7 Most Spectacular Forest Across the Globe

7 Most Spectacular Forest Across the Globe

Most Spectacular Forest: Forest and woods seem to be separate universe of their own. It is an entirely different world. Nowadays poets, writers and musicians have turned to nature in pursuit of inspiration. Nature has been an instrumental in creating a sense of belonging and contentment.

In order to seek solace and to get away from the bustling life of the concrete jungle many have tread the road less traveled to explore the countless gifts of nature.

Hiking in a forest makes one rejuvenated and relaxed within minutes especially if it a hundred of years old forest. When most people think of forest they immediately think of boring trees. What people fail to acknowledge however is that forest can be just as beautiful a sight as looking at a skyscraper view of the city.

Most Spectacular Fores
Most Spectacular Fores

Here is a list of extraordinary beautiful forests across the globe to bring out the intrepid adventurer in you.

Home bush Bay, Sydney Australia:

In West of Sydney there is a 102 year old ship which has turned into what is now known as a Floating Forest. The ship which needs to destroy left over for floating in the bay. During the years the bushes and other plants have overgrown the ship. While cleaning the bay the ship floating like a forest. The Floating Forest has become a favourite site for Photographers who have popularized it online.

Crooked Forest

Crooked Forest is located outside Nowe Czarnowo, West Pomerania at Poland. The trees have a special shape here. All the tress in the crooked forest is uniformly deformed. This is still a big mystery. It is believed that the trees must have been curved with the help of a tool or a technique.  The exact reason is still unknown.

Sunken Forest, Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan

An earthquake in 1911 led to the creation of the sunken forest of Lake Kaindy Kazakhstan. The cold water helps in preserving the forest . This site makes this forest a spectacular one in its own unique ways.

Dragon Blood Forest, Cotra, Yemen

Dragon Blood forest Cotra, Yemen with their umbrella shaped canopies, tightly gnarled limbs and freakishly red sap. Yemen famous dragon blood trees look like something straight out of a science fiction novel. Sadly these trees are becoming increasingly vulnerable as the island of Socotra is turning arid due to climate change.

Blue Forest, Belgium

An enchanting land awaits you in the Hallerbos or Blue forest at Belgium. During spring season the entire forest is covered with Bluebells making it appear as though one is walking over a floral carpet.

Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto Japan

Get transported into a whole new world as you enter the bamboo grove at Sagano bamboo forest, Kyoto Japan. One can take a walk or hire a bicycle to admire the visual beauty of this place .The sound created by the trees is meditative, soothing to the mind and senses.

Gorbea Natural Park, Basque County Spain

Seeking a vacation in the lap of nature then the Gorbea Natural Park, Basque County at Spain should be your bucket list. Known as the mystical forest of Spain the park has striking landscape, hiking trails and splendid waterfalls .To top it all the mist makes it even dreamier and fascination. Truly it is a spectacular forest you need to visit at any cost.

It’s time to spend quality time in the wilderness and discover some of the wonderful forests in the world. Hope you enjoyed our “Most Spectacular Forest” in the World.

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