Best Oral health tips to take care of your teeth in 2018

Oral health tips to take care of your teeth:

Oral health tips: People should always take care of their oral health because it is vital. Generally, most of the people will have problems with their teeth while eating or while chewing anything. These problems cause just because they don’t take proper care of their teeth.

Here nobody wants to face problems each, and everyone intends to enjoy the benefits of the Oral health and oral hygiene such as a pearly white smile, fresh smelling breath and also the healthy and strong teeth and healthy pink gums.

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People always do visit the dentist to take care of teeth, but they do it after they stuck with the problem this is a bad thing for anyone. You should start taking action before the problem struck you. Most people will visit their dentist once or twice a year for professional health care. But in between the visit, it is always up to cleanly maintain your healthy mouth.

Good oral hygiene is always necessary to take care of your teeth and gums. So it is always best to take care of your oral health with the help of some oral health tips. These oral health tips help you to stay healthier and helps you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Let’s get into the oral health tips.


Oral Health Tips to take care of your teeth:

Here are the oral health tips you should take care of to protect your teeth from the harmful bacterial plague. Follow these tips to stay and lead a healthy life.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day:

Usually, most of the people do brush teeth once a day. But the best thing is you should brush your teeth at least twice a day it is important. Here you have to choose a perfect to brush your teeth. Two-time brushing can help your teeth to stay away from mouth problems. The best time to brush your teeth is after the meals and early in the morning. These are the two best times in taking proper oral health care. This helps teeth with soften bristles and keep your gums stronger.


Always use the right toothbrush:

Whenever you are brushing your teeth, you should always use the perfect toothbrush. Here the right toothbrush means the toothbrush that softens the bristled multi-tufted toothbrush. The brush might have the head that’s small enough to do brushing comfortably all around the corners of the mouth.

Brush should always have a secure grip to handle. If you are having trouble with the handling the brush, then you might reconsider another good quality toothbrush other than the troubling one. You should also change your brush when your bristles start to get too worn or soft. Frequently replacing a toothbrush for three months is best this is an average period.

You can ask your dentist or another hygienist to show you exactly how to use your toothbrush and other oral health aids. It is better to ask theme because when you are having any problems than those process can work efficiently. By learning the process, you can remove biofilm that is a bacterial plaque, and you are not going to damage your teeth in that process.

Always do use fluoride toothpaste:

When you brush your teeth, it is always best to use the fluoride toothpaste. Many scientific researchers have consistently shown that fluoride toothpaste is very effective in preventing cavities and fluoride also helps to repair their tooth enamel.

Normally Fluorine is a naturally occurring element; it is perfectly safe when used as directed, and the American Dental Association recommends this fluorine. World health Organization even recommends using just a smear of fluoride containing toothpaste.  Here you should use a small smear on the toothbrush for babies and toddlers younger than the age 3.

Children between 3-6 years old should use the pea sized dab, and if you are an adult, then you should always use the standard sized dab.

Do floss your teeth at least once a day:

Flossing is one of the best ways to remove all the bacterial plaque in teeth. It has been said many times, and in many aspects, it is said because it is still the true factor. Flossing helps to remove the bacteria plaque in between your teeth, and it helps you to Remove the leads and decay on the teeth.

You can easily see where the plague is going and you need to refresh the flossing technique just to remove all the plaque. In most of the cases, it is better just to ask your dentist about the flossing method. But don’t ever neglect this necessary part of your oral health tips and your oral hygiene routine.

Normally just doing brushing is only 50% done in removing the bacterial plaque but flossing will cover other 50% of your bacterial plague and gives you good teeth and healthy gums. Always use a slow and gentle sawing motion in flossing process.

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Always do tongue test to check the cleanliness of your teeth:

This is one of the best tips in this oral health tips. Even after doing brushing how can you know whether your teeth is cleaned effectively or not?

Generally, you could chew a unique “disclosing table with a harmless dye which shows all the bacterial plague areas you missed on your mouth. But for this, there is another natural method that is by the tongue. The simple process is just run your tongue all over the surface of your teeth both from front and back. If you really feel nice and smooth particularly in the gum line at the bottom, then it shows that you are clean enough and you have done a great job in brushing your teeth.

If you are really not sure about the discourse tablets, then this is what the best way to see what areas are still missing.

Always go to the dentist and do inform if you notice any bleeding gums, bumps, and ulcers:

In many cases, the changes in the environment of your mouth are really harmless, but it is always better to visit a dentist if you see any sort of changes. We never know it could be an early warning of some disease or it may be a typical scenario. In both cases, it is best to make sure that you do let your dentist know about the unusual things. Here the unusual things are nothing but the bleeding, sensitivity, pain, discoloration, a lump and a sore or any other symptoms that are not really reasonable.

You should explain the problem to your dentist, and you should ask them to examine that area for signs of diseases. After completing testing, your dentist will suggest a treatment when it is required, or else you can be safe. That’s why checkups are always important in oral health.

Don’t try to brush too hard or too often:

Most of the people try to brush thrice or more than thrice a day. They just think they are taking a lot of attention in their teeth, but it is a bad practice.

People typically think if brushing twice a day is good means then thrice a day is even better. But practically it is a wrong practice. Brushing your teeth too often and brushing your teeth too hard can directly cause the gum recession and it could damage the root surface of the teeth by simply abrading them.

Generally, the exposed roots may be quite sensitive, and they will be at greater risk for decay. All those surface are not covered by super hard enamel that usually protects the crowns of your teeth. It is the line which is seen above the gum line. So, therefore, they are very weaker, and it doesn’t take a lot of elbow grease to remove trapped food particles and bacterial plaque.

Now if you brush more then you may quickly get into decay risk so you have to brush for twice and day and not more than that. You should also remember you should never brush your teeth two harder. If you want refreshment, then you can easily make use of fibrous items like apple, carrot or celery.

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Avoid Snack on sugary foods and don’t snack them between meals:

You should avoid all the snack, especially between meals. According to the national health institute, the tooth decay is most common and usual disease of both the adults and children.

Even though it is entirely preventable the sugary foods in the diet are the significant contributor to the decay problem. Sugars commonly consumed by oral bacteria which then release the acids which attack the teeth.

It will cause tooth decay cavities, so it is always best to consume little sugar. The less sugar you consume, the better results you can get for your teeth. If you have sugary treats, then you should at least restrict them to the meal times. So this gives the saliva a chance to neutralize all the buffer and acids that are harmful.

Never start bad oral health habits:

People usually get addicted to the bad habits when they just try those for fun. So you should not start bad oral health habits. Here you may already know about bad habits but let me say clearly. Using any tobacco products, consuming excess amounts of alcohol and chewing on fingernails and chewing pencils and pens, etc.

These all are the bad oral health habits, and all these adverse consequences are the results of your oral health status. There are other bad habits as well, but they are very less know. Getting an oral piercing will increase the chance for tooth chipping and other gum problems. So you should avoid piercing your teeth with toothpicks.

A clenching or grinding habit can cause damage to your teeth, muscles and jaw joints. It causes mainly in your sleep. In some cases playing outdoor sports without mouth guard might cause dental injuries. So you should avoid all these bad oral health habits and follow the best oral health tips.

Always drink enough water:

Drinking enough water always helps to keep your body healthier, and it is also good to keep your mouth moist. It is critical to keep your mouth moist instead of mouth dryness. Here mouth dryness will increase the biofilm plaque accumulation, and it will increase tooth decay and periodontal gum disease. So it is always best to keep your mouth moist.

Mouth dryness usually caused by the bad oral habits such as smoking, alcohol, caffeine and in particular with some over prescription drugs. As we are staying in the bio-medication age, we should also drink more water. Drinking plenty of water can keep your whole body hydrated, and it has many health benefits for your entire body. It helps your skin as well. So it is best to drink enough all the water in your mouth keeps sensitive tissues moist, and they promote the corrective action of the saliva.

Saliva not only buffers the acids it also helps to digest and helps in mouth fight germs and even it has a role in protecting the teeth from decay. This is all the advantages of drinking water so you should always drink enough water.

Don’t ever brush or floss immediately after drinking any acidic beverages:

You should never brush or floss immediately after drinking any acidic beverages such as soda, sports drinks, and juices. This will cause trouble, so it is not perfect. This might seem strange for all at first, but it isn’t that strange.

Acidic beverages such as soda, drinks, and juices will quickly soften the hard enamel covering of your teeth by simply dissolving all the superficial layers of your gum. It is a gritty feeling you should find that feeling when drinking coke or other soft drink.

It happens just because of the acid, and it reacts quickly and immediately. Acids in all the soft drinks, sodas, sports drinks, and juices will dissolve calcium out of the surface of hard enamel by the process called demineralization.

But here saliva which is rich in minerals will neutralize and buffer all the ability that softened the surface layer, but it takes at least 30-60 minutes of time to harden your gum again. If you ever do brushing immediately after drinking those, then you can quickly remove the softened areas with your toothbrush. That’s why brushing is not correct at that time. After you consume acidic food or drinks, you can have very negative consequences for your teeth, and it leads to the major enamel erosion.

SO it is always best to wait until it neutralize the acid for at least 60 minutes. And then if you want you can then do brushing.

Avoid using your teeth for all other things expect chewing food:

Usually, you can see a lot of people who just use their teeth to crack nuts or to remove the bottle tops or also sometimes to rip open the packaging etc. here in these type of situation you can risk your teeth these process may lead to the breaking of your teeth. So you should never try other things with your teeth other than chewing food.

Dental Care Tips to maintain

Try to save a knocked out tooth:

Sometimes you can face some knocked tooth for some reason. In those cases, if possible try to hold your teeth back in the place and go and consult the dentist immediately. If it is really not possible to wrap up the tooth, then you can just take the tooth in a piece of plastic and place it in milk and seek all the dental advice immediately.

These are the few oral health tips which work efficiently to keep your teeth healthy and also to keep your teeth stronger.

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This is all about the oral health tips. I hope you all liked this oral health tips if you have any sort of doubts then you can revert me back with a comment, or you can even contact me from contacting us page.

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