Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

Nationwides whole pet health-seeking plan can help keep your pets healthy. Nationwide also offers an additional Pet Major Medical Plans which caps benefits for each disorder. Nationwide Animal Welfare offers a comprehensive plan including insurance to cover vet care for all pets in need. It also takes advantage of health-care.

Insurance is a method of protecting one from financial loss in the face of uncertain events. In this Nationwide pet insurance review, you will learn about Nationwide’s goals for your pets and how they can help to achieve these goals through their pet insurance plan.

Nationwide offers health coverage for multiple pets, cap on total coverage amount per condition, and Nationwide has vet care partners all over the U.S. Nationwide can be used for dogs or cats.

Nationwide’s Goal is to Provide Living Assistance to Pets in Need with Nationwide

Nationwide Pet Insurance Review
Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

Nationwide’s goal with pet insurance is to protect our pets from financial loss and the stress that comes with it. Nationwide offers Nationwide pet insurance to cover:

Preventive care (e.g., vaccinations) Treatment of chronic conditions (e.g., arthritis) Surgical procedures Emergency vet visits

Nationwide is aware of our responsibility as one’s pet parents, and aim to help maximize the time we spend with our pets. Nationwide wants to help pet parents ensure that their pets have a happy and healthy lifestyle, while being sure that they can afford it.

Nationwide Pets Are Protected with Nationwide

Nationwide offers Nationwide pet insurance coverage for dogs and cats. Nationwide’s plan allows you to insure multiple pets, but there is a cap on total coverage amount. Nationwide will reimburse your pets for treatment of some conditions, while some are excluded from Nationwide’s pet insurance plan. Nationwide covers more than 80% of vet care costs.

What is Nationwide Pet Insurance?

This Nationwide pet plan provides coverage to animals such as bird species, insects, amphibians miniature mammals and others less commonly found. Some hereditary and other medical conditions can no longer be covered by Nationwide pet health insurance. Nationwide offers major hospital plans covering costs of examinations and diagnostic – testing for treatment costs, as well as medical expenses. Preventative care isn’t covered by the Medical Majors program. Nationwide offers a pet wellness plan that can be purchased from home. This coverage is designed to reimburse medical services such as wellness checks, vaccines and flea bite prevention programs. Nationwide offers individual medical and wellness plans as well as complete care plans.

All inclusive policies for accidents, injuries and wellness

Nationwide is a very large, well-established insurer that offers three different types of pet insurance options. Coverage is comprehensive but more expensive than others companies. Nationwide distinguishes itself by providing very simple policies at a higher price than competitors. While you may experience sticker shock from Nationalwide premium rates these policies are certainly worth considering as they provide more premium flexibility than other providers. The company has been around since 1925 initially selling car insurance but expansion quickly extended to full cover both for personal use and for business. In 2008 Nationwide acquired national pet insurer Vet Assurance to offer insurance for animals.

Competition: Nationwide vs. Progressive

The nationwide offerings of the range are a little richer and cover substantially larger numbers of species. An accident time of just three days compared to Nationwide’s fourteen and policies can be modified. Nationwide’s veterinary insurance products include full coverages for three all-inclusive pet care policies. Progressive tends to be cheaper even if a wellness package was added to its basic accident insurance policy. National Standard pet insurance premiums are high and the premiums are likely to increase sharply with every year you become older but there are various ways to keep their cost down.

Waiting periods

Nationally, medical care is subject to a 14-day waitlist for all medical ailments and injuries. You cannot qualify for reimbursement for similar treatment up front until up to 12 months after beginning a payment of deductibles. Most competitors typically start offering the former 2 or 3 days after policy starting date. Those that opting for a plan with wellness benefit can immediately use these preventive insurance benefits 24 hours after policy is implemented. For more information visit the website or [link] for the latest policy and more information about the policy available in the United States.

Plan Pricing

Nationwide offers no simple way to reduce the cost if adjusting cover levels. Only one of the three plans permits you to change the level of reimbursement. But starting point of the price is already on the high end. Our findings are that pricing is particularly strong for younger animals, particularly dogs under 5 years old. Rates will increase with older pets so it’s best to see what rates will be in the future before you purchase protection. Nationwide offers discounts 5% to 10% on insured pets depending on the amount insured. Joining Group Benefit can also save 5% of the costs of coverage.

Available plans

Insure your pets from home. Plans are available for bird species, reptiles, other small mammals including hamsters and rabbits and for goats and potbellied pig. Horses are not currently eligible for insurance. Nationwide offers three standard pet insurance plans: Major Medical With Wellness and Whole Pet. These services represent a broad price range with different amounts of coverage depending on your requirements. Plans vary by species and owners of exotic pets need to request information before they purchase the plans for exotic pets.

Plan Exclusions

Major Medical is the first plan of its kind but does not cover preventive care. Whole Pets is the comprehensive company plan offered Nation Wide. The entire schedule is covered except grooming and boarding, cosmetics and breeding. In some cases owner of exotic pets may have to obtain some kind of quote. The pet coverage offered by Nationwide varies depending on the number of exclusions per policy.

Coverage limits

Major Healthcare With Wellness are not subject to a policy-wide annual limit. Instead he uses allowances that are calculated per process. For example chemotherapy benefits are capped by $2,500 each year but only $36 for cataracts treatment. Whole Pet With Wellessian plan includes $30,000 annual benefits with 50% to 70% reimbursement. Nationwide has issued their pet benefits information list. For more information, consult Nationalwide’s Pet Products webpage for more information about pet insurance.

Pre-existing conditions

Nationwide has a less strict definition of ‘Pre-existing Deficiency’ than many competitors. If veterinary records confirm an injury to a pet has been cure for less than six months the disease may qualify for medical cover if it appears in another. These insurance plans do not cover preexisting conditions in relation to your pet which occurred at or before the beginning of an insured policy. Nationwide pet insurance policies can be viewed on their website.

Customer Service

Nationwide offers limited customer support. Only listed contact numbers can be by telephone or e-mail. It’s completely different from any other 24/7 service offer by other pet insurances through text messaging, or social media for instance. Nationwide Animal Care is only available during certain times.


Nationwide offers several ways of filing multiple claim. Customer accounts can login to the account and submit claims with their computer or smartphones. A PDF claim form can also be downloaded from Nationwide’s website which can be transmitted via email to any address.

Third-Party Ratings

J.D. Power ranked nationwide last in its 2021 USA insurance survey. The provider has an overall A+ credit rating from Am Best Financial Markets. Nationwide offers outstanding results for many things including financial stability.

About Nationwide

Nationwide is ranked no. 9 with the Best Insurance companies for Pets rating in 2019. The company sold their first policy in 1926. Nationwide began providing pet insurance individually or via a sponsor in 2009 after acquiring Veterinary Pet Insurance Company in 1982 as the first veterinary pet insurance company established in. The Insurance Business Today is administered by National Insurance Company nationwide and through the Veterinary Pets Insurance Company in California. Nationwide offers a range of policies and investment options ranging from home-owners, landlords, and life insurance. Nationwide gives participants per-condition deductions and no upper age limitations.

Best pet insurance companies reviews

Spot is a relatively recent company offering comprehensive insurance with 100% premiums. Figo provides pet owners with the chance to reduce their copayment to 0% thanks to the company s 100% refund options. Pumpkin offers affordable plans with the option to add preventative care packs for young cats and dogs. Spot is also a good choice for older pets, because there is no upper age limit to insure new pets. Embrace is willing to provide accident and illness insurance to pets of up to 15 years and accident-only coverage for pets 15 years to older. Pets Best sells multiple policies with multiple wellness plans that also cover routine pet management expenses.


This is just one credit option (80%). Dogs age out of medical coverage at the age of seven and cats at twelve. In those ages it’s often hard to find a business with which to start covering. A lack of discounts has made their plans a little cheaper than the competitors. Bottom line: 24PetWatch covers veterinary fees. The program offers $100 cash advance on any expense such as boarding fee, loss of reward, additional living expenses or trip cancellation. Its lack of alternative reimbursement options limited our high-stakes choices a little more than its competitors. The company didn’t make the cuts because of certain policies.


PetFirst gives discounts to medical care providers, military officers, vet and first time responders. Insuring animals against injury and illnesses is comprehensive. It explicitly excludes standard health benefits like parasite prevention and treating and elective surgeries. Even when you receive a final quote, details about Wellness Services are not clear what you pay for. Bottom line: PetFirst’s attractive attributes include big discounts and deductibles that diminish with each month you do not make a claim. However, Wellness care lags behind that of most pet insurers in some respects, particularly in cats and dachios.

Types of pet insurance plans

Pet protection policies are varied in their coverage and of course premiums. Learning the different types of protection is the most basic way to get pet insurance. If you can determine whether the insurer is right for you then it’s best to download sample policies. Read through their features and limitations thoroughly to see if you’re comfortable with them and are competitive with those of other companies, move on to enroll your pets. When you feel safe with their policy and it is competitive with them then you may register your dog. Read the company’s sample policy which is generally available on the company website.

What increases and lowers premium costs?

The average monthly cost of pet insurance with accident and illness coverage is $49.51 for dogs and $28.48 for cats. The sum you spend on your pet’s insurance will vary, not only according to the insurance company you choose. Pet insurance costs can significantly vary depending upon a number of factors such as the dog breed, age/group the species or place and the available coverage options and deductible. If you’re able to make a tight budget but have an affordable price for your pet insurance then visit our cheap pet insurance comparison.


Hartville’s Complete Coverage Plan includes behavioral issues as well as microchips in addition to Standard Accident and Medical Benefit. Full coverage expires 14 days or without prior condition. The company advertises unlimited benefits payout per year and the program isn’t available online. We recommend calling 1-800-779-5152 or filling out the form. Typical coverage starts at $40 a month for mix-breed puppy and $25 for kitten. For a puppy older than five years age, premium benefits for diseases have dramatically increased.


TrustedPals applies strict policies for the pet of dogs who reach a maximum age as long as an adult. 1% of its profits can actually go to animal welfare charities. The firm has an interim 12 months of waiting to diagnose hip dysplasia and ligament ailments. If an injury is caused by an euthanasia your pet may receive more money. You may also pick deductibles starting at $0 and annual benefits ranging from $4,000 up to unlimited. For monthly subscription payments but if paying in advance there are many discounts available.


Petplan is one of the few insurance carriers which enroll animals as young as six weeks old. The company lacks any upper age limits and there are multiple deductibles and benefits options each year. However, it doesn’t have wellness plans and there are restrictions that policyholders have to adhere to get claims reimbursed. Bottom line: Petplan has the lowest age limit for registration of all surveyed companies, and has additional perks and features which can appeal to pet owners.

MetLife Pet Insurance

MetLife Pet Insurance offers online application and multiple coverage choices. Deductibles can as little as $50 and you can add wellness coverage to your plan as a way to compensate for the cost of routine care. But the company limits certain coverage and take longer to reimburse expense than some of its rivals. The company limits some coverage but does not offer more coverage than some other pet insurers.

GEICO Pet Insurance

The GEICO health insurance policy is not limited to unlimited coverage. GEICO offer more discount programs than other insurers – such as one-off insurance, animal spaying and neutering – but it falls behind by other criteria. Pet owners applying via GEICO are redirected to Embrace’s Facebook pages. If you would like additional information about Embrace go to their website.

Nationwide Review

Nationwide offers a wide variety of protection products to pet owners. Breed-specific ailments are not always covered only by health insurance. Nationwide may not be the best pet policy for those with a breed predisposed to certain hereditary illnesses such as hip or elbow dysplasia. The monthly premiums are a little more expensive for Nationwide than other companies in our rating, particularly for its more comprehensive Whole Pet Wellness Plan. Nationwide has provided insurance and investment options to consumers for decades. The company ranked 9.9 in our 2021 list of top pet insurers with premiums at the higher end of the list.

Nationwide Pet Insurance post
Nationwide Pet Insurance post

Plans available from Nationwide

Nationwide offers multiple protections for pets in one plan. The Whole Pets Wellness program includes coverage from illness or injuries as well as preventative care for your dog. Avian & Exotic Pets is the only company in our Rating to provide you with options to buy a pet insurance policy for birds in addition to exotic pets offering coverage for amphibians and rats. Nationwide is also offering a major medical plan – including coverage for diseases and injuries. In addition Nationwide offers coverage for other exotic animals including snakes and goats and even snakes. Nationwide is the least rated company in Rating System.

Nationwide vs. Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace has a two-day accident waiting period, a seven-day illness waiting period and a five-month waiting period for orthopedic conditions. Nationwide has a 12-month wait period relating to cruciate ligament injury and meniscus injury. Both insurers also offer veterinarian service 24/7, routine health care and insurance packages and policy discounts. Embrace covers your yearly vanishing insurance costs from $25 to $600 after a deduction of $50. For example you can get a $200 tax refund for two consecutive years a year after it expires and then pay $100 in the future. Nationwide gives customers a waiting list of 12 months.

Embrace Pet Insurance

This is a Nationwide Pet Insuranace Company that offers coverage for dogs, cats, birds and horses. One of the reasons I like embrace pet insurance is because their website is easy to navigate and it gave me all the information that I was looking for.

They offer discounts on you monthly premium if you enroll your puppy or kitten before they are six months old. Also, you can enroll your pet at anytime of the year and still get a discount.

Another bonus is that you can add on an accident plan so if something happens while your away from home, embrace will reimburse you up to $1,500.00 while our regular insurance only reimburses up to $5,000. I think embrace offers more benefits for the money.

To sign up for embrace pet insurance you can visit their website at  or give them a call at 1-866-366-2876. They are available seven days a week 8am to 10pm eastern time.

I found embrace pet insurance very easy to use and they answer all your questions on the phone. Plus embrace pet insurance is available in 49 states and I like that they offer a variety of options for you and your pets.

Nationwide vs. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Nationwide has a more reliable benefit than Healthy Paws. If you know that your pet might be susceptible to hip dysplasia Nationwide may be the better choice. There is a 12-month wait period for ligament injury across the U.S. Healthy Paw does not provide behavioral therapy or veterinary exam fees nor does it offer a comprehensive plan for wellness and routine care. Nationally is also having a 14-day accident and health waiting period which is longer for injuries and illness than the 15-day period for certain conditions and more extended waiting periods for this conditions than normal Paw’s.

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Pet insurance provides financial support for pet needs. It usually cover up to 60 percent of your total vet bills. See the details. Certain interventions and care are not covered. Some policies also can set annual or lifetime limits on the amount of insurance that a person has bought. However this is usually too expensive. Shopping around for a pet insurance policy should assist you make the wise decision to protect your pet and your pocket. For the purpose of shortening your process, here are our best pet insurance companies aimed at individual needs and priorities.

Health & Fitness

Several companies featured within the Money magazine feature weekly feature reports. I am pleased to feature a few of the companies on the feature of this week’s featured reports.

What does Nationwide Pet Insurance cover?

Nationwide provides a huge assortment of pet insurance policies on offer. The most comprehensive pet plan offers a Whole Pet with Wellness plan. Nationwide also offers scale down plans as its main medical plans. Pet Rx Express lets you purchase pet prescription drugs from all pharmacy stores including Walmart or Sam’s Club. In addition to dog and cat insurance Nationwide also offers coverage for bird and other exotic animals such as goats, chinchillas geckos, They could even process the pharmacy claims. Nationwide pet insurance coverage is also accessible with Pet RX Express.

Nationwide Pet Insurance Waiting Periods

Nationwide the waiting period is 14 days for accident, illness. Not all pet insurance companies offer additional long waiting times for other conditions including knee or ligament injury. ASPCA’s pet medical insurance does not come with wait periods. For example, Embrace offers a 2-day accident waiting period. For more info visit _link_. For confidential support call British Samaritans 08457 90 visit Samaritans branches and click here for details. In the United States dial the national suicide warning line.

Deductible options

Nationwide Whole Pet with Wellness comes with a $250 deferred offer. To get the coverage you have to pay a monthly rate prepaid from your insurer for your veterinary bill. The same amounts can be deductible for some taxpayers.

Options for reimbursement

The Nationwide Total Pet plan can select reimbursement levels of 50% to 90%. A reimbursement number describes the amount that an animal’s health insurer reimburses you for.

Nationwide Optional Features

Nationwide offers numerous different types of plans – complete pet wellness, main health care basic wellness and wild animal and exotic animal health plans and there are no other add-ons. Customizations to your plan, including reimbursement for a percentage of your veterinary bill versus having a set reimbursement amount – vary according to the program you choose for you to weigh up the cost and. In order to know how much reimburse you can in advance of your vet bill, opt for nationalwide coverage.

About Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide bought Vet Pet Insurance to become the first pet company in the U.S. The agency’s pets’insurance is underwritten on behalf of National Casualty Co.. If California resident you reside under policy in California. Nationwide started about 90 years ago as a small car insurer in Columbus Ohio. Nationwide has grown to a highly known national insurance provider with multiple retirement / investment products.

Nationwide Pet Insurance Review
Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

What does Nationwide Pet Insurance not cover?

No animal care insurance is available on the country to cover you for pets or a lot of expenses. More coverage exclusions apply depending if your policy is selected. You won’t be covered for health care expenses and routine maladies if you select a major medical plan for example. Inclusions include: health expenses and common illnesses.

Veterinary care during COVID-19

The increase in pet ownership during the Coronavirus pandemic puts veterinary care highly sought after. It is therefore more important than usual than usual to choose medical problems and to take your pets to the vet regularly. Prior to running for your rescue, consider th.

National vs. Competition

Any prices list is just illustrated. You should contact directly an insurance firm’s insurance representative with questions regarding these quotes. Offers Concessional Deductables 4.

Nationwide vs. Trupanion

Nationwide pays a monthly fee but Trupanion pays an annual bill. Trupanions has a strong commitment to delivering rapid and efficient customer service. Nationwides extra-margin monthly fees could reduce your money over a year or your beloved pet’s lifetime. The biggest differences will be the Wellness packages that cover your routine treatment and wellness visits for your pet and the availability of a pet insurance plan for animals and other foreign animals. Nationwide offers a discounts on multiple pets. Top Dog Insurance 2021 rated by AOL is 4.4 from 5.

Nationwide vs. Healthy Paws

You may pay more in monthly premiums for Nationwide’s whole animal health coverage than you do on ePetCare or HealthCare. These two companies share similar policies in terms of deductibles ($250) and copays (10%) Nationwide can insure non-human animals such as birds, small mammals and cats. Healthy PAW does not guarantee routine Vetcare Services and Veterinary Wellness Arrangements. Nationwide does. Learn more in our Review of best pet insurance in our review of your healthy and comprehensive review about Healthy Paws.

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