2 Navratra Festival Mehndi patterns

Navratra Festival mehndi patterns

Many have seen Mehndi, the attractive and intricate designs on the hands, feet, neck and arm. When this artwork has passed you by, it prepared you to stop and take a second look. After witnessing those eye-catching Mehndi design frequently, women can’t keep themselves away from applying Mehndi on their hands and arms. It clearly shows the attraction created by Mehndi over women. Mainly special occasions like festivals or any family functions using Mehndi beloved and fashion icon for ladies.

Mehndi patterns” src=”https://tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Navratra-Festival-Mehndi-patterns.jpg” alt=”Navratra Festival Mehndi patterns” width=”500″ height=”496″ /> Navratra Festival Mehndi patterns

Mehndi for Festivals:

And the Navratri time is coming just after few days. The celebratory season is charged, and the pleasure is building. With new garments, eye-catching hairstyles makeup command, and of course, with a lot of food, the festival is sure to be an event to memorize. During nine days of Navratri festival, worshipping and fasting take priority over all normal activities in the middle of the Hindus and evenings it gives go up to the spiritual dances and cultural events wearing Chania Choli and also make beautiful Mehndi on their hand. So your preparation will be complete with stunning Mehndi designs that will reproduce your taste in this art and show the personality that you are as an individual.

Navratra Festival Mehndi patterns
Navratra Festival Mehndi patterns

Ladies, particularly in Bengal and other parts of India, have a real-time during Durga Puja at grand scale for spirit Durga. They wear customary Saree and adorn their hands and feet with Mehndi. This particular occasion necessitates Durga Puja mehndi. Following are some mehndi designs for Durga Puja and Navratri festivals

So finally you want to give the great touch to your festival and for this are you looking for breathtaking Mehndi designs for Durga Puja and Navratri festivals? How about beautiful Arabic Mehndi designs which are just ideal for Durga Puja and Navratri festivals.

Here are some of the most excellent Mehndi designs which you should try for this Navratri festival:

Mehndi Designs for Navratri:

Are you looking for conventional Indian designs to show off your look during this Dushera or Navratri season? Look no further. We have gathered list simple and light designs that will match your customary clothing and jewelry. These designs will be cool for garba or dandiya. Here are some designs for approaching Navratri celebrations:

  • Multi-colored design in blue, pink, green and gold which catch anybody’s attention immediately. This glitter sprinkled design is a perfect mehndi alternative for the bridesmaids who can radically improve their outfit, be it lehenga or Anarkali and also a western party wear. And with such a simple design, you can just mimic this one for your next event.
  • Try incredible kitsch at this Navratri festival, with very modern designs which are centered around one imposing design piece. Some of these make use of westernized design influence to create a very stark and hatke design which is nothing if imposing. Arabic influences on this kind of mehndi designs are also unique in the elements and flair in which the designs are created.
  • A most excellent mehndi design for Navratri is covering full hands with thin and thick patterns. Simple covering at fingers with full paste of mehndi  give a fine touch to mehndi  

So if you try any of the above mentioned Multi design, there’s no doubt on that festival be unforgettable for you and your family members.

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