My Memories through photography

My Memories through photography

Memories through photography: On seeing Art My Home Professional Oil Painting decorated by Tanya I wish to share my share Happy Moments here. My father believed that photography plays an important role in procuring the golden memories. Also, remembering happy moments afterward in future gives us immense pleasure. Which is beyond expression or perhaps beyond words to be summoned up in 26 little alphabets. Happy memories are like lost treasures which everyone wants to search once they grow old. He always wished to become a photographer but things were not so fulfilling for him.


He had a mad love for photography. Every now and then he used to click my pics. My pics clicked with an ordinary camera was just like creating tragedy out of happy moments. I never wished to get them mounted in any framework and always felt like banging head onto the wall. I find it very boring as his clicks were meaningless and didn’t reflect any signs of mastery. His acts gave me a headache and I was irritated with his maddening behavior.

DSLR CameraDSLR Camera

My mom understood this, tried to patch up by ordering DSLR Camera. Photo Frames and Wall decorations from flip kart directly, and delivered at my home with mesmerizing photo frames. Which were good enough to take my father onto the voyage of being a photographer. Now, this is how she added fuel to fire to “subki wish hogi poori” by gifting him photo frames. She gave him a way of expression and a mode of procuring treasures of clicks.

That was the most memorable day of my life when I returned home with my newborn baby and a big surprise was waiting for me at the doorstep. As soon as I entered the home I could see a heart capturing picture of mine along with a baby, holding her  in my arms with slightly kissing her at the cheek beautifully mounted in the wall decor photo frame which he bought from flip kart to express his tremendous love for me and our daughter.

Memories through photography
Memories through photography

exclusive love journey

That was just the beginning of his exclusive love journey. I moved ahead and started climbing upstairs to my room. Every step I took was depicting a new story which was very neatly composed in various photo frames. Which he has kept on every step and not-to-mention on the side wall. I was not climbing the stairs to my room; rather I was going through all the journey of my last nine month’s pregnancy which was filled with endless emotions. Wonderful photo frames which my mother ordered from flip cart were acting like a corridor of my motherhood and his journey to an awesome photographer.

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collage of my pictures

On the last step, he made a collage of my pictures along with the baby in the hospital, beautifully carved photo frames and they were astounding. I have no words to express my feelings of that wonderful day which filled me up with tremendous love and affection.

His untold love story took a trail of beautiful pictures to make their way straight to my heart and all this was made possible with flip cart photo frames which handled every expression and emotion, not with anything but love. Later he sent few of clicks for a competition in the city and to my surprise, he won a family vacation trip to Goa along with a tag of the best photographer who knows how to express his true feelings. He had a dream but flip cart had s of its completion. His journey to photography was all an outcome of photo frames which he used as his way of expression.

My Memories through photography  #AbHarWishHogiPoori

Author:  Anita Sharma

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