Moncler Genius 2020: between dream and nightmare with Simone Rocha and Petra Collins

Moncler Genius 2020: between dream and nightmare with Simone Rocha and Petra Collins

Moncler presents the Genius 2020 collection in collaboration with Simone Rocha through a dream video directed by Petra Collins

The short, starring the line 4 Moncler Simone Rocha, is like a dream that turns into a nightmare and vice versa, subverting the romantic aesthetic of the British designer in a story inspired by the world of dance, and by Fellini, but in a dark key.

The collaboration with Moncler alternates doubled overcoat in tulle, the absolute most ethereal fabric, a embroidery and floral prints on accessories and garments with Moncler’s typically outdoor functionality. The most representative piece of the collection is the trench coat, reinterpreted through rounded and voluminous profiles and precious decorations, which distort its military nature with elements of extreme femininity. Also the Moncler logo it is transformed into a patch of pearls and crystals.

Read our Q&A with the stylist Simone Rocha.

How did the collaboration with Petra Collins start?

Working with Moncler I had the opportunity to collaborate with truly extraordinary people. We talked with Petra Collins for a long time, but we still hadn’t had the chance to work on a film together. The female gaze is a strong motorbike element in the collection, and Petra was the perfect person.

Where does the inspiration for the dance world come from?

I was inspired by the movement and dance, the femininity and fantasy that inspires a dress, and Fellini, and I thought about how to deal with these concepts and harmonize them with Moncler codes. There are tulle and tutu silhouettes in contrast with the outerwear to balance femininity with the utility side.

The first word that comes to mind thinking about your brand is dream, in this case it seems more a nightmare, do you agree?

In all my collections there is an element of contrast that ensures balance, so that the most delicate details and the execution of the garments are contrasted with a darker and stronger sense that create a modern femininity.

Why this dark turn?

For this collection, the sense of drama and imagination have been thoroughly examined in the film and the sense of gloom is contrasted with movement and femininity.

How do you react to the dark moments of life, like this that we are experiencing?

The human strength and sense of generosity are impressive, they make us feel more humble.

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