My Apple TV 4K wishlist: 4 things I want to see in a 2020 refresh


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As Apple’s annual WWDC should start in a week from June 22, rumors are circulating about new material could appear alongside new iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS software. One candidate for an upgrade is the Apple TV 4K.

First launched Two and a half years ago, in September 2017, it was far too long since Apple had not upgraded the media streamer, which has become clearer in the particularly fast-paced world of streaming. Apple has focused its updates on services meanwhile deploy Apple TV Plus, redesign of Apple TV app to include iTunes and develop a whole new gaming platform Apple Arcade. But its flagship TV box has remained unchanged while competitors such as Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV and Google are fueling a increasing number of new TV devices.

As usual with Apple, rumors of a refresh still bubbling, but the company has yet to announce anything official. Here are a few things I’d like to see in the 2020 update as well as some hopeful, if not terribly optimistic, wishes.

Faster processor

Apple iPad Pro 2018 chip

Presented for the first time in 2018 alongside new iPad Pros, the A12X is a much more powerful chip than the current A10X.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Close to any update of Apple hardware, the latest rumors have pushed Apple to move from the A10X chip in the current box to a more efficient A12X.

Although not as powerful as the A13 Bionic processor in the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE range, the A12X is the same type of processor as Apple used in the IPad Pro 2018. Considering that Apple introduced the chip as capable of providing graphics that rivaled the Xbox One S when it introduced this iPad Pro, this could be a big boost for developers looking to push their arcade games on a bigger screen.

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Best remote control


A new remote control would be ideal on an updated Apple TV.

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The Apple TV remote is ultra-stylish and modern, with a high-end look that matches the starting price of $ 180 that the Apple TV 4K still orders. While I don’t mind charging the Lightning cable (although the USB-C is great) and the remote control is one of the few places I like Siri, the touchpad drives me crazy.

I often find the remote control trolling or passing where I want it to go, enter text, scroll through apps, or play a game. I just want a simple directional pad like Fire TV from Amazon or Roku boxes or, yes, the Third generation Apple TV, now discontinued. Rumors suggest that a new remote control is in the works, but what it looks like remains unknown.

While we’re at it, adding IR support in addition to CEC to control AV equipment would be helpful. The Roku and Fire TV remotes can pretty much control the volume and power of any TV using infrared controls, allowing you to completely give up your TV remote control. Apple must do the same.

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UWB support to find lost remote controls

Ultra wide band

Apple touts the benefits of its ultra-broadband chip for AirDrop.


Apple added what it calls a “U1” chip to the iPhone 11 lineup last year, although it has yet to detail the capabilities of the chip. Enjoying what is called ultra broadband technology, the chip is designed to aid spatial awareness, allowing you to locate exactly where a lost object is located. Technology is also said to be the key to Long-awaited Apple Tag Tile-like trackers from Apple.

Apple describes the technology on its iPhone 11 page as “living room-wide GPS”, so why not add functionality to Apple TV and the new remote control to help you find the inevitable remote control lost in your living room ? At the very least, it gives Apple an answer to Roku, who had a less flashy but still practical rangefinder – where the clicker makes a sound until you loosen it from the sofa cushions – on its Ultra premium boxes since years.

Wish: A cheaper Apple TV streaming stick

Given how long it takes Apple to release new streaming hardware, a refresh in 2020 would already be a long-awaited victory, and asking for two would push it. But since this is a wish list, here it is.

When it comes to streaming, the cheap sticks from Roku and Amazon, as well as Google Chromecasts, have been incredibly popular with people looking to upgrade the capabilities of their non-smart TVs. A cheaper, perhaps lighter, version of Apple TV would give Apple a new way to bring people into its ecosystem, offering another way to not only stream Apple TV Plus shows (since the streaming service of ‘Apple is already on Roku and the respective platforms of Amazon.) But also a passage in Arcade, Apple Music and iTunes.

Add to AirPlay, which Apple has already expanded to support the latest TVs from Samsung, LG, Vizio and Sony, and you might have a compelling way to expand the walled garden that is Apple’s ecosystem for people who don’t want not buy a new TV. And $ 50 seems like a good price to me.

Here’s my wish list. If you want to see something in a new Apple TV device, let me know in the comments.

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