reviewed the designs, you can notify the Modsy designer of any changes you want, or edit them yourself using the platform’s 3D style editor. To complete the project, you can shop directly within the design plans of over 100 retailers including Crate & Barrel, Wayfair, Interior Define and Joybird.

How much does Modsy cost?

Prices start at $ 89 per room for the Classic package, which includes a 3D rendering of your room, two initial design concepts, and instructions for two revised plans. The highest-quality package called Luxe offers everything from access to a first-class designer by phone, email or text to color and window treatment suggestions. (View other Modsy packages Here.)

Modsy customer reviews:

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab invited real Modsy users to share their experience of the service, the challenges, and whether they would use it again. Here is the feedback they gave:


  • “The technical aspect was very cool. I liked seeing a scale floorplan so I know how it all fits.”
  • … Modsy offers free shipping when you order through it, which is ultimately cheaper than buying directly from the retailer’s website. You also always apply any current discounts on the main merchant’s website to your Modsy order before charging your credit card. “
  • “It gives you the opportunity to see a finished room before you start buying products.”
  • “Submitting the design was pretty easy. You need a lot of photos to build the room, so I had to go back to visit the apartment since I hadn’t moved in yet, but the style quiz and project creation were pretty quick Based on the package I selected, I received my first drafts within a few days. “
  • The 3D renderings were pretty impressive and the ability to play around with the room yourself. Since I haven’t lived in the apartment yet, it was nice to see how it could look furnished. ”


    < media="(min-width: 61.25rem)" data-="" />< media="(min-width: 48rem)" data-="" />< media="(min-width: 30rem)" data-="" />Kindergarten from Modsy

    A kindergarten designed by Modsy.Courtesy of Modsy


  • “I didn’t think the designs fit my style as well as I would have liked, and they didn’t stick to my budget. I also didn’t like how I couldn’t just communicate with the designer.”
  • “Some restrictions on which items / retailers you can include in your designs.”
  • “I was largely unhappy with the selected furniture. I had told the designer that it was okay to stretch the budget slightly, but the selected items were all well above my budget. During a redesign, I specifically asked that they be Chest of drawers inside leaves budget, and while she was doing it, it was a tiny chest of drawers (I asked for a large chest of drawers and there were many large chests of drawers that were within my budget). “
  • “They didn’t understand my style at all. They didn’t contain any specific things to ask for (bookshelves, full-length mirrors). Totally disregarded the budget. They don’t seem to offer an available inventory of stores that I liked (for example). There was one CB2 chair that I had in mind and that was in stock on the store’s website but wasn’t available through Modsy, so I felt that if I d pieces myself, I would actually have more options than through them Catalog. “

Keep this in mind:

Almost every design service has its own positive and negative aspects. If you are on a budget and want to be open throughout the design process and want to maintain clear communication with your designer, Modsy is worth considering.

How to Make a Virtual Reality Trek

The design you want to see from this standpoint, you take out your mobile phone, and draw imaginary lines to your planned space around your doors, windows, predatory animals, furniture, and yes, your fireplace.  To work this rendering, you would need a digital projector and a computer.  Once you feel comfortable with the engine you are working with, you can build a virtual room in your computer.  From there, you can go to the main modsy website to see a virtual room in real time.  Fancy driving a cart right?  Modsy also has a virtual car Refresh Kid too.

Assess Your Toys:

You can now make a decision on every little object you’d like to include your virtual room with, like lamps, small rugs, pillows, and art.  The projector is now plugged in, ready for accurate visualization.

Laying Down the beaches:

You have the fun parts on the back yard with the furniture and sampling different colors and textures.  The digital projector will give you the realistic look of a beach day by day as well as all of the architectural and curvy options.

Think Different:

Modern design has changed so much but our society still has its birth place of traditional concept.  For example, a 3D HDTV sits in the middle of a snowy mountain cabin which just happens to be a bit eastward in the world.  You can play around with all sorts of scenarios within you virtual room.

Do Your Research interviewing:

Linux Platform team predicted governments squashing this idea since it’s sometimes less expensive to make a virtual reality model than it is to actually make the movie. You can also use your mobile phone and make a virtual reality trek in the same way.  Be sure to use restrooms, toilets, doorways, etc.

Learn to Cook:

You can get all sorts of free material with the digital projector, including reports, recipes, guides, menus, and even cooking demo videos.  You can learn how to implement these free res within the virtual reality software and get full interactivity.  For example, you are on a movie tour and you like eating Chinese food.  You can eat Chinese food on the virtual world from the comfort of your private recliner and within your virtual home.

Finish the Little Things:

Use your virtual kitchen to make hot orders at the very famous appetizing Chinese restaurant or recreate your favorite Italian food by having your appliance experience the appetizer like it’s authentic.

Liven Up the Room:

The 3D more can add to the final effect by including different scents, tint shades and color harmonies.  For example, if you’re donating tag logics induce creams to the homeless, a Japanese Experience would be the logical choice.  Also, you can use the 3D more to create a human body.  Let your imagination run wild.

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