Muthoot Group: Haathi Mera Saathi

Muthoot Group : Haathi Mera Saathi

The Muthoot finance is the top and leading finance company in India.  Everyone in the world is often used to get the loan instead of gold and other items with ease.  Most of the people are used to get the loan from the Muthoot finance groupthrough their valuable services and working principles. In fact, this Muthoot Company is first traced out in 1887 back to the business.  These have started the small business enterprise in Kozhencherry in the state of Kerala. They made the leadership under the management of M.G. George Muthoot and his co-partners to improve the business at high range.

Muthoot Group

Muthoot group

Today, the Muthoot group is the well known company in India and it has become by offering the effective gold loan services to the customers.  Over 128 years in the business field, it is set to have enough services to their valuable clients.  Under 17 divisions  which includes  financial services, plantation and estates, education, leisure and hospitality, health care, housing and infrastructure and other important field to improve the business forever. We have the headquarters in the Kochi and corporate office in New Delhi.  The company has the dominant presence in all states and union territory of India. However, in foreign countries like USA, UK, UAE, and many more countries with ease.

Introduction to elephant conservation project

The Muthoot Group is one amongst the biggest and the most popular financial services provider to offer help loans on Gold for all residential and commercial business aspects. This financial sector along with the WWF-India has now joined hands to conserve the wildlife habitat and Muthoot group has particularly engaged in saving the lives of elephants from the Human-Elephant Conflicts, HEC. WWF-India is also one of the largest conservation organizations that have been engaged in wildlife and nature conservation in the country. The mission of WWF-India is to stop the degradation of the natural environment and wildlife on earth to build a beneficial future.

Benefits of Muthoot – WWF-India Project

Seeding-the-FutureBeing one of the India’s leading businesses, financial service provider, the Muthoot Group has got partnerships with the World Wide Fund for Nature – India, (WWF–India) and hereby the entire team of WWF-India and Muthoot has launched a partnership for the purpose of conservation of elephants. This fascinating and valuable wildlife project is dedicated towards the provision of effective management of Human– Elephant Conflict, HEC. This project would help protect the habitats of Asian elephants in India widely across six major states. The partnership of Muthoot group and WWF-India would eventually help to catalyze and strengthen the managing efforts of HEC in a prioritized landscape and in the sites earmarked by WWF-India. With the inclusion of several landscapes, the partnership of the these 2  bigger financial strategies would also help to scale up the existing efforts and hereby, in order to protect the elephants,  the team of the project would also help in finding the strategic conflicts and conflict management measures to the specific regions and hereby enforces legislation.

The Muthootgroup has always been stood up in protecting the environment and the habitats of wildlife. The cause of protecting the elephant would be too natural, as the logo of the Muthoot Group stands up with the elephant and this would denote the strength, passion and the integrity along with the care, which are found to be the integral to the vision of the group. The Mutant Group in association with WWF-India aims with an objective to spread outreach about the HEC that has been kept on rising. The core members have also provided several facilities for preventive measures along with solutions to reduce the loss of elephants and human lives and to secure the crops and damages to property in villages. Finally, the project would help the nation to build an effective future, where, the humans and elephants could be able to live in harmony with each other forever.

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