Oily skin tips to vibrant and youth glowing skin

Oily skin tips to vibrant and glowing youth skin

So many articles have been written on the different type of skins, but one thing is right that oily skin is the best skin amongst the different skins types. As it keeps the wrinkles and fine lines away from you for more years, but, apart from this virtue you have to face a sin which gets dropped into your life with it, is its inclination to pimples and acne. Take good care of your oily skin believe me it will make you look younger and glowing always. Here are some homemade tips and tricks which will help you in taking good care of your oily skin.

Oatmeal and egg white scrub 

For deep cleaning of the face, we need to scrub it at regular intervals so that dead skin does not form a layer onto the face and hence give it a dull look. The worth mentioning the benefit of this scrub is that it is suitable for all skin types. It effectively treats wrinkles and fine lines. For preparing this scrub, you need to mix one teaspoon of oatmeal and honey with a whipped egg white of 1 egg. Make sure the scrub doesn’t become too drippy. Adjust the quantity accordingly. Apply this scrub after cleaning your face and neck area for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with Luke warm water.

Oily skin tips
Oily skin tips

Yoghurt and egg white mask

Yoghurt can be used on any skin and is best known for its beautiful results. Mix 3 teaspoon of plain yoghurt with one whipped egg white. Apply this mixture on to your cleaned skin for 15-20 minutes and when the time is up washing it with Luke warm water.

While targeting perfect fashionable look, nail art cannot be ignored. It’s an upcoming fashion trend which is hot amongst the youth. Join the youth train by adapting their nail art looks and be one of them. Here are easy and quick nail art dos for an informed and modern person like you.

Create a matte nail polish

If you want to create a matte nail polish try this fantastic formula. Mix your nail polish with an eyeshadow of your choice. Keep adding eyeshadow till you get the shade of your choice. Apply it on your nails and let your friends wonder what you did on your nails.

Wonderful designs with tape

Show your creativity in making innovative designs on a tape. Apply a base coat and then fix designer tape on your nails and then apply nail coat of contrasting colour. You will surely pat your back for your creativity.

Polka dots

Polka dots are the easiest and quickest method of doing nail art. Apply a base coat of any nail colour. Then apply tiny dots with the toothpick in a contrasting colour and if you are more creative. Then I then decorate nail end with the lines of dots with similar or different colours.

Glitters all the way

It’s a special offer for special occasions. Apply base coat and let it dry. Then apply another layer on half of the nail and before it gets dry sprinkle glitters of your choice onto it. You will be able to create beautiful designs with it.

Simply beautiful

Aren’t you bored of carrying different nail art every day then add difference by just adding dots to your clean and clear nails? That too look beautiful.

Nail accessories

There are ample nail accessories which are available in the market, and it will make you a creative nail art designs. There are various stones, brushes, stickers, and kits available in the market to help you with this designing.

The most preferred trend presently is the figure nail art which is grabbing more of attention of peoples these days. People prefer getting faces designed onto their nails, after dresses its pins which are following this pattern of human faces.

homemade skin care
homemade skin care

Presently men are showing equal interest in beauty treatments. They are also paying regular visits to men’s parlour so that they can also look smart and handsome after all age affects everyone. They spend their maximum time in the sun due to their work they grab early signs of ageing even earlier than the females. To help them in their wish to look attractive here is a bundle of facials which they can undergo from time to time.

Skin lightening facial

This facial is suitable for the people who want to remove the dead skin and make their skin look even tone. It contains Berry, antioxidants, Omega 3 with six vitamins and essential oils. This helps in protecting the skin naturally. The effects of this facial are easily seen soon afterwards. This facial is more result oriented than a regular facial.

Hydrating facial

Irregular eating and extended working hours tend to give dull looks, and it damages the skin as well. The minerals present in the Hydrating facial helps in exfoliation and hydration of the skin. Apart from exfoliating it helps in grabbing fresh look also.

Non-surgical face lifting facial

This facial contains the amino acid, protein, seaweed, Kiwi and vitamins. It is high tech advanced facial which helps in treating wrinkles and fine lines without undergoing any surgery. With its continuous use, adverse effects of the age can be put to a stop. It helps in making skin look smooth, healthy and fresh. Make sure while trying this facial you need not work with it too vigorously. This facial is excellent for all skin types. Its results can be easily watched within a few seating’s but make sure that you don’t forget moisturising and toning after every facial.

Acne control facial

Acne and pimples are the two worst enemies of skin for both sex, and both of them want to get rid of them as early as possible. It not only cures them but also helps in avoiding its reoccurrence. It helps in cleaning the skin deep down the roots.

Skin nourishing facial

This facial helps in locking the moisturiser in the skin, and that makes the skin seize fresh, soft and smooth look. The nutrients present in this gets easily penetrate in the skin and assist in grabbing the younger look.

Pigment control facial

This facial will help in controlling the pigments of the skin for both male and females. It works on the melanin and makes the skin look younger. It helps in better blood circulation which ultimately results in nourishment and rejuvenation of the skin.

Sebum control facial

This facial helps in purifying the skin and reduces the production of sebum in the skin. Thus helping in the intelligent handling of black and whiteheads. It is an excellent facial for oily and combination skin.

These are few types of facials which will help male and females both grab younger and vibrant looks. These facials are to be done as advised by the beautician. Don’t forget to try one at a time. Pick the right cause of your skin problem and treat it accordingly.

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