Natural Stone Flooring And The Alternative

Granite it is extremely sought after as the stone is quite resistant and is available in many colors and textures. Granite is among the most practical stones of choice to be used inside the home as it is quite inexpensive and easier to care for.

Marble it is among the most expensive stones that can be purchased, but in reality it is not as durable as other options. However, most people will buy marble simply because the texture and appearance of the stone is incomparable with other choices.

Travertine is a neutral-colored beige floor tile. Travertine has a long service life but is more prone to stains as it is a form of limestone.

Slate it is one of the most versatile natural stone choices since it is highly resistant and is available in many different colors and textures.

Sandstone it is among the most difficult to maintain stones since its soft nature makes it very prone to stains.

Real natural stone floors look stunning, just remember that the top is breakable so that anything heavy enough can break the stone floor. Stone floor installations must also be done using a professional, which means that it will likely become very expensive quickly. Unlike the wooden floor that allows you to finish the planks, every time you scratch the stone, you have to settle for wear or tear the floor to replace it.

But in case you like the feeling of the stone without paying the cost, consider the installation vinyl flooring whereas it perfectly imitates stone floors, however with less maintenance. Vinyl can be chosen in a wide variety of styles and colors other than natural stone. Vinyl is incredibly scratch and dent proof, quickly cleaned and can be installed in wet areas including the bathroom and kitchen without being stressed about damaging the floor over time. In fact, it is possible to install vinyl floors without any help; you don’t need professional help. Vinyl floors with a fiberglass back are the most advantageous to apply because they resist the test of time and fight shrinkage and tearing.

Make sure you choose the flooring you will never regret because it will probably be a great investment for your home. Make a decision on your floor by analyzing the purpose and location of the installation not only based on appearance. In the specific case, if you are remodeling the bathroom, do not choose to cover your hardwood floors as there will probably be a large amount of moisture accumulated in that particular room and the humidity will eventually damage the wooden planks. You can instead choose something like moisture resistant porcelain tiles. Also, remember that your adventure on the floor doesn’t stop only when you choose the perfect tile; you will need to consider the installation process and determine if you can do it yourself or if you need professional help.


by Tina Kosi

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