“No to a return to normal.” It is the appeal of 200 artists and scientists

“No to a return to normal.” It is the appeal of 200 artists and scientists

Actors, artists, physicists and anthropologists from all over the world. Two hundred signatories of the appeal published on May 6 in the French newspaper Le monde against a return to normality after the coronavirus pandemic, that normality made of consumerism without rules that produced “an existential threat” to the planet. Here then is the request to leaders and citizens to work on “a profound revision of objectives, values ​​, and economies”.

No to a return to normal
No to a return to normal

Here is the text of the appeal

“The Covid-19 pandemic is a tragedy. This crisis, however, has the virtue of inviting us to face essential questions.

The assessment is simple: the “adjustments” are no longer sufficient, the problem is systemic.

Please, let’s not go back to normal

The current ecological disaster is part of a “meta-crisis”: the massive extinction of life on Earth is no longer in doubt and all indicators point to a direct existential threat. Unlike a pandemic, however serious it may be, it is a global collapse whose consequences will be beyond measure.

We therefore solemnly ask leaders and citizens to get out of the unsustainable logic that still prevails, to finally work on a profound revision of objectives, values ​​and economies.

Consumerism has led us to deny life itself: that of plants, that of animals and that of a large number of humans. Pollution, global warming and the destruction of natural spaces are bringing the world to a breaking point.

For these reasons, coupled with ever greater social disparities, it seems unthinkable to “return to normal”.

The radical transformation required – at all levels – requires boldness and courage. It will not happen without a massive and determined commitment. When is a real reaction? It’s a question of survival, how much of dignity and coherence. “

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